Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 16, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! Next week! Next week we are clubbing towards romance! Robron romance. *makes a fangirl noise heard in other states*

Let’s crack on!

More upsetting scenes. I guess Cain. Again. What is a gastro pub? It looks like steak fries. *runs to google*

The Hospital


I feel so bad for him.  Mike is doing a great job here.

Moses still takes after you. Acid doesn’t change that. *this is breaking my heart. To see Ross so…

WHOA. OUCH. OOUUUUCCCH. Oh my god. That looks terrible!

Awwww! Moses is looking adorable!

Oh no. OH NO. Moses! Oh no. OOOHHH NOOO. *hides my face*

The Mill

Liv got a proper birthday. That’s nice! *I’m warming back up to Liv. I’m worried about her.*

Just say no to Paddy and Chas.

Why did Chas tell Aaron that? It is none of his business. He didn’t pick Robert. *I know he did technically but yeah….YEAH* Also, PLOT PLOT PLOT *SING WITH ME!*

Gabby is going to do something stupid. I feel it.

Wow. That is a lot of makeup for Liv. She looks beautiful no matter what.

I seriously was joking about him killing someone and now it has happened, and Aaron couldn’t care less. Chas is picking up on it.

Gerry and Bernice! Menopause! *SNORT* Oh Gerry. My dear.


Liv. Oh god. What a terrible Sweet Sixteen. I’m embarrassed for her. *BIG HUGS*


Oh Gerry. Hitting on Bernice now? *SNORT*

Would someone date Gerry! Someone? Anyone? Someone give some love to Gerry!

David’s Grocery

Awwww. Jacob is adorable.

Stop drinking you two. GEEZ.

I want Faith’s jacket in my life right now. SERIOUSLY.

Is Eric going to blame Faith? Seriously? Oh god. Miscommunication. A soap staple of awesome! *wink*

I don’t like this guy at all. I’m very protective of Tracy and this guy…sigh. I want to protect her. I’m happy she has a storyline though.

Eric’s House

*HUGE SNORT* Don’t step on the pig’s mess there Eric!

OH MY GOD! Perfect. The Dingles left a mess anyway. That’s how I clean when I’m in a rush and someone is coming over. So, I get it.

The Thomas Family

Laurel and Arthur joining forces to get Sandy to live his life. I love the family love.

I just learned from Justine that “Sandy” is 90 years old in real life? DAMN. You looks amazing!

Sandy chasing her with his suitcase on the scooter! THAT WAS ADORABLE. That is my favorite Sandy moment this week!

I don’t trust Gabby right now. She is up to something. *EEK*

Oh no. He missed her. Wait! AWWWWW! Bye Sandy! Have one hell of a retirement! *waves!* *has a bite of cake*

The Pub Crew

Noah. Honey. I love you. I get wanting to know your brother. Even if its Joe Tate. I love Joe. So….I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Here is a thought. Is Charly leaving the show? Is this her goodbye story for now?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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