Saturday Positivity: Robron Reunion 2.0 Talk

I am here with some positivity. Some Robron Reunion positivity. After yesterdays war zone that made me walk away for a few hours, I have decided to come back with some positivity. Something to fight the negativity out there.  Now, everyone has been giving their opinions on the reunion, so I decided to jump on in and explain why that reunion episode was exactly what the doctor ordered. Sadly, this reunion was not ordered by Doctor Alex Mason. Did I say sadly? None was sad for Dr. Alex.

Anyway, after my millionth rewatch of the reunion episode, here are three reasons why I loved the reunion and a few extras that made the episode extra special. I’m sure this has been talked about, but you haven’t heard my reasons so sit back with your favorite Snickers and coffee and enjoy the ride.

Aaron’s Speech

hug robron

That speech at the end of the episode was everything. Not only did it answer questions many of the general audience, fandom and some antis had, but it also showed how far Aaron had come as a character from the July breakup.  It also showed how this reunion (reunion 2.0) was a lot more stable than the first reunion (reunion 1.0) back in 2016.

Aaron doesn’t pull punches. He knows Robert’s shortcomings. He listed them off the bat. He isn’t blinded by the idea that Robert is perfect in any way which is good. Very good. That shows they are past that initial stage of puppy love/blinding love. They are very much comfortable with themselves and know all the negatives.

The next part of the speech is listing all the good Robert has done. For the past year, we have been hit over the head with Robert imploding. That came with the darker meaner side of Robert that only seemed to show all the bad Robert can and did do.  Aaron was there to remind us of all the good Robert has done. He loved Aaron, saved him, believed him, loved Liv and did everything possible to love Aaron even when he was difficult. This is important for Aaron to say (in my eyes) because it proves what I’ve been thinking all along about Robert and Aaron’s love story. Robert and Aaron are just big messes. They aren’t great at coping or picking the right choices at the moment. However, they know this about each other and still see the good in each other. Which is a powerful type of love. It’s saying, ‘Yes, you are a screw-up but I know you will always try to not be a screw-up and I see that. I see the good and the bad, and I love you.  During reunion 1.0, Aaron was still putting stipulations on Robert and not trusting him and thinking the worst. Reunion 2.0 has Aaron knowing that bad side but believing and supporting the good. Even if Robert screws up he will be there. He won’t let go so easily. He will be there for him this time.

Yes, it was very romantic, but of course, there was that classic Aaron spin, the lines, “Shut up and listen for once” and “You can talk now!” at the beginning, and the end is what made that passionate speech to Robert uniquely Aaron Dingle. I loved every moment of it and how much stronger Aaron is and how much stronger Robron are as a pair.

The Garage False Start

Robron hands

This false start, in hindsight, was perfect. That is the place they got married. That was the place they shared that intensely sweet moment before everything went to hell.  It was the perfect place to start off the reunion.  It gave us Aaron’s point of view on how he really handled their wedding anniversary, how he feels about Seb (Thank god) and how he felt he could go forward with Robert. Yes, it doesn’t work out, but it wasn’t meant to work out in the garage. More on that in a second.

The moment I love and continue to love is when Aaron takes Roberts hand and the long focus on there joined hands and Aarons hope as he examines their intertwined hands. I love this moment because of what came before. In the past we saw Robert and Aaron grab hands and the camera focused on these moments. One thing I noticed is how their fingers never intertwined. They were cupped together (James’s Funeral in SSW 2016), they were awkwardly grabbed before Aaron walked into his ‘Welcome Home’ party after he got out of jail and then the way their hands barely held on after the big ‘Reveal Blowup’ episode. All of these moments had them struggling to fully contact.  They weren’t fully grabbing onto each other. They were connecting but it wasn’t all the way. It was half efforts. Sort of like that first run from Reunion 1.0 to the bitter breakup. This time? They were fully connected, fingers intertwined. Palm to palm. Fingers wrapped together. Aaron looking at peace. It was like the show was saying, ‘They are finally connecting the way they should have the first time around’ Which makes me think they are in a much better place after reunion 2.0.

Robert finally got to say what he wanted to. How he felt during the breakup. We did get a ton of his point of view, but it was about what he did. We never got his feelings. At this moment, everything was out on the table and Robert said what I think a lot of us were thinking. Robert lost it all, and he burned for it. Did a lot of bad things and now he is just trying to survive and learn about this new version of himself. He doesn’t know if he could handle losing Aaron again with this new mindset he has adopted.

