Emmerdale Not Live but Still Organized – February 27, 2018

Welcome to the late show! I’m here now and I don’t have much to say right now. My brain is mush. I do have a lot to say about the spoilers but that will be a separate blog entry altogether. So, let’s crack on!

The Pub Crew

Chas has morning sickness.

Seriously. Paddy is a dad already. Stepparents are parents too. Blood doesn’t make a family. The show knows this right? We have many patchwork families on this show.

I really want to hear Chas and her reasons. I’ve seen people say its an Emmerdale problem but all the UK soaps that I managed to watch has the same problem. They are all one sided on this and punish women too much. I’m talking in code now so I don’t have to write it.

The King Family

Rodney has been ‘raving’? OH MY GOD. Burning Rod has been busy. Burning himself. I hope he gets that burning tested.

Jimmy is cracking already. Hmmmm. That didn’t take long.

Marlon’s Place

I’m very uncomfortable with this story. The Paddy and Chas Baby stuff. It feels…one sided. I want to hear from Chas. She is the opinion that matters. Paddy’s does too but to a lesser extent. He can be heard but he can’t make the decision.

Paddy isn’t happy. Oh well. *shrug*

Leo is your son. You have a baby already. Why does Paddy drop his kids so easily? He dropped Aaron for a while too. *angry face*

WHAT?!?! Paddy…why does having a biological child change anything? Its just…ugh. This story is just…bleh.

I’m going to quote my dear friend, Justine. “Chas will agree to keep the baby just to lose it.” I concur. Which…I don’t want to see that.

Eh. Paddy. You aren’t that good. Ask a few of your ex-girlfriends and wives.

I’m saying this here. Chas was never a mother to Aaron. Showing up later doesn’t count now.  HE MAY NEVER BE PROPERLY FIXED? Screw you Chas. Aaron is in a great place. He will have trouble but that is because he is human.

This whole storyline is just…EH. EHHHHH.

The Church


I want Kerry’s earrings.

I think the window stays. ASHLEY GETS TO STAY.

Bob is going all out for Laurel and her family. Don’t let it show too much there, Bob.


The Cricket Pavilion

OH. As someone who got the Wednesday episode early…THIS MAKES SENSE NOW WITH TIP, GERRY AND ZAK.

Zak is giving doggie training lessons to Jai! LOVE IT. So cute.

Tip is so cute! I miss having a dog.

Tip, Jai, Gerry and then Zak running after each other was the best thing. So adorable.

The Café Crew

That window is awesome! FIGHT FOR HIM HARRIET!

God. Joe blows. I’m Team Robert Sugden all the way! *Makes a banner to wave around*

The Thomas Family/Bob

“Its almost becoming normal. You know, Ashley not being here!” – Laurel

“I am…almost betraying him.” – Laurel holding Bobs hand. WHEN IS THIS STORY GOING TO MOVE ON. Brenda hasn’t noticed? Seriously?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my Tumblr @amandaj718. Appreciate what I write? Buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the button in the bar above! Until next time, see you all around Emmerdale!

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