Emmerdale Live and Organized – WEEK IN REVIEW (August 1-3 2018)

Hi everyone! Welcome to ‘Live and Organized’.  Yes, this is meant to be a daily review but here I am…doing a weekly review.  Why? I was super tired this week and I was still recovering from those life ruiners called Robron and their engagement.  I’m sorry and I will try to be better.



They were on enough to get their own section and that makes me happy. Cute little new family of mine! I loved how the show brought back a very controversial and interesting story that did get Emmerdale a lot of attention back in the day.  The joy of soaps. Being able to bring back old storylines and how they effect the current situation. Alice, her death and the guilt Sam has carried for Samson exploded but in the best way.  I love seeing so much of Sam and Samson. They were great. I adore them. Keep this little family going please.

Lydia hiding it from Sam at first makes sense. She is worried about upsetting Sam but then starts acting like Lydia. Straight forward about everything and very organized. It was sweet. Sam losing it because he loves Lydia so much…I NEED TO MAKE SAM A BUBBLE WRAP JACKET!

Graham History and Joe: I Wonder About Them

So. We finally got a visual backstory on Graham.  It was intense. I think Andrew did a great job. I won’t lie, I listened to the first half of that episode because I was at work and I was sneaking the episode and I had to shut it off because it was affecting me emotionally. Just listening to it.  The visuals were strong, and I understood his backstory even more.

That’s the good (always start with the good), here is what is weird.  I feel like this episode should have shown up sooner.  It seemed to come out of nowhere because it did.  I feel like this episode should have happened the week after he told Debbie his backstory.  What happened.  He says it so coldly to explain his dedication to Joe.  Having the coolness mixed in with the still hot emotions of that day would have been great to see. It would have thrown me for an even bigger loop if it happened soon after the story. However, it wasn’t for months and that makes it even harder for the audience to connect. I don’t know if there was a scheduling issue or the show is suffering from ‘showrunner switch’ syndrome but its sad that this was treated differently.

SPEAKING OF ‘SHOWRUNNER SWITCH’ SYNDROME (my own invention…enjoy) I think Joe suffers from that the most.  I felt like he had a direction and then they had him piss off the Dingles then the Sugdens. Hitting all the big families trying to reestablish that the Tates were back in town. Then he started up with Debbie and the light dimmed. He got annoying. He got stupid. I HATE this character now. They can easily change this, but I think they have him coasting until the new showrunner can run his life.  Sadly, we all suffer for that. Also, um, not to be mean but he is a very nice man but his acting during the Graham fight scene? EEK. Bad. It was bad. Pretty only gets an actor so far. Got to act well to get a fanbase.

One more thing. Joe and Graham. Are they going to start screwing soon? If not…maybe write the scenes differently. Wow. There was some weird ex-lover vibes going on when that wasn’t the show intention AT ALL. If I can see it…ITS REALLY OBVIOUS.

Also, Joe and Priya. Priya is a no-nonsense woman that I like a lot. Maybe she will make Joe barrable until the show figures out what to do next with him.  HMMMM…I’m into Debbie having her butt kicked romantically again however I don’t want my dear Priya getting with Joe…hmmmm….HMMMMM.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Joe doesn’t know how to work a coffee machine? I’m very confused by this character.  He is a man-child. WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO COOK PASTA? Its the easiest food to make. I swear. Same with coffee machines. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a Keurig. Joe is like an idiot. BIG FAT IDIOT. Not even a funny idiot. He is just a jerk idiot. Jerk of the idiots.

Chas and Reality

I know people don’t like this storyline.  I know people are yelling and screaming about it. I’m not one of those people. I don’t hate it but I’m not in love with it. I find it a normal soap storyline for Emmerdale. I think they have two very competent and amazing actors dealing with this story.  We have our beats. We have our players. We have our possible sadness to follow.  Some think its not realistic and this is true. Its not. However, its Chas’s choice and everyone is going along with it until its time for her to wake up and everyone has to pick up the pieces.  Some find that annoying I suggest these people learn how to think like a soap. Like writers who want to maximize the drama. If they played it realistically the drama is there but minimal at best.  If we continue down this path we are getting maximized drama which I’m here for.  Don’t let my opinions think you or anyone else is wrong. Everyone deserves to be heard and their opinions are valid. Just, this is how I feel and I’m sticking by it for the time being.  Things change, and I reserve the right to change my mind at any given moment.

Also, I’m not in the business in getting upset over things out of my control anymore. Its made watching a lot easier and a lot more fun. That’s just my mindset though. I don’t know anyone else’s thinking nor do I think anyone else is wrong in their thinking. We all have something to offer. Here is my offering to the storyline.

