Emmerdale Not Live but Still Organized – February 26, 2018

Hello! Welcome to the late show! Let me take care of some housekeeping. First, I had something to do today, so this is going to be a delay. I also have a second interview tomorrow so tomorrows review will be late too (wish me luck!). Then I’m free the rest of the week to enjoy the ride our favorite (and not so favorite) characters are on.

I still don’t know what to do with myself now that our lovely idiot sweetheart husbands are back together. It’s weird. It has been so long and now…here we are. I’m going to enjoy every scene given to us.

Let’s crack on!

The Pub Crew

I can’t believe Sarah wrote on Paddy’s head. She is a true Sugden. *snort*

Ok. SO. This Chas and Paddy storyline. Here is where I stand. I’m pro-choice. I don’t judge anyone on their situation. Women have to do what is best and I got their backs. So…the way the show has handled Kerry’s, Rebecca’s and now Chas’s baby storyline is…upsetting to me. That is as far as I will go for now.

So, we get Charity who is pro-choice. Faith who is anti-choice. Paddy can have an opinion but at the end of the day, Chas should be the ONLY ONE making the final choice. Her body. Her rules. Ok. I’m just going to stop. I’ll upset someone, and weird messages will show up in my inbox, and I can’t handle that today.

Aaron being fine with it and no jealousy is great. These two have come so far. It is great to see it work itself out on screen.

Paddy has a worried walk?

Should I remind Patty that he has Leo and he never sees him anymore? Leo is your kid too! So is Aaron. I wish Paddy would stop thinking of blood as the only way to have a child.

The Café Crew

Charity is just singing about gay bars now. Damn Vanessa. *wink*

Jimmy is just a mess. I sense he will either lose it or have a heart attack or close to one. Panic attack maybe.

Tip is still with Jai. *snort*

Well, technically, Robert should come first. He was here first Jimmy. Take care of YOUR business. Joe is using you as a personal assistant. You are better than that.

Let Harriet and the new Vicar be co-vicars. CO-VICARS!

Keepers Cottage

Rebecca is like a child. No. She seems blank or slow. *so many jokes I can make but I won’t. I’ll be a lady. For today. I need good karma.*

Glad to see the old Victoria is back! *Puts on a party for her!*

Lily! THE LILY IS HERE. She is a true star.

“I love Aaron. I’m trying to make a life that includes everything.” – Robert *awwww our husbands are back!*

Lily is getting so big. She is so adorable.

I know people are upset, but he can’t leave Seb with Rebecca in that condition. Victoria needs to work. So, Robert is putting his son first which any normal parent would do this. It’s ok. Like Aaron said, it will all shake out. My speculation on this? Seb is moving into The Mill because no way can Rebecca take care of him, and no way should she put Seb in harm’s way.

I’m just bored with Rebecca now too, but I sense a final act coming. Something needs to break and its coming.

The Mill

Awwww. Those two were running fast into the mill. Let’s move Robert in fast! I love how excited Aaron was to have Robert back in his own way.

Also, the banter of love. It’s back. I’m a happy bunny.

I love that Aaron wants Seb around. He asked about him. *BUNNY HEART HAPPY*

Home Farm

Home Farm is looking better by the episode. Love the silver. It works with Joe.

Graham has Joe’s number. Good. Keeps him honest (as much as he can be).

Joe is going to use Jimmy harder than a train uses a track.

Joe is hot. Joe is an asshole. Joe is a hot asshole.

“What we want and what we have to do…” – Jimmy *Good review of how life really is*

WHY DIDN’T HE READ THAT CONTRACT? Kids. Always read anything before you sign. ALWAYS. Some advice from me. Enjoy.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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