Emmerdale Live and Organized – A Special Q&A

Welcome to the first Live and Organized: Q&A!  After asking for questions I got a lot of great ones.  Many were multiple questions in one so there might be repeats. I tried to section them out into sections.

So, enjoy this Live and Organized Q&A! LET’S CRACK ON!

Rebecca/White Family Questions

  1. Do you think Rebecca is going to die this week if not will she ever leave?? I love seb but only when he is with robron – Anon (Tumblr) and How do you see Rebecca character playing out will she die this week, or do you think she will leave soon?? I’m feeling SSW with lachlan but I think it will be with seb because of him being played by lilly. Your thoughts (anon)

I think its too easy for Rebecca to die outright.  I don’t see them doing that. However, I don’t see them keeping her around either.  They keep attaching her to characters that are leaving or are on the ‘D-list’.  The only real tie she has that is staying is Seb.  However, the show has made sure to make a point that Seb is part of Robrons story now. Rebecca seems to be a guest in her own sons life. They aren’t giving her many ties or concentrating on her head injury which leads me to believe she will either run off with Ross, move to another town near by for treatment (so, she can be brought down) or maybe…she will die after all but by accident or at Lachlan’s hand.

If the rumors are true…our lovely Seb is sticking around now that Lily has been recasted with two boys.  So…Seb is sticking around. Lachlan and Rebecca…that remains to be seen.

2. What your view on the reason its taken them so long to remove the White family from Home Farm and even ED?They have hardly left a lasting impact/legacy like the Tates and Kings with other characters or even viewers. They dragged Roberts scheming for months to build up to their exit with the crash, but no characters in the village cared enough to really miss or mourn them. Whats the point in dragging it out still with Bex and Lachlan an even Seb. It seems like they were flogging a dead horse. (ANON)

It is to my knowledge that each showrunner wants to leave a mark.  Whether its with a certain storyline that changes the show forever or a Home Farm family.  I think Kate Oates wanted to create both a big storyline and a Home Farm family.  She didn’t really succeed with the White Family.  I think she missed the mark on the kind of family that could fit within the Emmerdale universe.  This isn’t the first ‘rich’ family to be at Home Farm but The Whites may have been too ‘rich’ for the show.  I always considered ‘The White Family’ the UK’s version of The Trumps.  Blame everyone else, steal, cheat and never take any blame for how things turn out (unless its good).  They didn’t have much likability and I think that is their problem.  Chrissie was getting better, but the rest were getting worse.  I think we still have the Whites because we need to have a complete end for them to move on.  Can’t just leave it as a loose end also…the rest still have contracts to finish out.  It happens.  I find its easier to just stop caring. Stop tweeting about them. Keep conversations about them to private conversations with your friends. The more you talk about something (good or bad) the more the show will make it stick around.

Robron Questions

  1. What’s been your favourtie thing about Robron since the reunion? – Louise MacAllister

I think my favorite thing about Robron since the reunion is the communication.  They aren’t falling into the same pitfalls they did during Reunion 1.0.  When Aaron fell back and blamed Robert and Seb for Liv’s problems I am glad that Robert stood up for himself. I’m glad that Aaron told him that he didn’t mean it. They talked it out. They didn’t allow themselves to fall back. I even like when they mention they need to talk it out.  That is a BIG development that soap couples never get.  I love that and I adore that they learned a lot during their long break. Very happy about that.

2.  I’m going to borrow my last anon’s question because my answer was pretty bad, so how is Seb going to be involved in the proposal, or how would you have him involved? 😉  – Nooneelsecomesclose) 

I don’t know if Seb will be involved but I would like him to be. I’d like if Aaron was talking to Liv about the proposal that he includes Seb in the conversation.  Ask him if its ok if he asks his dad to marry him for real.  Seb giggles with happiness.  Maybe Aaron can be holding Seb when he asks and Liv can be there too since they are getting married not only to each other but they are cementing their family and that includes Seb.

3. How do you think the second proposal is going to happen? – (SugdenDingle)


Ok. So. Going off the general spoilers I think Aaron will really get shaken up by what happens to Liv and Robert this coming week I think we will get a reverse SSW. He will talk to Liv about it (Like Robert talking to Vic), create a proposal plan (like Robert), meanwhile Robert and Liv have Lachlan in a trunk.  We go from there. Then maybe, Aaron just blurts it out and Robert asks him if he really wants to be tied to him for real. All those old insecurities come back up and Aaron tells him again…they are better. They are strong. They got this. Then LOTS AND LOTS of kissing.

General Plot Questions

  1. Oh I have questions: What is your opinion about the proposal? What do you THINK will happen? What do you WiSH will happen? And on to Lachlan: Do you think they will know it was Lachlan who did the gas leak? How realistic is it that this will actually drag out till October? What do you think will happen with Robert and Liv medically? What do you think will happen with Seb? Where is he at in all of this? (oi-with-the-tv-shows-already)


Many questions. I answered a few above so I hope those were good enough answers.  I think Robert and Liv, after their medical emergencies, will compare stories of what happened that day.  Some things will fit, and some won’t.  I think they will start to piece together what happened and that’s why Liv points at ‘someone’ aka Lachlan and no one will believe her because somehow Lachlan will come out looking like the hero.  Maybe, instead of Aaron finding them, Lachlan pretends to find them making himself look like a hero. Aaron will be confused by Robert and Liv thinking otherwise.  It will be up to them hence why they are anxious the Wednesday after next.  I think it could be easy to push this to October. The Lachlan story. I think the Robron proposal story is be running along side of it.  Weaving in and out until an explosion of drama for SSW2018.  Chas goes into labor. Robron wedding. Lachlan stuff. BOOM!

