A Positive Fairy Post – Robron Edition

This has been a very negative weekend, hasn’t it? I mean, people are jumping to conclusions and getting upset over lines in magazines.  Pictures and spoilers that one cannot find the source for are making others rage in peoples inboxes whether they want to hear it or not.

I will say, I was a lot like them back in the day.  I let spoilers’ control how I felt about the show.  I let others feed into my insecurities about the show to make me think its all terrible. I let anons I was getting make me think I was wrong in how I thought.  Make me think it was wrong to be

I’m not like that anymore.

Sure, I have my moments but ultimately, I read the spoilers and I put on my writer and thinking caps (yes, my head is that big thanks for asking).  I think about the future and decide I’m going to enjoy the ride.

Not to say one isn’t allowed to get annoyed or upset. We are only human. People get annoyed by things that others don’t even notice.  It’s perfectly ok too.  It’s ok to be upset about something or have something to say.  That is why we have Twitter, Tumblr and sadly Facebook. We can give our opinion and find others to talk to and figure out what is bothering us.

Thank god for that, right?

I’m going on record though and saying that I’m excited for the next two months. Yeah, that’s right. I’m excited and here is why.

One note before I begin.  You don’t have to agree with me. You don’t have to make a comment or share this in any way. You could hate every freaking sentence of it. That’s ok. I’m just saying what I feel in my own space. I’ll respect your opinion if you respect mine. That or block me and hate me. I’m ok with that too. 😊

Anyway, onto my positive fairy self!


Robert feels guilt. He suspected Lachlan in January and was talked out of it.  He could have saved some lives.  Even worse, Liv suspected Lachlan and he didn’t believe it. Made her hug him as a sorry and also, she drank again.  Then his worst fear of Seb being raised without a mother like he was could come true.  Robert is scared to death of becoming Jack in terms of Seb.

Guilt. That is Robert’s motivation during these next two weeks. Guilt that he could have stopped. That is something Robert has been holding for so long. Aaron helps elevate the guilt but I’m sure, this is just me, that Robert feels guilty that Aaron has to deal with all of this with him.

That is something that have touched on in the show and Aaron keeps reassuring him, but Robert never looks too sure.  Like Aaron could bolt on him when we know we won’t.

I can say that some might think Robert is obsessed (words used in the spoilers) with Rebecca and that Aaron deserves better. It’s not because he is in love with Rebecca or wants her. He wants Seb to have his mother. Almost everyone has said this and some aren’t into that explanation. I’m not going to force it but I have to agree that its not because he wants her. He wants Seb to have all the family he can get. Scared to death he will be left with no love like him.  We all know though….Aaron has Seb set for love for the rest of his life. Robert just needs to believe that as well.


Aaron said in his speech to Robert that he wants to help him this time. Aaron has a lot since they got together.  He fell for Seb and now he wants to adopt him.  He has communicated with Robert and tried to let him in on his thoughts.  He has done a lot of good and it shows that he worked on himself mentally during his time away from Robert.  He is in a great place. As Aaron has said multiple times…he is happy. He loves his little dysfunctional family.  Like Robert backed him…he will back Robert during this scary time.

He knows Robert is scared. He knows Robert is angry. He knows he is worried for Seb.


This past year of being apart has made Aaron an Robert grow as individuals.  Aaron learned a lot about himself. Gave himself time to heal. Tried seeing the world with friends. Dated another person. Found that he is better but still needed and wanted Robert. Which is important. Robert broke down. He made the Whites lives hell. He did anything and everything to try and get his old life back getting worse and worse. Just to wake up just in time for his son to appear.  Then, slowly, he learned to be better. Do better for his son. He let Aaron go and concentrated on getting better for himself and his son.

These two have come far and now as a couple, they are taking that growth and applying it to their relationship.  They are communicating more. They are spending time with each other. Facing everything together.

This is just something else they must face together. In sickness and in health.

The Future

I don’t know if you guys know but…we got ourselves a wedding in a month. So, what is coming up. Everything with Robert getting sick, Seb, Lachlan, and Rebecca doesn’t stop their wedding.  It still happens and still is a big affair. I’m confident that there will be a lot wrapped up by the time the wedding comes around.  My gut is telling me the show needs to get certain people to October before finishing out the final strands of the story.

Of course, I could be wrong. Very wrong but I’m just telling you how I feel.

I feel it is all ok. I feel there is nothing to be worried about. I feel like we should enjoy all this drama and follow our favorite family through it all. Why? They will make it through and to their next story. They are stronger than last year. They are in a different place.  It is super easy to fall back into 2017 thinking aka the worst but in this case, I believe it’s going to be ok.

So, sit back. Get some popcorn. Enjoy the fanfiction. Enjoy the meta. Enjoy the ride.

It’s going to be ok.

If you enjoyed this little piece of positivity and over analyzing I hope to write a bit more soon.  If you want to ask any questions or want to leave a comment, feel free to comment below or leave me a note on Tumblr or a tweet on Twitter. I’m always open to discuss openly and respectfully.

Until next time please have some fun in Emmerdale!

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