Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 15, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! Well, yesterday was beyond awesome on many levels. I am in love. Now, I wait for next Thursday. I am NOT into Robert getting his heart broken by Aaron (even temporary). I think Alex is a bunny boiler. Sigh.

Almost there. ALMOST THERE.

Just got to get through stupid to get to the good.

Let’s crack on!

Violence? Must be Cain and Debbie related. *eye roll* BOOO!

David’s Grocery

Charity has gone away? Ok then? Vacation time for Emma?

Oh. Tracy got flowers from someone? Eek?

Jacob isn’t the problem. Put the fangs away.

Robert has the right to be confused right now. I’d be freaking confused if my ex who claimed was over me and screwing someone else was flirting with me all night. Trying to kiss me. So, yeah…ROBERT IS ALLOWED TO BE CONFUSED.


Much like Emily, Steven can’t act either. OH. WAIT. Plot Device Acting School. THEY ARE ACUTALLY GENIUS AT WHAT THEY DO…IN PLOT DEVICE SCHOOL. *sorry not sorry*


Gabby is trying and I love her for that.

Are lilies for funerals only? I’m not sure about that. *does research on flowers*

David. Shove it. Oh. You just realized that Tracy feels off about Phil? Seriously?

The Thomas Family

Sandy. My darling. I will miss you the most. Go enjoy your retirement. *Thumbs up* We all know that isn’t true. You are going to have some fun in the sun.

Moira’s Farm

Debbie. *EYE ROLL*

AWWWW! Some Cain and Isaac action.

The Café Crew

Sandy is adorable. More obvious statements to come. *wink* Sandy! Go with her! Have some fun. Adventure.

Is Faith just randomly standing around to talk to people in the café? *SNORT*

Gabby is handling this better than Adam did with Aaron. Good for her. I have a little bit of respect for her now. Um. Ok. A little respect. I think Liv doesn’t know and that is ok. At her age it is ok.

Tracy. I LOVE that my girl Tracy has a storyline! *HIGH FIVE*

The Hospital

Ross. Its ok. This is part of the grieving process. I’m giving him a pass on this. I understand feeling angry too. I’m angry for him.

I could give a flying frack about Debbie. Show me Ross struggling. Give me more Ross figuring himself out. Dross should die. DIE DROSS DIE. Give me Ross. Give me Ross and Victoria. Give me something with passion. Debbie fucking sucks. *GIVE ME ROSS AND VICTORIA YOU COWARDS*

Ross. ROSS. Honey. Baby. *PULLS OUT A NEW ROSS BUBBLE WRAP BLANKET* We are going to need this going forward. Mike is going a great job. I like when Ross isn’t an asshole full time. There are emotions under that smarmy exterior.

Debbie? BOO! Freaking hate this character. Yes. We know. She feels guilty. WE GET IT SHOW.

Oh Ross. Don’t apologize to her of all people. Ross. You have a long road ahead of you. God. Screw you show for making me care about Ross.

Ross is just bouncing around the stages of grief like a ping pong ball. I want to just hug him and let him cry or take him to a gym and punch a bag or two. I feel for Ross. *Screw you show* *Making me feel things for people* *HOW DARE YOU!* *Wink*

The Mill

God damnit. Quit being an asshole Aaron. God. YOU STARTED THIS.

See?!?! Look how far my baby has come! *cries a little* I’m so proud of Robert. He wouldn’t have handled that the same a year ago.

It all comes down to choices. I’ve been screaming about this for months now. I even put it in my fanfiction. ITS ALL ON AARON AND ITS HIS CHOICES.

Aaron. You need to make the choice and I freaking know the choice won’t be right the first time around. Which breaks me for Roberts sake. Also, Robert should be giving him hell next Thursday. I better see that. Make Aaron work for it a bit.

God. I’m falling asleep. Alex/Steven are boring as fuck. *SNORE*

Aaron is only keeping Alex around because he feels bad for him. Can’t dump someone who killed another person. Again. Should I repeat this? Aaron only dated him because of Liv and Chas. Only made the meal for him because of Liv and now he feels bad for him, so he gets to stay. NONE OF AARONS REAL CHOICES. CHOICES YOU PEOPLE. CHOICES.


Liv. Talk to someone. Jacob isn’t bad to talk to. Gabby isn’t either, but I know she is confused.

Awwww, he got her a card. Very sweet Jacob. Liv is a bit confused right now though. Nothing to do with you. Its Liv figuring out herself and it can be a beautiful, heartbreaking, and sweet journey. If Emmerdale does it right.

Gerry bashing by Jacob is making me laugh my ass off right now.

Here we go. Asexual storyline ahoy! Jacob is sweet. Letting her figure things out.  OH BOY> Gabby. Seriously. Not what it looks like.

Cain/Drug Dealer Simon

I am adding this section during the break between episodes. I don’t have much to say other than…this wasn’t needed. Cain. Let Debbie hang for her choices in life. Let her learn.  I hope Moira doesn’t find out. They just got back together. Let’s not be this way show. I have faith in you show. Be better than this storyline.

He no rat. *Goodfellas theme plays in the background*

Wouldn’t acid eat through plastic? Right. I was right. Look at me and my public school education. I’m smart. Simon is not.

Yeah. This will work out just fine. *rolls eyes*

The Pub Crew

Robert has so much hope because of how Aaron is acting and what he is saying. His smile. He little ‘Seb’ wiggle as he talks about Aaron.

*GRABS A HUGE BUBBLE WRAP BLANKET* Aaron sucks monkey butt.

I don’t want to see Robert’s heart broken again. I don’t at all. It is making me angry now. I know in a week Aaron will finally stop being such an a-hole but until then…my boy is hurting.

Dottie is adorable. Getting so big on us! *giggles* *babies* *adorable*

OH no. Gabby. Its not what it looks like! Seriously.

Yeah sure. Aaron is now cold again to Robert. I swear. Not the way to handle any of this Aaron. You suck. SUCK. MONKEY. BUTT.

Is Paddy…Team Robert? WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! What is happening? I’m so confused and scared. Someone needs to come pick me up!

Oh god. Geez. Stop crying and screaming all the freaking time Debbie. YOU JUST SUCK. ADMIT THE SUCKAGE. YOU ARE SUCKING MY PATIENCE OUT OF MY BODY RIGHT NOW. *that was dirty* *sorry*

I’m so sick of her. SO SICK OF DEBBIE DINGLE.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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