Also, Chas and Paddy picking Liv and Marlon as the godparents was sweet. Give something for Liv to hold onto so she feels tethered to the family. Marlon was always a given since he is Paddy’s best friend.  It was sweet, and I didn’t have a problem with it. That’s just me though. Feel how you feel.

How is that for a disclaimer so I don’t get angry people yelling at me again?



Ok. So, here is where I am on the engagement party.  I loved how much Seb is loved. I love at how much Robert and Aaorn are loved. I love how different things are this time with this engagement.  Nothing really bad happened. Chas and Paddy are on board. They are happy. There will always be drama, but they are working on that drama together. External vs Internal is what I’m getting at here. Last year was internal. Which is the hardest scariest type of conflict or drama. It was rough. We got through it. We and our favorite characters are strong for it. Now here comes the external. The reason they went through the internal drama. They can handle anything coming now. Its not going to leave mark.

So, lets look at this as mystery writers…shall we?

Lachlan came to that party to screw with Robert and look for Seb’s passport. I noticed what he was doing the whole party.  Lydia handing off the diary helped Lachlan’s manipulations.  He made Robert and Aaron think that Rebecca caused the crash. Which makes Robert feel that old guilt he felt back in the day.  That makes him more likely to be nice to Lachlan. I’ve noticed it happening. Lachlan using that crash for people to back off or be nicer. Not ask questions.  Enough so Robert, Aaron and Victoria trust Lachlan with Seb…which down the line…might hurt them.  He is drugging Rebecca and has her chained up. Ross always wrote her off because Ross is only about himself (shocker).  Um, Liv and Robert are always thinking something is up with Lachlan (he is affecting them hard) but Aaron is still on that ledge. That could change. I noticed Aaron grab Seb’s foot when Lachlan showed up to tell Robert more about Rebecca’s diary.  Aaron might know but doesn’t want to admit something is wrong. His grabbing Sebs foot is step one.

There is still a lot to come and I don’t think we have entered Phelan territory (Lachlan is better written) but I think we are entering Cameron territory which isn’t a bad place to be at all.

I’m going to write more about this going forward because the lovely i-cordelia (go follow her on tumblr) asked my opinion and I think it deserves its own entry in this blog.

Ross Going in Circles

Much like Robron going back to the beginning better and stronger people than before we have Ross going back to the beginning too. Only, he isn’t strong, and he hasn’t grown much, has he?  I don’t know if that was on purpose or what. I’m not a Ross fan (never will be).  I might be rushing his goodbye in my head.  Still, Ross is back in 2014 again and he is even more damaged than before (and has a clock ticking over his head). Gone are the assurances things will work out because Mike is on his way out.  Which makes every line feel weird.  Ross dies of an overdose since he is into drugs now? Maybe he runs off. Maybe he joins ‘On the Run’ Island where everyone lives now that doesn’t die on the show.  I don’t know.

Everyone around Ross has grown. Developed. Moved forward since 2014 (I’m using that as my marker right now) while Ross…still the jerk off who steals cars, sleeps around and breaks noses.  He hasn’t grown at all. No growth. Buh bye.

The Little Things  

  • BOB! *SNORT* I’m glad my prediction is coming true for Laurel and Bob. Emotional ties to the past never bode well for the future.
  • Priya and Joe. PRIYA AND JOE. Huh.
  • Rhona and Pete are cute. Marlon and Jessie are cute. THERE IS A LOT OF CUTE HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW.
  • Seb is the King of Babies. PASS IT ON. *KING OF BABIES. KING OF BABIES*
  • The coffee shop always looks busy but now it isn’t? Ok then. Whatever. I mean, the café was staying open late for a few episodes (so Liv could meet up with Gabby) but now it is closing early? This café has hours that no coffee can could keep up with. No wonder the business is failing!
  • Rhona and Paddy having that nice talk was sweet. They do share a connection that won’t go away easily. Hence why I’m will forever be convinced that Rhona and Paddy are the super couple there and not Chas and Paddy. Again, just how I feel.
  • Aaron being so sure about Seb after everything makes my heart so happy.
  • The way Robert and Aaron look at each other makes my heart happy. The way Liv looks at them makes my heart happy. The fact they are stronger and can face anything without having to lie or hide? EVEN BETTER. Robron 2.0 is doing great so far.

It’s Just Speculation! 


SO. I will be writing a new theory post. Be on the look out for that! 🙂

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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