Victoria and Aaron’s Pub Chat


This is a small moment, but I love how this small chat springs big results.  Not only does someone that has a strong relationship with both Robert and Aaron finally give her opinion on what is going on, but Victoria is the one to give Aaron a push in the right direction.

Aaron is finding any excuse as to why Robert would go out to the new gay bar and want to pick up a bloke. First, he hates gay bars. Then, why isn’t he taking care of his kid? Aaron is full of excuses for Robert because he secretly doesn’t want Robert to be doing what Victoria is implying but also, Aaron liked having Robert be there in the background. A possible choice for when he felt ready to make the leap. Robert left the picture and Aaron didn’t like it.

I saw Victoria as the Robron/General Audience questioning Aaron and trying to get answers out of him. What does Aaron want? Does he want Alex, or does he want Robert? This conversation with a trusted source was a good push in the right direction. I also love seeing sassy Victoria (welcome back) and Aaron fumbling around trying to hide in the dark when all he sees is the light.

Some Extras

Roberts Girl Squad

girl squad

This was everything.  It had characters that generally never mix hanging out together and meshing well together.  Everyone played off of each other well and created some funny and sweet moments.  Some of the best moments from our girl group?

  • Priya taking out the DJ for taking her money but not playing her requests. Extra points for Kerry being the mom and trying to pull Priya off of him.
  • Vanessa and Bernice trying to get Robert to have fun and get his mojo back.
  • The Never Have I Ever Game that had everyone joking around about their favorite times around the village. Even better, we have confirmation of Robron fun times in the portacabin.
  • Everyone’s dance moves. We all think we dance like Priya (sexy and moving our butts to the beat), but we are all Robert. All limbs and awkward head bobbing. I loved every second of it.
  • Bernice thinking Priya gave the DJ a hand job to play their 90s Europop songs was funny in a nudge nudge wink
  • I own all those songs they played. I’m not afraid to admit it. I love my 90s club hits. Brings me back to my childhood and makes me miss the old days.
  • The look Vanessa gives Aaron after they successfully get Robert onto the dance floor. Almost like she was checking to make sure they have enough distance between Robert and Aaron. She was being a good friend, and I love her for it.

Vanity Reloaded

vanity kiss

I wasn’t sold on Vanity. I didn’t like how Charity was treating Vanessa who was new to this world of bisexuality.  Charity seemed to enjoy putting Vanessa down while sleeping with her.  This episode sold me on Vanity after Vanessa put Charity in her place and they finally had that talk I was waiting for. They aren’t just a fling and Charity needed to be nicer.  I think they finally gave them a foundation to work off for future storylines.  I needed that, and I’m glad Maxine gave us the foundation. Now, we need to actually see them, but I sense we are about to see a lot of them with Charity’s upcoming storyline.

Aarons Stalker Club – Inquire Within

aaron stalker moment lol

At any given moment Aaron was in the background watching Robert drink, awkwardly flirt, get Mike the Hikers number, dance and run out of the club.  Those little stalking moments were just adorable (the only time I will call stalking adorable ever on this blog) and were fun to find after the initial airing. My favorite moment I didn’t pick up on during the original airing? When everyone was trying to get Robert onto the dance floor, Aaron’s head was visible in the background watching Robert as he was pulled away.  I also spit out my coffee when I noticed. Aaron was just a beautiful mess during the club scenes and I loved every second of it.

This is what I need people to remember when that old negative feeling comes back, or someone manages to stroke the flames of anger and jealousy.  Robert and Aaron are in a much different place than during and after reunion 1.0.  That episode set up a great foundation of strength that would take a lot to break down this time around.  These two have been burned down and rebuilt to be more open, loving and aware than ever before. That makes them a strong couple and no matter what comes at them they can handle it right now. With everything going on it is important to remember that and enjoy watching them be on screen, together. If you ever feel down or angry, remember what was said during the reunion 2.0 and take comfort that they won’t fall into those old traps this time around. Queen Maxine made sure of that this time.

So, how many times did you watch the reunion? Tell me your favorite parts down below and remember to not let the negativity get you down for long.  A lot is coming and it is going to be great. Why? Our favorite couple is going to weather the storm, together. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale.

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