Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 21, 2018

Welcome to the preshow!

I’m ready for today’s episode! Are you?

Let’s crack on!

Oh. I love sweet potato fries! Just a little fact about me. How exciting for you.

David’s Grocery

I noticed how they have changed Tracy and how she is dressing since this story started. Interesting on their part.

Well, at least Liv didn’t wish him dead this time.

I’m going to say, “Aaron is a monkeys butt” a lot. Whew. Aaron. That was just…mean. You could have been nicer. Friendly. You promised to be his friend. Mind game player.

I love Tracy’s jacket. I have one like it. Wow. Thanks for noticing David. Your wife is being blackmailed. God I want to protect Tracy. *pulls out bubble wrap jacket*

Crap. Pete. Maybe David can save her.

The Bartons

Why is Ross being mean to the police? For once they are trying to help you!

I mean, I get it too. Ross wants to take care of this himself.

Ross is going to hide out. Poor guy. I get it. The staring. The staring has to be hard.

Awwww! Rhona and Pete. I really like them. Can we see more of them please. Be nice to Rhona Ross. She just wants to help. *sigh*

He reminds me of Phantom of the Opera. PHANTOM OF THE EMMERDALE! *Sing it like in the musical* I shouldn’t be making light of this. Sorry.

Moses still loves you. He just needs to get used to you. That’s all. He is a baby.

The Pub Crew

Too much Chas.

Enjoy your night at The Mill Alex. You are out of here by tomorrow.

Everyone being nice to Lachlan is still annoying. He sexually assaulted Alicia, shot at Lawrence and tried to set up a Sugden…that alone….should make him a pariah.

Aaron won’t even help him move his stuff in. *SNORT* *True love right there* *Double SNORT*

So, Lachlan is starting a business. A microbrewery with Belle? Ok then?

Bernice’s Beauty Shop

The Sugden Sibling Power!

Bernice = devil on his shoulder and Victoria = the angel (tough love versus soft touch) The Sugdens need to hang out some more. Talk.

I mean, Bernice isn’t wrong. Aaron has shown time and time again that he doesn’t want Robert so why should Robert mope around? Why play Aarons unintentional game?

“No. Me and Doug!” – Robert *SNORT*

UGH. MY HEART. MY HEART. Victoria being protective. Welcome back Victoria!

“Aaron doesn’t love you. Get yourself out there with someone that does.” – Bernice to Robert *OUCH but she has a point. Aaron has been giving mixed signals. HE CAN’T KEEP DOING THAT. Not without consequences.*

He looks devastated. My heart. He is going to cry.

Thank you, Victoria. Rebecca and Robert weren’t anything. Rebecca is pathetic and took advantage of a drunk guy. Plain and simple.

Hendrey Hotel

Tracy. Please don’t go! Please! Tell David and your dad. Please!

Punch him in the face Tracy. Don’t this. Please. *sad face*

Tracy has to get drunk. My girl. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

I’m taking a shower after the episode but if I wasn’t…I’d need to now. EWWWW. This guy is just…EWWWWWWWWW.

Tracy knows about condoms. You should tell Chas and Rebecca about them too.

There’s my girl. Lock him up. YES. THAT’S MY GIRL. *CHEERS*

Oh no. David. Not as it looks.

HEY DAVID. ASSHOLE. YOU CHEATED ON TRACY. You better listen to her. What he has done to her.

Tracy. Tell him everything that has been going on. Please.

David. Don’t yell. DON’T YELL. Back up boy. BACK UP.


The Mill

Gabby. Apologize and then move on. Liv shouldn’t get over this quickly. Oh. HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE DRINKING.

*snore* Alex is gone after tomorrow.

Aaron moving Alex in on the wedding anniversary. *Monkey Butt strikes again*

Aaron is going to have to work his ass off tomorrow to get Robert back.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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