Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – May 30, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

Let’s crack on!

Charity Begins at Home

We continue with our Charity story and I still maintain that Emma is brilliant. I’m with her at every step of this story.  She has my attention and I want to see things through.  Vanessa and Harriet are still too pushy but I think that will backfire (I mean really backfire) soon enough. Can’t keep that up without someone losing it.

The nurse adopting Charity’s baby isn’t surprising (again…MAGAZINES! *shakes fists at sky*) but I am surprised by who they got to play the role. He is new. He is fresh faced. He is different than the normal people they hire for the show. I’m interested to see how he fits into the village. He looks a little like a Dingle (maybe a dead ringer for Eli) which is exciting. The emotions that will come from that will be good…especially in Emma’s capable hands.

That little hat gets to me.  That little blue hat that represents Charity’s unforgotten past.  It’s a bit sad and chilling. I like that the show keeps it around. Maybe she gives it to…if I read the birth certificate right…Ryan.

The Pub Crawl of Storylines

The Paddy and Chas wedding moves forward. Kind of moves forward.  Chas seems very obsessed with the idea of castles and crests. Is that the shows round about way of talking about the royal wedding? Also, why a Dingle Crest. She won’t have the Dingle name after she marries Paddy. She will be Chas Kirk. I still love when Paddy and Marlon hang out together. They are a great comedy team. Especially while being super cheap.

I’m convinced that Misty is getting a lot of things Rebecca would or should have been doing as a character.  She has the new age thing they tried to make us thing Rebecca was into. She gives advice. She tries different techniques out on people. She is starting to fit into the village. Something I think the show wanted for Rebecca and they are just cutting their losses and giving it to Misty. Who I like. I find she and Rodney funny. People seem to hate them but they don’t cause harm.  They are just oversexed, I think in love and silly people. They provide some relief that is heavily needed after the Charity stuff. I won’t lie. I just don’t see a future for Rebecca in the village and Misty might be a character pushing her out scene by scene. Line by line.

Megan, Frank and Graham. Wow. I’m a total Megan and Graham shipper but I think the show wants me to ship Frank and Megan. Whoops. They put them in the same room again which means we are building back up for part two of their story and I’m all here for it.  Bring it on. Team Graham though I don’t mind Frank at all.


The Little Things

  • Dottie knocking over the blocks with a smile. *that’s my girl*
  • Time for Brenda to be reinvented. Let’s do this show!
  • What I wouldn’t do for a Robert and Aaron stag night planned by Paddy and Marlon. *SNORT*
  • Grahams pouting as he is watching Megan with Frank. I know people weren’t into Graham and Megan, but I really love them. Maybe because I’m bored with Frank and want him cut loose to cause some havoc for a while.
  • Grahams grumpy face as he orders tomato juice just to have the camera pan to Bernice and Daz. *SNORT*
  • The kids are the ones who suffer the most. Bob, Laurel and Brenda needs to figure out a stable plan before something happens.
  • Does anyone thing Paddy and Chas will go through with it? I don’t but in Emmerdale you never know.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 


(So…don’t fall down the negativity hole.)

Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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