Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – July 18, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

 Robert, Liv, and Aaron (Family)


Last year I wanted a Robron scene, but they were broken up and very much in separate corners. So, I didn’t get my wish THIS YEAR. THIS YEAR MY FRIENDS. I got my Robron scenes and more AND SO MUCH MORE.

Not only did I get my Aaron worried about Robert. Waiting for him. Using soft Aaron voice. I got Aaron sleeping by Robert’s side. Sitting on his bed. Giving him heart eyes. Caring for him. IM IN LOVE. SO IN LOVE. Thank you show for a great episode on my birthday.

EVEN BETTER?!?!?!?! Chas cared about Robert. She came home to check on Aaron, but she also came home for Robert. She cared. Liv cares. MY FAMILY. MY LOVELY LITTLE FAMILY IS HERE AND IM GOING TO LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. YOU CAN’T BRING ME DOWN.

The Wishing Well

Lydia and Lachlan talking would normally make me crack up, but Lachlan finally creeps me out, so I want him FAR FAR AWAY from Lydia. TOUCH LYDIA AND YOU WILL MEET MY MURDER ROCK. I don’t have a murder rock. I’m generally sane.  Lachlan was going to lose Seb during that stunt, and he doesn’t want to hurt his family. He is doing everything to keep what he has, and he is LOSING IT ALL.

*sorry for the caps…I am just…working through things*

The Pub Crew

It was time for Chas to finally say what she was thinking.  What she was denying. I guess it took Aaron coming home for her to finally say what she felt to someone. Someone she trusts. Her other kid.  I read that spoiler and I think all of us called what will happen with Paddy’s path. What about Chas. How will this end emotionally for her? Will she be stronger or a bigger mess? That remains to be seen.

Lachlan is too cocky for my liking.  Liv. I wish you would be careful. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

The Little Things

  • I skipped over the Dan/Daz/Kerry stuff. Seriously…how long until “Daz” is leaving the show. *ahem*
  • Tracy is acting weird, and that makes me nervous. Could it be she knows something about Maya that David and we don’t or is there something simpler going on? *cough jealousy/pregnancy uncough*
  • I still think Rebecca is alive. She is just being kept hostage so we will be getting weird shots of her hand or foot. I don’t know.
  • Diane wasn’t even told that Robert was in the hospital. Was Victoria told either? Hmmmm. Another, Robert is part of Dingles again. *INTERESTING*
  • Aaron being protective of Liv and Robert? I need more.

I’d like to give a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today on Tumblr and on Twitter. You are all amazing, and I’m glad to be part of this community. Yeah, we all fight and get pissed off and have different viewpoints, but we always band together and enjoy the ride.  Thank you all very much. Here is to another year and to another year of Robron/Emmerdale being awesome!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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