A Random Opinion *shrug*

So…um…I guess I have an opinion now that my dash is quiet. Calm. Full of random American fandom stuff.

Um…I’m kind of nervous to give this opinion but here I go.

Guilt. Robert is feeling extreme guilt. Over the past year, he has grown and has started thinking about past actions and reactions to events.  His old guilts are coming back to light. The guilt he had hidden deep inside his soul and hoped would never come out.  Old guilt. New guilt. He is feeling guilty about everything.

What does this mean? Well…since Robert has grown instead of hiding that guilt again he is reacting to it. Trying to fix it. Trying to fix everything around him. Being super hard on himself. Feeling like a failure. A loser.

I sense Jack’s voice is ringing through his head right now. Maybe Diane’s voice. People who have looked down at him.

Robert is feeling guilty about The Whites, about Seb’s future, about Lachlan killing people for months when in January he could have stopped it. Not fully believing Liv. He feels guilty that Aaron has to deal with him and his guilt. He feels guilt STILL that Aaron has to deal with Seb (which we know that Aaron loves Seb…as he has said many times and has shown us…many times).

That guilt does weird things to a person.

Get upset with himself. Gets upset with others. Overcompensates. Tries to overplease or hideaway. Tries to figure things out on his own to protect the ones he loves (Aaron, Liv, and Seb for instance).  Throws himself into things overzealously (wedding planning for instance). Stressing himself out so much that his body makes him slow down?

That’s where Robert is right now.

Stressed. Feeling Guilty. Scared.

It’s interesting. The show isn’t blatantly telling us all this (I think they are attempting to treat viewers like they are smarter than that) but they are showing us a lot.  Knowing Roberts past and what glo up he has had over the year…this all fits. I’m interested.

I know Robert loves Aaron. Aaron loves Robert. Liv loves both of them. Seb loves all of them and mostly just wants to get fed. 😉 *Choo Choo*

Also, Robert came back to Emmerdale with the Whites, he has to see them out too.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know Robert and Aaron will be fine. Full of drama (they are a super couple) but a lot of love and laughs too. That’s good enough for me.

Other Thoughts

– Mike Parr hates his job. He is done. *snort*

– Don’t let people upset you because right now its fun for some to get people upset. Don’t fall for it. Move forward. Not back. Towards the light people. Towards the light.

– Some Vanity fans…in my opinion aren’t really Vanity fans. Calling Robron fans the c-word and creating fake spoilers to upset the already upset isn’t cool. Anti-Robron/Robert people hiding behind the Vanity ship…is ruining the ship. Full disclosure here. Not a Vanity fan but I respect the fans who like them and are respectful to other ships. I bow my head out of respect to them.

-Be kind to each other. None of us agree with each other but we can come together in our love for Robron.

I’ve been enjoying the week. I only see good things in the future.  So…yeah. That’s my opinion. It’s what I see. *shug*

So…yeah. Have a good one. I’ll leave you a nice Robron smile for all of you. 🙂


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