Wild Thoughts on Coronation Streets Big Week – Aidan Connor and David Platt

So, I got to watch this week’s Coronation Street. I have a lot of feelings (as all do).  I’ll start with the good and then the bad. This is a free thought piece so if there are some things that are wrong it will be corrected down the line.  Right now I need to get this out so I can work on my story.

The Good

Aidan killing himself was handled well.  The show could have easily fallen into the overwrought and maudlin territory, but it didn’t get there at all.  It was sad in the right ways.  I know that sounds horrible, but Aidan’s goodbyes were hard to watch, and you knew what was coming.  What I was surprised by was how much I enjoyed the Eva and Aidan scene.  Then I was reminded of a time when I enjoyed that couple.  When I looked forward to seeing them.  It was nice to see them back there one last time.  Heartbreaking really.

Speaking of heartbreaking let’s talk about Johnny. He was the only character that got me crying.  His muffled screams and his face. Just….it was haunting.  He refused to leave his son’s body.  He was broken.  Anytime I saw him I just burst out crying which I’m not a crier. It takes a for me to cry at a television show.  Carla was great too.  She had to keep it together for everyone’s sake.  She was glue.  She wanted to fall apart but she knew she had to keep her family on track.  Keep them from falling completely apart.  I loved the phone call with Michelle though.  For a few seconds, she let the mask fall.  She allowed herself to feel because Michelle is a safe place.  Also, even though they are fighting, they didn’t let it get in their way.  It was a moment I’ve experienced myself with my best friend.  It’s a good reminder that life can change in an instant and those fights seem petty. Time to let go and move forward.

The show didn’t romanticize suicide.  Which is important.  It was dark. It was sad. It felt wrong.  The show showed the aftermath.  It showed what it could do to families, friends and a community at large.  There was no flowery goodbye note. It was short. It was scary. It’s good to show that what Aidan did was incredibly sad, and its effects go beyond the actual act.

Speaking of unspeakable acts, David’s story came to ahead which is what I have been waiting for.  David so shook up by Aiden finally told Shana what has been going on. FINALLY. As hard and scary of a moment it was, it felt uplifting.  It was like a weight was lifted off David’s and the audience’s shoulders. Someone else knows and can help him.  Keep him safe and stable. Love him.  It was a good moment.

The Bad

I know this is very sensitive and really affected a lot of people. Brought up some bad memories for some. I’m going to be very harsh in this section so if you are sensitive about the week please stop reading here. I don’t want to purposely upset people.  Ok? Good. Let’s continue on with the bad.

It was a lot to cover in one week.  A LOT. I feel like David’s story, which has been ongoing, was swallowed up by the Aiden goodbye drama.  I feel like David deserved his own moment not sandwiched in between mourners and baby drama.  I understand that Aiden’s sudden departure from this earth was used as the catalyst for David to come clean and get some support but I don’t know. David deserved his own moment and his own episode.  This week belonged to Aiden and Aiden alone.

This is something I tweeted about a while ago and now I’m going to explain what I mean.  Just because a show has an amazing week doesn’t erase the rest of the year and the crap the show has done.  I feel like Kate Oates is good at the BIG DRAMA EPISODE/WEEK.  She did amazing with the Woolpack Standoff.  However, much like what Corrie went through, the build-up was crap.  It was rushed and feels like it was done because the British Soap Awards is about to start, and they wanted to finally beat Emmerdale.  The rest of the past year has been mixed, stupid or just unbelievable.  Phelan, Gemma being beaten while the guy gets away with cheating, Anna being jailed for doing nothing wrong and writing a crappy same-sex couple…there is a lot more, but you get it.  Just because the show had one hell of a week doesn’t mean its amazing or better than another show.  I keep seeing how Kate Oates is amazing and has made Corrie better than anyone else. Give me a break. She just repeated what she did on Emmerdale only it went worse.

Same goes for Emmerdale by the way.  Just because you aren’t happy about a certain storyline doesn’t mean the show is complete crap.  Yes, the Robron story last year was rough but in hindsight it makes sense and just made them stronger.  I hated it, but it didn’t pepper any other part of the show for me.  I know that there will be moments I hate about a show, but I also know it will work itself out or I can focus on another part of the show.  Just because a storyline sucks doesn’t mean the show sucks. I see so many acting like IM will kill Corrie. No, he won’t.  He will fix Kate Oates mistakes once again.  Here is hoping he will fix Kana since man…they suck right now.

I was harsh above but that is how I feel. You do not have to agree in any way. I’m just speaking my truth.

Speaking of Kana, Kates reaction (which I know it’s a common reaction) was annoying.  Took me out of the moment. Same with Maria.  Eva had the right to be truly upset. They were to be married. They have a child.  Maria was his side piece that I rolled my eyes at when she was sitting outside curled up.  I know that sounds incredibly harsh but…ugh. Go away, Maria.

So, it was a great week but it doesn’t erase all the stupid the show has been going through.  I feel I might be biased since I’m not a fan of Kate Oates style so that might be why I’m reading more into this.  I do know that I will miss Aiden even though he annoyed the hell out of me, I will miss him.  I’m glad David finally shared his pain with someone who loves him and will have his back.

So, what did you think? Tell me below and I will see you all around soon.



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