Emmerdale Not Live but Still Organized – April 19, 2018

Welcome back to Emmerdale Live and Organized! In case you haven’t been here before here is what happens. I watch the episode and write down my thoughts as it comes to me in an organized fashion. It’s like a live look inside my brain while watching Emmerdale. Not as crazy as it sounds. Unless you want it to be. *wink*

Hello! I watched the episodes last night but couldn’t write up my thoughts since I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I’m awake now and I am waiting for my lotion to set into my face so here are so targeted thoughts about Thursdays episodes.

Let’s crack on!


I’m starting with my favorite little family.  I loved that little moment between Chas and Robert.  For awhile now I’ve been wondering about Chas and where she stood with Robert. Yeah, she as fine with it the day after the funeral but she was in her own head at that point. Now that things have been decided and set she now has time to think about things. I like how she likes Robert being there. Roberts reaction to Chas is what made me smile. He looked relieved in a way. He is trying to be the voice of reason and the steady rock this time around and its working. A total difference from another storyline. Everyone is in a better place now.

I still think that Liv should start her own group in prison and demand dominance over the other girls. Just saying, THE CULT OF LIV. THE LIV CULT.

“You’re sick you know that?” “Oh, you love it.” *SMIRK* *There they are. That smirk and flirt. Makes me giggle like I was a girl again.*


This remains messy but in a different way than expected. Usually in triangles like this the wife/girlfriend usually is still in the dark. Even when the offending couple break up. Brenda knowing changes things a bit. I will just say that Bob sucks. I think Brenda and Laurel should join forces to take him down. At his wedding. Like it’s a WWE show. Lets do this ladies!

I do like they use their histories against and for them.  Laurel almost drinking. Bob thinking Brenda could have cancer and is shoplifting again. Bob has a history of getting bored and finding the next person to sleep with.  All of this is being brought up again because no one is in a good place and its being compared to the last time they were all in a bad place.  In my eyes, Bob is the only one who isn’t learning, somewhat, not to repeat history.

Arthur is scarred for life. God help him.


Rhona is trying to get Ross help and I think Ross will confuse that with flirting. Kindness isn’t flirting and I think he will learn that.  The whole, Rhona and Ross rumors? My gut tells me that Ross will make a move and Rhona will push him off. It won’t be a ‘Debbie vs The Bartons’ situation. I think it will just show how far Ross has fallen with his mojo with women. He can’t read them anymore.

I’m glad Moses didn’t get hurt by eating the pills. It took his son to realize he needs help which is sweet. I have to laugh though. The magazines promoted this small moment as ‘MOSES HORROR!” and “ROSS ALMOST KILLS SON!” and it wasn’t anything like that. More proof that those writers will say anything to get those clicks. Some are worse than other. *COUGH*

Wishing Well Drama

TICK TOCK. TICK TOCK TIME FOR LACHLAN TO GO NUTS! Lachlan wants to keep his new family together and not have it fall to what his family was that he will do anything to keep them together. Doubt it will help because at the end of the day, Lachlan isn’t a Dingle and he will get pushed out.

Belle hearing those voices made me sad. Sam and Belle having that argument. I think everyone needs to leave Lisa an Zak to figure out their next steps. Not the kids. How dare they put their kids in the middle of it all. Its cruel and no one deserves that. Bad parenting all around.

The Little Things

  • Just because the show doesn’t tweet back at you doesn’t mean they are ignoring you. They might just not want to answer that question yet or maybe they can’t answer certain questions. Their silence doesn’t mean a yes or a no. (that was directed more at Twitter than Tumblr readers)


  • They are setting up Jessie’s backstory. She is scared to get close to a guy. I don’t know what happened with her ex or who he is but I think he did a number on her and that means any man who comes along next will pay for his mistakes.


  • I like Liv being in prison because that gives her something different to do. The whole drinking/bad event/Liv gets out of it and repeat was getting boring. Now she is something new to do and a new environment to do it in.  Maybe for once, people will face the fact that Liv has a drinking problem. She has to come down at some point in there and there is a lot to work with story wise.


  • Robert is such a dad with the photo album and the ‘exam’ comment. I love it.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

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Let’s all be kind to one another. Respect each other’s opinions. Enjoy the ride Emmerdale has us on. If you would like to check out the previous reviews, click here and enjoy my ramblings as we were building towards a reunion. If you want to check out my other opinions check out this link for some fun reads. Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr if you want to get in contact with me. Until next time, Emmerdale Live and Organized is closing out for the day. Eat a Snickers bar, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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