Emmerdale Theory Time: Lachlan’s Last Stand

I recently got some good questions from someone I follow (and you all should too) on Tumblr. she wrote:

Amanda, I hope you are having a lovely day. I always enjoy your theories so tell me about how you envision the Lachlan showdown will take shape?

I think Lachlan will

 Do you think it will be a showdown with Robert?

 Do you see Rebecca escaping then somehow not remembering everything?

I feel like Belle will discover that page he tore out from Rebecca’s memory book.

Not sure what she will do with it because thus far Lachlan has been good at manipulating everyone.

I decided to answer this question on my blog instead of on Tumblr because I wanted time to think about it and I think this deserves its own entry. I haven’t done a ‘Theory-ho’ post in a long time.  So, here is a theory. Lachlan’s theory.  Kind of a theory. Rambling theory. Either way, please enjoy the ride.


Lachlan’s Last Stand Theory

Magazines have hinted at it for a year.  Fans waited for it. Now it is here. Coming straight from Lachlan’s crazy mind and murder rock, Lachlan is finally killing manipulating and killing people left and right to keep his secrets. Anything to protect his life with Belle and his new family unit.  Where do I think this could go? Read on to know more!

What We Know So Far

Lachlan has killed his family by reciting poetry while grabbing Chrissie, killing his mother and grandfather.  Rebecca being left behind.  Holding onto her oxygen gave her a brain injury that the show made sure to tell us will never be fixed.  Lachlan killed Gerry because he figured out he killed his family. He is going around manipulating Rebecca, Liv, and Robert (Aaron…is off on his own right now.  He is attached to Robert).  He tried to kill Robert and Liv (He was aiming for Robert though).  He has managed to lie to Belle on the daily.  He convinced the Dingles that he deserves love and now he has Rebecca chained up in a cabin in the woods.  Lachlan tore out a piece of paper from Rebecca’s memory book. Where do we go from here?

Answering the Questions that Might Shape Lachlan’s Final Stand

Do you think it will be a showdown with Robert?

I believe it will be with Robert with an assist from Aaron, Liv, and even Belle.  For the longest time, we have seen Lachlan and his resentment growing towards Robert.  Even now as Robert has matured and taken full responsibility for his actions, Lachlan still holds anger towards him.  Much like he handled his family, Robert is what is left.  I think anything that Lachlan does, the person to take him out would be Robert. Take him out in the sense that Robert ends it. Puts a bow on The White Family.  Robert brought them home with him. He might have to take them out too. I’ve written that before, but this time it might be true.

Do you see Rebecca escaping then somehow not remembering everything?

It’s a possibility, and I’ve asked that question to myself a few times.  Right now, she found a way to remind herself, but Lachlan could always find that note and take it from her making for interesting times.  If she stops finding ways to remind herself of what Lachlan is doing, then Lachlan could easily make her believe anything. Hmmm…make her believe anything that happened after the accident. HUH. I just thought of that as I was writing. Could Lachlan use Rebecca’s injury against her? Make Rebecca run off with Seb hurting Robert (and Aaron/Liv) in the process?  He already convinced Rebecca she caused the crash.  Could he convince her that Robert caused the crash and now Robert has Seb? Hmmmm.

The show could always keep her locked up until they are ready to use her too and in the meantime,  she keeps writing since Lachlan really didn’t think that far ahead. Rebecca isn’t good at getting Lachlan on her side, but Lachlan didn’t plan to kidnap her so…both are playing stupid at a dangerous game…for now.

I feel like Belle will discover that page he tore out from Rebecca’s memory book.

Same. I feel (many people I’ve talked to about this feel this way too) that Belle will be the one to set it all off.  He is doing this all for Belle and his new life with her.  If she finds that piece of memory book and starts to figure tings out, its over for Lachlan, in more ways than one.  Could Lachlan hurt Belle in the end? I personally can see that. Kill her to protect her.  As sick as that sounds but we are dealing with a psycho.

How Will It End aka How Do I See This Taking Shape?

SSW 2018 or bust.

I can see a mini explosion for Lachlan. Maybe he gets caught and goes on the run just to return. Maybe he keeps it going up to October.  That I’m not sure of. Something tells me that he keeps things going until it all comes undone late September into October.

I can see the showdown happening during Robert and Aaron’s wedding. I know, cliché but it fits.  Like I’ve said in my reviews many times, Robert and Aaron have done the internal work. They are strong. Now comes the external. The things they cannot control.  That would be Lachlan and what he will do to Robert as revenge because, even if it is his own doing, Lachlan will blame Robert for EVERYTHING.

I think we are heading for a wedding hostage situation.  A glorious soapy hostage situation where Aaron is stuck on the outside while others (Robert) are stuck with Lachlan. Being released. One by one until we are left with Robert vs. Lachlan.  Maybe Chas goes into labor. I haven’t decided yet.

This story for Lachlan has been growing for so long. I expect Lachlan to leave with a big bang…not a whimper.

Also, I hope he dies clutching murder rock.

‘Will I Be Right?’ and some Extra Predictions  

No. I’m never right. *laughs* However here is some extra predictions I am going to make for all of you.  We can come back and see if I was right in November.

  • I don’t think Rebecca is long for the show. Why? No matter what I do or what storylines I come up with…there is no reason for her to stay. Ross, Lachlan, and Seb are the people keeping her there.  Ross is on his way out.  Lachlan is heading for his own coffin. Seb. Seb is all that is left.  She has a brain injury that will never change making it next to impossible for her to take care of her kid fulltime.  I think she will go away (somewhere close) and try to get better and leave a new life.  That gives Robron cover for when they are off-screen. They are taking Seb to visit his mom. That or she is dead meat.
  • Seb is staying if the rumors are true. (Miss you Lily! You are the queen!)
  • Robert and Aaron will get married. Officially.
  • Chas will lose the baby at birth, and that will start a new storyline, and that is Chas coming down to earth and the suffering that comes with that.
  • Liv is right, and she will let everyone know that.
  • Super Silly Theory: Maya (who is crazy-lite) might take Lachlan out…by accident.

Alright. What do you think? How will Lachlan build to that ending? Will he die? Will he run? Will he kill anyone else? Will he call Murder Rock back because he misses him, and he knows about the murder shovel, but he can overlook that…AHEM…what do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments below, on my Tumblr and even on my Twitter. Thank you @i-cordelia for the question. I hope I answered all your questions the best I could. Let me know what you think.

Until next time, stay kind to each other, and I’ll see you around Emmerdale.

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