The Robert and Aaron Turning Point

Well. It’s been an eventful week.

It started off slow. However, people started to yell, then scream and then that yelling screaming built up across social media and message boards, hysteria bloomed.

We all know that it has been building because of someone letting those spoilers sit out there and let everyone speculate and fight and hope, causing this drama today.

So…what is happening and how do I see it?

For one, I wasn’t as upset as everyone else. Not because I was happy to see Seb go (I love Seb). I was delighted to see Rebecca and Ross go. Good luck to you both but I don’t want to see you back. Sorry, not sorry. I thought it was a great build up all week to the Friday cliffhanger.  The pressure building among these characters only to explode, the only people having to survive the blowback was Robert and Aaron.

Which leads me to this piece.  It’s less trying to make people feel better and more about getting things off my chest. Defending a few things. Calling a few things out. I don’t have a set outline for this entry in place so….here we go.

Getting into the Minds of Robert Sugden-Dingle and Aaron Sugden-Dingle

Let’s start with Robert since he is the easy target for fans lately. Then again, people LOVE to beat up on Robert Sugden-Dingle. He is an easy target. His past choices make it easy for people to call him a villain and a terrible person.  Some even like to call him an abuser (What the fuck is that about?) however Robert isn’t evil. He isn’t a villain.

He is human. He is broken. He is in a guilt spiral that started in January and still hasn’t ended.

Let me elaborate.  Let us look at Robert’s past with Jack and his mother figures.  His mom Pat? He never got to know her or her family.  He was left with Jack and the Sugdens until Sarah came along and showed him what a mother could and should be.  Sure, she made mistakes, but he loved her. He had a good life going. Then Jack screwed up. Sarah screwed up. Robert was left in the middle.  Not able to make the choice he wanted to make. He wanted to be with Sarah, but Jack held him back. Made him stay with him.  Soon, Sarah is dead. His mother figure is gone. He is left with Jack and the bitter thoughts of what could have been.

Let’s jump to Seb and Robert.  Robert wants to be a good dad. He wants to be better than Jack.  He doesn’t want to be the one to keep Rebecca from Seb. He wants Seb to have all the love he can get.  From him. From Aaron. From Rebecca. Liv. Chas. You get the picture.  He wants his son to have it all. He wants to not be Jack.

Rebecca wants Seb. Robert holds back knowing full well she can’t take care of him.  That he and Aaron are protecting him. However, he feels that if he holds Seb back from Rebecca, he is no better than Jack.  Who is he to keep Seb away from another family member? Why does he deserve Seb? Look at what he did before Seb got here. Look at what happened to The White Family. The family part of Seb’s family tree. Look at what happened with Lachlan. Who is he to act like he is better and keep Seb away from Rebecca?

That is what Robert might be thinking.  He wants Seb to stay with Aaron (his other father) and be safe in his world. The place he grew up himself. However, he thinks he doesn’t deserve that. He doesn’t earn that for himself. Especially after all he has done.  Shame spiral. Scared of becoming Jack. Another shame spirals. He thinks what is best for Seb is to let Rebecca have him.  He will deal with the fallout. He will deal with Aaron hating because deep down (Robert mentioned this during the reunion) Aaron was always going to leave him. Why not get that process started early?

Next, we have Aaron Sugden-Dingle. Chas left him at a young age with a father who was mentally and sexually abusive to him.  He hides inside of himself to survive, finding any way to get out of that situation. Out of his mind.  Meanwhile, he thinks his mother abandoned him and doesn’t care.  This gives him an edge that doesn’t go away. It has softened over the years, but that edge is always there.  He goes through hell and back figuring out his sexuality and his place in the world.  Soon he gets there. Finds his family. Finds Robert. Gets hurt. Really hurt. Builds himself back up from the ashes and finds he still loves Robert. Everything about Robert. Everything attached to Robert now.

That includes Seb. Who snuck up on him and made him love.  He is protective. He thinks he can give this child a much better start in life than he has.  He won’t abandon him. He won’t hurt him.  He will love him and raise him with his husband. Create a family out of a situation that was once dark. It is now bright and full of love.

Aaron has his family.

Now that Robert has decided to let Seb go, Aaron’s worst fears take flight.  Seb will hate him. Seb will be hurt. Seb will think they didn’t want him.  Seb won’t have that better start in life that he wanted for him.  He won’t be able to love him.  Seb will end up like him.  Seb won’t have someone in his corner.  Aaron is scared and feels his family is driving away.

Robert and Aaron are a family.  They both have baggage. They are both scared. Both aren’t talking again (as they promised).  They are both only care about Seb and his happiness.

Where Do They Go From Here?

I’m not the type of fan that thinks Aaron should keep Robert out. That would be regressive and would negate the past year.  I’m the type of fan that wants to see all that growth Robert and Aaron did come into play.  See if they can handle this situation in different ways. That includes Aaron not beating someone up and keeping it inside and Robert not emotionally trying to hurt himself and others to make it all stop.

They will fall back a bit.  Aaron will be upset. Robert will be shocked. Aaron will freak out. Want to get another kid. Maybe he can try again with another kid. He isn’t thinking straight. Robert knows this and stops him. Perhaps then, they sit down and talk. Talk about EVERYTHING.

This is the PERFECT opportunity for the show to acknowledge where Robert and Aaron are coming from. Address their pasts. Finally, address what damage Jack has done to Robert. How Aaron won’t let Gordon win.  Find that common ground and figure out how to move forward as a team and together.

If they don’t, what was the point of anything? 2017 would have been torture porn and not the burning and rebuilding of two characters that are strong, legacy and unstoppable when working together.

It hurts now. People are taking sides. However, that’s not the story being told.  Taking sides won’t accomplish anything.  We should be on the side of Robron and be hoping that they will use all that growth and work through the angst.

After all, …they are the power couple of the Dales. Can’t keep them down for long. I have hope next week will be great. Just need to hold on.

Thank you for reading my rant and my thoughts. What I see happening. It’s not black and white. It’s not Robert vs. Aaron. It’s a tough situation being made tougher by their past, complicated present and uncertain future.

To sum it all up?

Robert is punishing himself for all he has done still.  He doesn’t want to be Jack. He doesn’t want to limit Seb or hurt him in any way.

Aaron wants Seb to know he is wanted. Loved. He won’t leave him or hurt him. He has his back. He is his second dad, and he will be there always.

Faith. Love. Time.

That’s all they need in the end.

What do you think? Let me know. I’m open to all opinions. I’m not open to the bashing of Robert or Aaron so leave that at the door. Until my next rant, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

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