Emmerdale Live and Organized – ON HIATUS

Hi everyone!

I think about five of you have noticed that I haven’t written reviews all week. In fact, I didn’t watch all the episodes this week until Saturday.  It’s not because I’m not into the show (not at all…I’m so excited by this show…more than ever). It’s not because I can’t find anything to write about in my reviews.

It’s more time issues.

As of this post, I will be going on hiatus for a very short time.  I need to reevaluate some things and decide how I will move forward.

Why? Well, I work full time now (as some of you know) making the ‘live’ part go away and more ‘Live on Britbox or when I have off for a holiday’ review.  I’m also exhausted when I get home, and I usually watch the episode and fall asleep.  Then I feel bad when I don’t write my regular review.

So, I need to figure out a new schedule and figure out ways to make it easier on myself going forward. I really enjoy writing these reviews and have met some fantastic people through these reviews.  I just can’t give it focus right now. I need to figure out a new way to write these reviews without sacrificing quality.

(Audience reading this: Quality? These reviews never had quality…


I won’t be going anywhere. I will pop up with theories and thoughts from time to time. I will act like a ‘fandom old’ to make all of you sit down and eat some snickers (CHILL OUT AND EAT SNICKERS!) I might even react to peoples questions again on here.  I just need to rethink how I am going forward with these reviews.

Thank you, and I hope to be back in the ‘live and organized’ groove again.



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  1. Just had to say thanks for filling us in. I’ve really missed your reviews; I really, really look forward and enjoy your take on what’s happening down Emmerdale way. Not sure I would have made it through the Robron hell of 2017 without your daily counselling!! Daily updates are a joy; even weekly reviews would be a weekend highlight, but it’s great that professionally things are going so well for you that your reports on our little slice of Yorkshire must be sidelined. Please come back if/when you can: I for one would hate to go through the Robron wedding #2 without your fabulous acerbic wit and wonderful insights!

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