Playing Devil’s Advocate: Reunion Edition (Part Five)


That’s right! Another devil’s advocate before one of the most anticipated weeks in fandom.  This is a different type of devil’s advocate though. This is going to be a fun devil’s advocate. With the all the social media countdowns, pictures, offhand comments and general fan merriment it has been a fun time to be in the Emmerdale fandom. If you are a Robron, Vanity or Coira fan at least. It is not a great month for the antis. You had a whole year my dears. It is our turn now.

With that said, I will be looking at two popular speculations about the reunion and arguing if it could happen or not.  The third one is more personal and doesn’t have Robert or Aaron involved. Don’t forget to read to the end. I give my opinion on where I fall in all speculation and what I hope to see in the future.

So, let’s crack on!

Speculation #1: Aaron Gets the DJ to Play their song in the club to get Roberts attention. (The Big Gesture)

I feel this speculation is on the nose and doesn’t need explanation.

Why This Will Happen

Aaron knows he must make a big gesture to counteract all the harm he has started this week. To do that Aaron would have to do something to get Robert’s attention. Playing their song in a crowd, Aarons own version of ‘Going in there and saying it loud.’  It might not even be with the DJ; it could be Aaron jumping on the mike or even walking up to ‘Aaron Dingle Lite Mike’ and causing a scene just like Robert did with Alex the first time he saw them together. Aaron will have to pull out the big guns to get Robert’s attention to even talk to him.

Why This Won’t Happen

Aaron is not the romantic type. He is romantic in small ways. Keeping a watch. Wanting the Vegas coin engraved.  Taking Roberts underwear to prison. He is a quiet romantic. Big gestures, even in this scenario would not be on Aarons radar. Aaron is quiet. He will try and get Robert on his own. Talk to him. Try and convince him in his own way. Maybe wear the watch. Bring the watch with him. Maybe he has been holding onto their wedding picture on his phone. It is the simple, quiet things that make Aaron a romantic.

Speculation #2:  This is all on Aaron now.

Since Aaron has been the one sending mixed messages, trying to kiss Robert, pushing Robert away, doing what he does on their wedding anniversary, the getting back together part has to be on Aaron.

Why This Will Happen

Robert has been in the forefront for the past year. He has been grasping and trying to get Aaron back only to realize that at Christmas, he needed to let him go and just learn to be friends. Robert has taken off his ring and moved on. He is confident that they don’t have a chance and that he will have to learn to be his friend. Now that Aaron has confused Robert, it is up to him to do the work to get Robert back into the fold. Aaron has to put in the work to convince Robert that he loves him and wants him back. Robert did his part and now it’s up to Aaron to do his.

Why This Won’t Happen

No matter what, Robert and Aaron follow a pattern. Aaron will only go so far before Robert takes over and runs them both to the finish line. They both might have grown up and changed a lot in the past year, but sometimes certain things never change. Aaron will only go so far before Robert figures things out on his on and pushes them both to the finish line. That finish line being a couple again. I noticed it sounded dirtier than indeed. Finish line equals being a couple again. Unless you want it to sound dirty, go right ahead!

Speculation #3: Ross and Victoria find comfort in each other.

Victoria is stressed out. She lost Adam, is taking care of Rebecca and is just in a holding pattern.  Ross is upset because his life has been turned upside down since the acid attack.  Both were already dancing around each other, and soon they will confide in each other. Make each other feel a bit better. Become proper friends (Ross finally makes friends with a woman first), and then they develop into something more.

Why This Could Happen

The show was chemistry testing them and have passed what I call, “The Joey Principle” aka their real-life relationship doesn’t affect the chemistry on screen between their characters.  It has been a long time since Ross and Victoria have been in a relationship that would have to be built up over time.  It would be different for the characters (working through pervious issues, figuring out new issues and going forward) and they can comfort each other. Keep the Barton/Sugden line going after all. (Much to Robert’s horror).

Why This Couldn’t Happen

They have been tested before, and nothing came of it. The show might have used them as a way to talk about Adam and giving more of a point of view to Victoria as they slowly focused back on Adam. Those two always seem like ships in the night. Always passing but never connecting.  Ross might still be connected to Debbie. Victoria might be stuck in White Drama land for a bit longer. Those two might just never cross.

Final Thoughts

I have seen so much speculation for the reunion and beyond. It makes me happy to see so many happy about the future after spending the last year in pain, fighting with each other and sadness.  This is the kind of speculation that I adore. Happy and fluffy speculation is good for the soul. Yes, we might be building up hopes a little too high, but I feel like its ok to do that right now. The episodes were written by Maxine, and she never disappoints.

So, here is where I stand on Robert and Aaron reunion and beyond.  I think it’s up to Aaron to make Robert realize that he does love him, want him and need him.  After the past week and a half that will take a lot for Robert to think Aaron even cares about him.  Robert felt something shift with that Valentines Day and tried to get Aaron to talk about it.  All the hope curded the minute Aaron played a few mind games with him. Aaron didn’t do it on purpose, but he did it, and now Robert is going to push away a lot easier than before. It is up to Aaron to get Robert back into the fold. However, once Robert is back and believes Aaron wants, loves, and needs him again, Robert should be meeting Aaron halfway. They both got to meet in the middle this time around.  Be better than the last run of their relationship. Well, try and be better for a soap couple. Be each other’s best friends and push forward together. Become that family with Liv and Seb that we all wanted to see before (I know Seb is still a point of contention for some).  Aaron and Robert have come back to each other (its been a year) and they will never look back.

As for Victoria and Ross. I’m such a huge fan of this possible couple. That’s why I threw them in there at the end. Get the conversation going about them.  I feel like they were testing them out earlier in the year to see how they would play and they got some attention. I’d love it if they both became friends and supported each other. It would be a breath of fresh air for Victoria and give Ross someone else to play against. Debbie and Ross are played out. Time to give Ross and Victoria someone new to play with. I say, viva Roctoria! (I know for a fact that one person just shuttered reading that ship name. Sorry Justine!).


I sincerely think this week will have high highs and low lows. It will address many issues left over and give us a new starting point for Robert and Aaron. Also, give us a better place to start with Vanessa and Charity as well.  What do you think? What are your speculations? Share with me below or visit me on Tumblr @AmandaJ718! Don’t forget to check out some of the other devil’s advocates I have written in the past. It is good for a laugh or two. Until next time, I will see you around in Emmerdale!

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