Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 23, 2018

So, that was an exciting episode. I don’t know what to do with myself. Everyone ate a Snickers and chilled out in fandom. I love it, and I hope this level of happiness and calm sticks around for a little while. So, as I was watching on my muffled noise watch thru I started to notice little things about the other characters in the episode.  I noticed that Pryia was uptight, worried looking, and didn’t seem to want to go home. Tracy and David aren’t in a good place, and I don’t think that is going to change with the arrival of Leyla.  Victoria had her sass and Sugden Snark ™ back.  Thank god.

So, that was just some small observations about other characters from yesterdays episode.

Let’s crack on!

The Pub Crew

Happy Birthday Chas! Robron are back together! *Thumbs up!*

Oh Charity! Regifting. Part of the 10 Commandments *Thy Shall Not Regift*

Paddy is keeping that quiet.

Isaac sighting! Cutie.

Faith knows something is up. I think. Oh. She knows.

The pub should install a ‘Pregnancy Test’ dispenser in the women’s bathroom at this point.

“I don’t feel pregnant.” – Chas *that was a stupid line*

No one thinks that about you Chas. *eye roll* I don’t feel bad for her when she is in her 40s and doesn’t understand her birth control. Come on.

Moiras smile.  Cain calling Chas out on how she butts into Aarons life. I think Moira is a secret Robron shipper. *snort*

The Dingles handled it well. Surprised by that. Very sweet.

Aaron smiling about Seb and Robert makes me smile. Also, he played with his ring again! YAY.

Paddy is thinking about unicorns. HMMMMMM. Someone drew on his face. That’s just funny.


The Mill

“Welcome Home.” – Aaron

Awwww! He got a key and a ring back!

It was in his wallet! I’m so glad people guessed that one! YES! So cute. My guess was the rings were around his neck but in the wallet works too. He always kept them close. *smile*

Crap. Robert had to tell her alone after all. Oh boy. This won’t end well.

Liv isn’t saying anything wrong. She is upset. She deserves to be heard. Also, its time for them to rebuild. It won’t happen overnight but I’m glad Liv is being heard and Robert is hearing her. Its not screaming in the middle of the street or misconceptions. This is good.


My heart is full of love. Lots and lots of love.

I know people will say it was too easy but I feel Robron have been too crazy so they are just letting us move on.

Marlon’s Place

Wow. Chas.

I’ll leave you two to smash the Piñata! – Marlon *snort*

Idiots. BOTH OF YOU. I won’t lie. That made me laugh.

Home Farm

Is that the office? Is it a gym now?

Joe isn’t taking to village life I see. *Snort*

The silver thing going on in Home Farm looks nice. I won’t lie. I love me some silver and black.

“If you push him further he will crack.” – Graham

The Doctor  

Is it normal to live in a pub in the UK? Just asking…for a friend.

Oh boy. Here we go. CHAS. Come on! You have to know how this works! You an a full blown adult!

David’s Grocery

Vanessa knows now. I’m glad she has her sisters back too. Tracy deserves all the love right now.

Oh boy. Going to court over this jerk off. *JUSTICE FOR TRACY*

Shut up David. You freaking suck. You are cancelled.

I wish Tracy would stop crying. Comfort her you jerk! Tracy needs all the hugs in the world right now.

Joe vs Robert is starting! LET US BEGIN!

“Yes Richard I do.” “It’s Robert!” *You two should know each other. You two are related…in general.*

He is starting with Robert already. *snort*

The Kings

Rodney is back! Hey Rodney! What’s up with the jacket?

“Burning Rod” doesn’t sound any better Rodney! Oh god. I wonder if he has been tested in awhile. EEK.

Oh Nicola. You come from interesting stock.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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