Oh, I’m positive Seb will be ok. Our buddy will be ok. 😊

2. Live & Organised Q&A. Name a character you don’t like and what they would have to do to make you like them. *not Bex or Ross because they won’t be long in the village 😉 (Irisnsc)

Good question. UM…I like a lot of characters but if I have to pick a character…I guess David.  He isn’t in my good books right now.  For me to like him…he would have to recognize his flaws and attempt to work on them.  Maybe even take blame for things he has done in the past.  He doesn’t have to be perfect, but I’d like some self-awareness from David. That is all.  If his dad can do it sometimes so can he.

3. Hi! You may already have these questions for your ‘ask me anything’ section, but I thought just in case…..Hope it’s ok if I repeat something! 1. What’ s your take on Bex? Do you think she’ll actually be killed off or saved at the last minute? And what is your preference? 2. Quite honestly, I find Joe and Debbie bland and boring, but that might can be fixed with a little work from the writers. What story line would you have them do next for Joe? With or without Debbie? 3. What’s your opinion on the Matty and Vic relationship? Platonic or romantic preference? Personally, I would like to see them together, build a relationship, and work out how to build a family. I think it would be great to see a trans representation of that. Thoughts? 4. What’s up with the doc and his wife? Either he’s very controlling or she’s a great manipulator, since he didn’t throw her out when he caught her with David. He also said something along the lines of “You’ve done this before” or something. What do you think? 5. Tell me all about the Doug/Brenda/Diane triangle. Don’t forget Bobel. Who do you want together and apart? 6. Just how far do you think Lachlan’s storyline will go before something is revealed? And after the reveal, do you think he will leave or they will work out a way to keep him around? 7. And finally, Faith and Paddy. I personally like them together, but some people don’t. How would you write their future? Please don’t kill me for almost writing a book of questions! I am truly curious to read your responses.(drawlallvowels)

A big question! WOW. I’ll try and answers these as best I can. I’m spreading it out though and numbering it.

  • I answered about Rebecca above BUT…I haven’t answered what I want for Rebecca as a character. Sigh…I want her to die. Why? To stop fandom from getting so upset. I don’t like to see people upset and Rebecca breathing in a scene sets people off still. So, I’d rather she left so we all can move on and forget. Just…forget a lot. I know people won’t but they can’t act like Robert is going to screw her at any moment (not the story they are telling but I digress).
  • I think its time for Joe to get his butt handed to him by a family member. Kim perhaps? I find the whole Joe Tate storyline derailed and needs to get back on the tracks again. Debbie does that to men on this show. Anyway, I think Debbie and Joe need to split (I think Joe is taking over the Ross role so…sigh…might not happen) and Joe needs to get back to what the plan was. Going after the Dingles and maybe even the Sugdens through business deals and general debauchery.  Also, Joe gets his butt handed to him at every turn. By Kim or another family member.
  • Matty and Vic. I think the show (and fans) are moving too fast with them. I’d love to get to know Matty and how he fits into The Bartons again.  How he relates to Pete and Ross. Maybe even other villagers.  Then he and Vic and slow build towards being together and a family.  That would be sweet. I’d like Matty and Vic to run that food truck business together. That would be fun. Business partners turn to love? YES PLEASE. I think some attached so soon because it’s a new shiny character and also they don’t like anyone else on the show right now. Some really do want to see a transgender character have a love story…which I do too. I just want it done well and having meaning. Not just because it would be cool.
  • I don’t have an opinion on the Doc and his wife yet. I think they are trying to establish ties in the village and a backstory. Since they are a new family in the village now.  I also think they are keeping David busy while we wait for someone’s maternity leave to finish up. Then Leyla, Tracy and David can start up again.  Hell, lets throw Priya in there too.
  • I think the Doug, Brenda, Bob and Laurel triangle funny. Its so awkward and silly for me. So, it works. I’m still convinced that Bob and Laurel are together because Laurel is in mourning and Bob was bored with Brenda. However, Brenda and Doug are really cute and I love their friendship.  I’m happy either way with them. Together or just friends. Bob and Laurel don’t have much of a shelf life.
  • Lachlan is the new Cameron. So, I think to save the life he has now with Belle and the Dingles, he will do anything. So, buckle up and hold on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy night.
  • Paddy and Chas. I’m very much…conflicted on them. I was convinced Paddy was going to run to Rhona when he kept his feelings about the baby’s future inward. HOWEVER, the show gave them a good talk and they shared very sweet vows.  The Robron treatment if you will. Which leads me to believe they might make it after all. I’m very confused about them and I don’t know what to think. That is really weird for me too. I have an opinion on everything. EVERYTHING.


How much do you think I rock? :):):) – (Oi-with the tv shows already)

Honey, you rock and you roll! *That sounded funnier in my head but enjoy*


Those are all the questions I got. If people enjoyed this I can collect questions all month and make a monthly Q&A in the future. Only if anyone wants to ask me questions of course.  So, I hope you enjoyed and please leave your comments and your opinions below. Have a great week and I will be seeing you around Emmerdale.

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