Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – July 4, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

SURPRISE! Here is a TRUE BLUE Live and Organized. It’s a 4th of July miracle! For people who don’t remember how this review will look.  It me writing my thoughts as they come up in my head.  It’s messy and screwy and fun.  Enjoy this rare treat. (My connection isn’t great so I might be missing things here and there.)

Amelia’s Revenge

I want Bernice’s chair. Its pretty and pink. I’m in.

Daz. I don’t care about him and the actor creeps me out. Amelia is stone cold though. DAMN. I started to clap I was laughing so hard.

I’m very into Kerry’s hair right now. I want her hair. Its so pretty and sleek.

I’d be afraid to leave Amelia alone in her room after she jumped out her window. I’d be like…lets sleep downstairs and camp out.

I see the emotional manipulation continues of Amelia from Beth.  Long after its “over”.

Leave it to Bernice to steal a kids phone! *SNORT* Oh hey. Bernice is getting to the truth. GOOD FOR HER. She is getting more done than the police. Isn’t that always the case in soaps though? *DOUBLE SNORT*

Poor Amelia. She is so brainwashed.

The Thomas and Hope Family

Dottie is staring out into the distance until she hears Brenda’s name. That made me laugh.  Dottie, I do that too. Don’t worry.

Dottie is awesome. Seb, Dottie and Isaac. They will rule Emmerdale. Just give it time.

I still like the idea of Doug and Brenda. *FIGHT ME*

Brenda has new hair! GO BRENDA. Looks good.

“You can’t keep a bad man down!” – Doug *TRUTH*

This situation is actually really funny to me.  Brenda and Doug. Bob and Laurel. It’s so weird its funny. I love it right now.

Marlon and the BIG DATE

AWWWWW! April lighting the candles cracked me up. April is adorable.  Snarky and adorable.

Jessie and Marlon are cute too. Awwww! There will be a lot of aww-ing happening from me.

Hello. Look at you Jessie. *SNAPS ALL AROUND*


OH MARLON. THAT IS WEIRD. SO FREAKING WEIRD. WHO KEEPS UP A PICTURE OF THEIR EX. One he has no real ties too. There aren’t kids there so…WEIRD MARLON. I would have a problem with it too.

WOW. LAUREL TOO. Donna is ok. Rhona is ok. He has kids with them. The rest though. EEK NO. I’M WITH JESSIE ON THAT ONE.


Home Farm

You won’t make me like Joe. Joe is still a poor mans Robert. I like the real thing. TEAM ROBERT ALWAYS.

Home Farm looks amazing though. LOVE what Graham did with the place.

Joe has a game room. He is a child. I’m going to be ragging on Joe until the end of time. I don’t think he earned any of this good will and that is why I don’t like him. GRAHAM FANGIRL FOR LIFE.

I think the show wants us to think that Joe is dreamy and such a wonderful guy who has learned so much from his mistakes. NOPE HE HASN’T. WE HAVEN’T SEEN HIM EARN ANYTHING. I HATE THAT SO MUCH. Whew. Feel better now.

The Pub Crew

Jessie is connected to Maya. Building connections with new characters. GOOD FOR YOU SHOW. GOOD FOR YOU.

Yes, Victoria. Date. Look around. Enjoy yourself. Unless Adam comes back (he won’t) time to move on.

Eric even knows David is trash. EEK. That is bad. Really bad.

The Little Things

  • Rhona and Debbie have the same hair. Maybe. I’m into it though.
  • I want all of Jesses clothes. That is all.
  • I think Dr. C reminds me of Declan. I loved Declan. Me likey the Doctor.
  • Is it just me or does Beth look like a much older Liv? Much older Liv.
  • I still want a Robron mug, David’s Grocery Bag and now I want a ‘Find Amelia’ shirt.
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

tenor (1)


Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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