Saturday Positivity : 2016 Robron vs 2018 Robron

Positivity and hope are difficult to maintain these days.  With all the bad news in the world and people wanting to think the worst its easy to fall into that negative feedback loop.  So, once again, on a Saturday I am here to make another positive Robron (always lower case. We do not want to kill any angels by writing the ship name wrong) post.

Oh, thank you! You all can stop clapping now. Sit down. It is going to be a fun, positive post this Saturday. I will be comparing how Robron’s relationship has changed from 2016 to 2018 through their reunions. (there was no 2017 what are you talking about 2017 never happening…don’t make me wink).

Get some tea or coffee. Put up your feet and enjoy some time away from the madness. Let’s crack on!

The Difference Between 2016 and 2018 Robron


After the reunion in 2016, the two found themselves in a delicate place.  Aaron was coming off a very challenging trail against Gordon and Robert was trying to change for the better. He wanted to change for the better. With that came many insecurities from both sides. For Aaron, his head was still very much clouded with self-doubt about his childhood and past. He does not want to seem weak to people, especially Robert, so he kept a lot in. He also had a ton of preconceptions from the past in his head. Robert was trying to be a better version of himself for Aaron without really knowing what to do. He just took care of things the way he always did, and that was in silence. They never talked about what was going on within their heads or what they wanted to do to handle certain situations. That is how we got Aaron beating up someone and landing in jail. How we got Robert locking people in a boot (a staple of 2016 if you ask me) and Aaron getting mad about it.

In 2018, since Robert and Aaron have reunited again, we do not have those insecurities.  Aaron and Robert are talking to each other about what is happening. Robert texting Robert about a new Rebecca drama instead of hiding it from him. Being open about what is going on with Jimmy and Joe. Whenever Robert and Aaron enter a situation both know what is happening because they talk about it with each other. I am sure with the Liv story coming up Robert will be in the know there too. A major upgrade from 2016.

Facing the Good and Bad Together

In 2016, after their reunion, there is a lot of Robron going off to face events on their own. Every so often they would face something together, but it was rare. Aaron was handling all of Liv’s drama on his own. Robert was hiding his own revenge plans, so he did not upset Aaron. There was a lot of facing up to things alone that caused them to splinter after their reunion.

In 2018, it was said, point blank, they would be facing everything together. Which, they have been. Since they got back together. Robert and Aaron faced off against Joe together. Aaron came with Robert to handle Rebecca nonsense and even is spending time with Seb. Which, just saying here, was adorable. Aaron getting Seb to smile and wiggle again was awesome and adorable, and my ovaries might have….no one wants to hear about my ovaries. This shows that they are willing to face the good and the bad together. Hand in hand. Eyes fully open to the situations they are in.  That makes them even stronger than their 2016 selves.

The Difference in Reunions

Let’s talk about the two reunions. The two big reunions of 2016 and 2018 (again).  In 2016, the reunion had build up all through the drama of Gordon story.  From Aaron telling Robert what happened, to finding Liv and Sandra and then the trial. There was a lot of build up for one scene.  A scene where Aaron does not look comfortable. Robert is trying to say all the right things. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good scene. Sweet. Short. However, there is a lot missing which makes sense in hindsight. They don’t pinpoint exactly what went wrong before. They don’t talk about how to talk it easy. They just focus on what Robert can do for Aaron. One-sided. Yeah, they are back together but they weren’t together. They were going through the motions and developing into something that seemed strong but really, they were full of insecurities and cracks.

In 2018, the reunion was much different. There wasn’t a build up per say. It was built off of that small foundation of their chemistry and connection.  We could argue that Robert and Aarons connection never went away or was severed.  It was always there, humming along in the background.  Like the Pacey Witter quote, “It is sort of always there… like… white noise, or… the secret service or the threat of nuclear war, for that matter. Just somethin’ you get used to.” Their chemistry and connection were always there.

This time, Aaron and Robert have two scenes of reunion.  They cover everything that went wrong, what they could do differently this time and Robert finally talks about his fears of what happened and what Aaron would need to accept to make this relationship work again. Robert pulls away, but for once Aaron runs after him. That is the second scene. Aaron tells Robert everything wrong with him but also talks about his good qualities and how they can make it work this time around. Giving him a directive or choice really.

“Please just come home with me!”

The difference between the two reunions. It was not so one-sided in 2018.  There was talk of what both did that was wrong and how they can move forward. Robert was given a chance to talk about his fears and Aaron was able to tell Robert what he see’s in him, even when he is mad or hurt. There was a better foundation being built over burning down of their own selves. Robert was burnt to the ground, and he has been building himself back up ever since. Aaron let him try and move on to see what else is out there and found he could not move on. Not when he knows where he should be. These two did the work this time and knew what they were jumping into. In 2016, it was a leap without plans or any type of conversation past, ‘don’t let me down’ threats. It did not work out that time for that reason. This reunion gave them a much better standing.

So, What Did We Learn Today?

What we learned is 2018 Robron, while they still have their problems, are on a much better starting out point than 2016 Robron. As I have said to many on Tumblr (Thank you guys for listening to me babble) what Robert and Aaron are now is a team.  A team that is going forward with their eyes fully open to what has happened in the past and what can happen in the future. They will live in the present and be there for each other. Learn along the way, but they will be doing it together. I do not know guys, that sounds really romantic to me. Love, family, kisses, and teamwork. Much better now than in 2016.

Well, that was my Saturday dose of positivity! I hope I helped make a few fans feel a bit better or even think about how differently positioned the writers have made Robron this time around. It will be one hell of a journey, but it will be full of soapy goodness.  If you have not checked out my other Saturday positive post from last week, you can click here to read it. Until the next time, I will see you around Emmerdale!

Robert and Aaron Reunion 2018

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