Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 28, 2018


Welcome to the Emmerdale Live and Organized Preshow! I’m writing this a day before because as an American and someone with Britbox…I got the episode early. Every so often Britbox screws up and we all get a nice surprise.

So, lets crack on!

The Café Crew

The Adventures of Tip the Dog continues.

Zak don’t be a monkey butt! Find the damn dog. We need more dogs on the show. That and sheep. ALSO….GOATS!

The Pub Crew

Hi Aaron! *heart eyes*

Aaron and Robert are having dinner with Chas. AWWWW!

Paddy trying to get Aaron to guilt Chas into keeping the baby without telling him…EW. EW PADDY.

Ok. Whatever is decided I’m by her side. That’s a good attitude Paddy. I changed my mind.

Did Charity forget Noah’s birthday? Oh god.

I wouldn’t trust Joe either Charity.

I love how open Robron are with each other.

“We are all bored with you trying to prove that you are the big man.” – Robert

Aaron is laughing her butt off at Robert in a sweet way. Awwww! Also, I wish we could have seen that dinner with Robron and Chas.

Priya looks stressed out. Can’t be easy being in a family business and a single mom. I’m worried about her.

Faith being an Anti-Choice mouthpiece is weird. She doesn’t seem the type but at the same time….religion rules that generation. My mom didn’t have a great mother but she has been nothing but amazing, so I don’t buy the thesis Chas just put forward.

Victoria has to talk to Rebecca like a child. How long can this go on though? I think she needs 24/7 care at this point. Especially with what is coming.

Robert decided to play nice. That is a change. He took advice and went with it. Too bad it will get him in trouble! DAMN.

“Robert Sugden isn’t going to know what hit him.” – Joe *Joe? You screw with Robert or anyone he loves? You are going to be dead in the water. Real soon. This time he has Aaron and…well…GET USED TO THE BOOT OF THE CAR BUDDY.*

The King Family

I wonder if the Haulage Firm will be gone by the end of the year. I really want Robert to buy part of the pub. Don’t ask me why. Chas and Robert having to work together makes me smile. Don’t ask me why.

Nicola wants to get some from Jimmy. *snort*

Jimmy is going to have a heart attack at this rate. Joe is the reason why too.

Oh. OH. Jimmy. Whoops. It happens to everyone Jimmy.

Oh God. Rodney talking about Jimmys problem. No. Please. No more.

Holy Scrap (Scrapyard)

Gerry is doing something that is upsetting Joe’s client. I assume Gerry was never supposed to do that to begin with.

Robert standing up for the Dingles and in turn Aaron is great. So great. Robert has come far.

Robert is mentally counting to ten.  Oh well, that didn’t work.

“Your mom was a complete slapper.” – Robert


Technically, Joe started it by calling him another name last week and making rude comments. Joe can’t be surprised at this point that Robert would fight back. He is affecting his business and he has upset his family by marriage.

Keepers Cottage

Rebecca is just staring off into space now. She doesn’t hear Seb crying two inches from her face? Wow. She has to have something else going on.

Also, I see how Victoria is feeling strained. It can’t be easy talking care of someone like Rebecca and a baby.

Home Farm

Home Farm is looking better by the episode.

YES. Let’s blame Robert. Home Farm has taken effect.

Joe’s mom died. Roberts moms died. You two weren’t close to your dads. You two are more alike then you think. Robert got lucky and found Aaron though. Found himself really.

Joe is getting Jimmy on his side against Robert. I don’t like this. Not at all. I don’t like Joe going after Robert. TEAM ROBERT. Always.

The Thomas Family/Harriet

Gabby. Sigh. Please. Go away.

Bob is on the case! *dun dun dun*

Bob helping her put Toga Ashley back together is sweet.

Oh boy. Those two. How could Brenda not know?!?!

The Adventures of Zak, Gerry and Tip

Awwww! Zak is going around telling others how great dogs are. I love the cute convo with Pete too.

That one dog is back again. The big silver one. I bet that is the new Dingle dog. AWWWW!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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