Emmerdale Live and Organized – Top Three Scenes of March 5-9 2018

Another week has passed in the little village with big drama, and I find myself going over the week’s events and thinking about the good times.  So, this Sunday, I decided to start listing my top three favorites scenes from the past week of Emmerdale. So, without further ado here are my top three favorite scenes or moments of the week.

Teenage Wasteland of Liv and Gabby

Liv and Gabby March 9, 2018
Double the Trouble


The scene on Friday’s episode with Liv and Gabby was perfect beyond words for me. I know some are annoyed that Liv became friends with Gabby too fast and that it will only lead to disaster (which we know it will as per the spoilers).  Yes, what happened from the fighting to the acceptance of each other in each other’s lives again can be upsetting when you are an adult. However, for a moment I was taken back to when I was sixteen years old.

I was Liv. Not exactly but I wasn’t super popular. I had my group of friends and a few close friends but nothing extraordinary. So, when I had a falling out with these people, that old teenage fear comes screaming back. What if no one else wants to be my friend, what if I must eat alone in the cafeteria, what if I have nowhere to go this weekend? So, I took them back even though they were terrible friends and I shouldn’t have given them the time of day.

That is what Liv thought, and that is why Gabby is back in her life. However, Liv will learn the hard way that it was the wrong choice. Let’s hope she learns from this experience and isn’t too coddled by Aaron and Robert (like last time).

Robert, Aaron, and a Little Faith

Robert and Aaron and Faith March 8, 2018
Faith Dingle: Professional ‘Blocker’


It was a scene I never saw coming. I love when this happens. When scenes are spoiled, and it’s like a little surprise. Like finding a twenty in the pocket of your jeans or chocolate half off in the local Walgreens.  This was one of those scenes.  It was also a scene that set up possible events for the future.  It also gave a good insight into how the Dingle hierarchy works versus the Sugden hierarchy.

What was set up for future events? The second flat that we have now seen a door for and the number ‘2’. This could just be a running gag of tenants that Robert and Aaron have to deal with or it is waiting for that sinister person from the past to move into.  Either way, they were giving us a heads up that the second flat is ready to go and we should be on the lookout to see who moves in first. I personally would love to see Gerry move in and the drama that goes along with that.

What hierarchy was I talking about? Well, see how Aaron didn’t want his grandma to come in. He, like Chas and Cain, automatically didn’t want to hear what she wanted to say. It’s not unheard of for Faith (she doesn’t do herself any favors) to be pushed out. Zak tends to be listened to and heard over anyone else in the family. One could argue that Lisa is next, but usually, the show shows up Cain being next in line. Aaron follows that line. The Dingles tend to be more of a patriarchal family. Meanwhile, Robert tends to listen to Faith. He even invited her to his wedding to Aaron after only knowing her for a few weeks. There is a higher level of respect there. It might be because he was around strong women. Annie and Sarah for instance. Even though Jack was the star of the show, Robert was raised more by a matriarchal family. Not all of what comes with a matriarchal family structure resonated with Robert, but I see it there in how he treats Faith. Might not entirely fit but its something to think about when it comes to Faith and her relationships with her own family.

Charity’s Speech/Tracy Standing Up for Herself

Charity and Vanessa and Charity March 8, 2018
David is trash. Even Charity agrees Tracy!


I feel like everyone has said so much about Charity’s speech and how Tracy took that speech and applied it to her real life. Still a great moment on the show. I’d love to see that happen on the soaps I grew up with too.  I must admit that the Tracy storyline has been done very well.  It shows that we aren’t to look down at others because of their previous choices in life. Tracy had to do what she did to survive and to have someone like David look down at her for her choices instead of loving her and listening to her…that has to hurt. Even now, David doesn’t get it. He refuses to understand. Its like he has a vision in his head of the woman he wants to be with, and it changes per his mood.

Tracy doesn’t fit that image anymore. Instead of adjusting and letting the love and respect for her filter in…he goes cold and shuts down. He took his ring off way too fast and easily for my taste. Not even Cain went that fast with his ring taking off. Don’t get me started on how long it too for Robert to take the ring off. Not only is David trash? We know his big secret. Leyla is going to come back with a bump or a baby yelling daddy at him soon.  Does David expect Tracy to just deal with that? After what he said and did to her? Fat chance. I seriously wonder if Tracy and David are over for good (or for now. Never say never on a soap).


Tick Tick Tick TIck…


What were your favorites scenes of the past week? What do you think about the current storylines? Leave me a message below and if you have some time come check out my regular reviews before the new week starts by clicking here. Until next week, I will see you all around Emmerdale.

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