A Tale of Two Weddings: Robert and Aaron

Like many others, I was really excited to watch the second Robert and Aaron wedding. I wasn’t disappointed.  It was a great episode after the rough day. The love and family are what made it great for me.  As I rewatched it (duh, I’m only human), I started to pick up on some exciting moments.  Moments that connected this wedding to another.

You might have heard of this wedding.

Robron Wedding 1.0. The first wedding. The calm before the storm. The surprise wedding. The Skelton Cat wedding. Adele Ahoy Wedding…

You get the point.

So, here are some ways I noticed the second wedding gave us the answers we have been waiting for since the first wedding. Mind you, I’m going to go full on weird here. Pulling from some little things I saw and heard during the weddings and making connections in my head. I might be doing some significant reaching, but that’s the fun of it all. So, please sit back, get a snack and enjoy my over-analysis of two weddings for my favorite soap couple, Robert and Aaron Sugden-Dingle.

The Suits

Let’s start off small and silly, shall we? The suits.  During the first wedding we had them looking like this:


And then with the second wedding, we got this


Do you see it? During the first wedding, the guys weren’t wearing similar suits. Yes, people don’t always match in their weddings (this is why this one is silly and first on this list) but for Robert and Aaron moving forward, that says a lot.  As we now know after the first wedding, lots of dark times were coming.  Looking at the suits…it was an indicator that they weren’t on the same page. They were in the same area but not on the same page. Their suits being the first indicator.

This time around they have matching suits. The same dark blue. They are not only in the same area they are on the same page.  They are highly aware and fully in on this second ride around.  Like I said, it’s a small thing that started all of this.

The Guests


This one is about the people at the wedding and less about Robert and Aaron.  During the first wedding, everyone was on edge.  Everyone had their problems to worry about as well as what could happen to Aaron in the next twenty-four hours.  People were excited for the wedding but were overcompensating. Hence why that wedding, as legendary it was, was a mess.  The guests were fighting feelings within themselves and others.  It was an anxious time. For not only Robert and Aaron but the guests around them.

This time around? The guests were less frantic and worried.  Easy going with a small undercurrent of sadness for the passing of Grace Dingle-Kirk.  Along with that undercurrent was Victoria’s anger towards Moira and Aaron but that is at a simmer. It’s a different atmosphere than the first.

The only thing to stay the same? Faith Dingle. Forever a scene stealer (thank god).

The Party


The party afterwards is a time of celebration, and both had celebrations.  Those celebrations gave us two different sides.  At the first wedding, the had people go ahead and decide to eat and party without them.  Liv was missing. The speeches were non-existent. Paddy was still in the ‘anti-Robert’ camp.  Everyone had something going on, and the families (Sugden and Dingle) were still firmly planted on their own sides.  However, the love was there.  That happiness shared between Robert and Aaron was very much there as well as the second wedding.

Speaking of the second wedding (you saw this coming) there was much more going on.  The two families (Sugdens and Dingles) were firmly joined. This was shown through the speeches (Liv, Chas, and Paddy getting speeches along with Robert and Aaron).  That love was still there but now followed over to family members.  Something interesting to consider. Adam was missing this time around but not really.  With Victoria upset with Aaron for keeping the secret and knowing where Adam really is, his memory still remained at this wedding as well. Just in a different way.

Robert and Aaron Sugden Dingle


gif by Lizzo


Here we are! The big one.  This is where I will get all types of meta on you guys. Sorry in advance.  This section has to do with Robron and how they handled themselves during both weddings. How different the two weddings were from a production standpoint.  Shall we begin?

The first wedding was beautiful. I love it and can easily pull it out of context and enjoy it as two people who love each other and are trying to hold onto that love for as long as they can.  Something I noticed was how dark the wedding was. No, I don’t mean the tone (though it feels more ominous now) but the production.  The place Robert and Aaron said their vows was in the auto shop in the dark with a lone light on them.  The dense woods of the Woolpack among the fairy lights felt dark.  When they had their conversation outside where Robert didn’t want to let him go…it was dark out. That lone light shining on them.  It could be a hidden warning.  It could just be because it was February.  Going off the early in the year idea.  Robert and Aaron were very much new and insecure about their relationship. They knew they loved each other. They have gone through a lot to get there. However, much like the new year, everything was up in the air.  New. Unsure. It was the two of them holding on tightly to each other heading towards a very uncertain future. Aaron’s future prison sentence hanging over there.

Along with the darkness everything was secret. The wedding was secret. The vows were said in secret.  Their kiss the only thing done in public, only after some pushing by Chas and Belle.  I love everything about that.  The vows were said just to each other. The dance and kiss.  The fact both don’t want to let each other go. Holding on so tightly. It makes the first wedding special.  However, it also makes it seem, to me, that Robert and Aaron weren’t ready yet. They have told everyone about their relationship but not everything.  There are parts they were still hiding. Parts of themselves that they were hiding from each other.  They weren’t ready.

Let’s jump over to the second wedding.  Not only was everything out in the open (physically and mentally) it was brighter.  The wedding was outside. The vows were in front of everyone.  The party was full of speeches and lots of the family and friends intermixing with each other.  There was an undercurrent of sadness, but it was a sense of sadness that everyone shared as a family. It won’t hang over them for long like Aaron’s prison sentence. This was a wedding that was more traditional but a lot more open and full of the love that the first wedding had.  The speeches were full of love, Paddy now being on the Robert train (welcome Paddy…we have sweaters with elbow patches for you) and Liv being there for the fun (now not drinking).  It was a lot of fun to see everyone in on the fun and seeing Robert and Aaron’s love for themselves. Now, they got remarried in October.  October being later in the year. Things have matured. Life is a bit more seasoned. Much like Robert and Aaron. They aren’t unsure of worried about their love. They are fully aware of its strength, and they know how to handle it now.  This wedding was more mature while the first wedding was more of the sweeter younger type of love. Younger love versus or more seasoned love. If that makes sense.

I have always maintained that Robert and Aaron had to work oneself before their relationship could be truly great. Internally. Since 2017 we have gotten that.  Robert fell hard, and he had to learn how to build himself up to be a better person on his own.  Aaron was already at his lowest, and he had to learn, on his own, how to build himself up in a healthy way. Once the two of them have done that, they can work on their relationship together. Since their reunion in March, I have seen them do just that.  They communicate. They protect. They are a full-blown family.  Yes, they will fail. They will stumble but compared to life after the first wedding, I think Robert and Aaron won’t be falling into old habits. If anything, now that they have worked on the internal, they will have to battle external problems. For instance, where is Adam? What will happen to Victoria in her search? How will they move forward? All that work they did on themselves and their relationship will be tested with that, and I believe they will be just fine.

So, that was some things I noticed. I love both weddings so much. I love the reunion. I love this couple.  I’ve been watching soaps since the beginning of time (my time…1987), and I have never seen a show give some much time to a pairing before.  Tearing them apart and down just to take the time to build them back up to much better characters and coupling? That brings a tear to my eyes and makes my heart skip a beat.

I love Robert and Aaron. I love their family.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What do you think? Do you love both weddings too or do you think I’m nuts and there is no connection there? Let me know below or in the comments section.  Until next time, see you all around in Emmerdale.

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