Emmerdale Live and Organzied – February 19, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! Well, we did it. We have made it to reunion week. We also made it to club week with Robert and his girl clique and I cannot wait. I’m slightly (tiny bit) excited about seeing Kerry, Robert, Vanessa, Pryia, Bernice and Victoria out at this club. I’m going to need him to keep his friendship with Vanessa going for a long time. My dream of Robert having friends is coming true and I will hold onto that.

Anyway, we have to get through a lot of sadness before we get what we want. We can do this together. We got this.

Let’s crack on!

I ship and have head canons for the McCain ad people in the beginning of each episode. Also, the spray tan machine one makes me think the writers stole that from the McCain ad people. Just saying. #FollowtheBunny

The Mill

Awwww. Poor Gerry. Gerry hangs with Liv and could provide some insight. GUYS. Be nice to Gerry.

Did we really need Chas to tell Aaron to do this? That is just dumb. Then again, Chas is dumb. SO FREAKING DUMB. You are 40 years old Chas!!! *ahem* *anyway*

Liv. I’d stay away from Gabby for awhile. Hang with Jacob. He is good people.

I think Aaron needs help. Like…a tall blonde freckled man’s help. Just saying. Robert is part of the family regardless of what others think in fandom. Robert is family. He is Liv’s family. He can help Aaron and Liv.

Davids Grocery

OH GOD. Gabby you freaking suck!  Who does this? Who posts that on the internet?!?!

Looks like David is a Gryffindor.

Gerry is hitting on Tracy now. I adore Gerry. I have a lot of feelings about Gerry. I will write about them someday.

I don’t like Phil. Stay away from Tracy! *gets protective*

Oh god. Sydney? I guess that was her name back in the day. *Gives Tracy a bubble wrap blanket too*

Who cares if Tracy was a hooker. That is her past to tell whomever she wants to. What does he want with her now?


Ah, David went to the same school as Alex. You use the back of your hand only.

Tracy. You are a strong woman. I wish you knew that.

Also, David has a secret that is MUCH more damaging than Tracy’s.

The Café Crew

“Isn’t skank a good word now? Like sick?” – Pearl *OH PEARL. I love you.*

Awwww, Sandy gets a goodbye party after all.

The Hospital

Oh Ross. Honey. *PETS HIS HEAD*

Ross is now in depression. He was rage and denial now we are in depression.

Oh god. Did the burns get worse?!?!

OH BOY. Pete. He doesn’t mean that. He doesn’t. He is just upset. You two are the last Bartons. Got to stick together. *Moses too*

Oh good. Pete didn’t take it personally.

Keepers Cottage

So, she remembers Seb this time. Ok then. I’m trying to gauge how bad her brain injury is.

*Falls asleep*

Robert looks good. *soon my darling. SOON* *That sounds wrong. I mean for the reunion with his scruffy bunny* *SOOON*


Jacob. My darling. I love you. Alicia did a great job with you.

WHEW. I love this. Gabby needs to have her ass handed to her today.

Right. Gabby. You should be saying sorry to Liv. Be better Gabby.

Jacob and Liv for Best Friends Forever 2018!

 The Pub Crew

SANDY! I am going to miss him, but I hope the actor has a great retirement.

Awww! Sandy had a happy ending. That is all I wanted for him.

Gabby acting like the victim. I see she got lessons from Rebecca. *I’ll stop. I swear*

I wish Rishi was there. Rishi hung out with Sandy too. Where is the Sharma family anyway?

HA! He called Charity old. Love him.

I still need to be sold on Vanity. I’m hoping this Thursday changes that.

Oh goodie. Liv is drinking out in public now. SERIOUSLY. This is a big problem. Why is no one talking about it? They should have talked about it when she STOLE ROBERTS CAR WHILE DRINKING.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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