Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 13, 2018

Welcome to the preshow!

HAPPY GALENTINES DAY!  What is Galentines Day?


First, I wish all my buddies, friends and soul sisters a great day. Buy yourself candy, enjoy a good television show or movie and enjoy the day on your own terms. Its ok to put yourself first. Its ok to love yourself on this, the day of Galentines!

Next, I would like to apologize for writing, “suck it” yesterday on the live and organized review. It was in the moment and thinking back it wasn’t very nice. I was just excited that Seb was adorable and so was Daddy Fluffy (I got that from a fanfiction that I can’t remember who wrote it now, but it stuck with me).  So, I apologize if I upset people. Wasn’t my intention at all. Just overexcited.

Lastly, I hope all the American fans out there pick up Soap Opera Digest this week. WHY? Our lovely little show Emmerdale has a feature article in the current issue. This is just all types of awesome.

So, with that said…

Let’s crack on!


Bob was looking over finances. Wonder why? That or the café finances? I couldn’t tell.

Eek. Twins. Baby Twins. It might happen. Your parents might split again. EEK.

The Hospital

Ross is hitting on the nurse. Good to see Ross hasn’t changed too much. *wink*

I’m kind of happy that Pete and Ross seem to be getting close again. The Bartons are like The Sugdens. Not much of them left so they got to cherish who they have. Sibling pride and all that.

Debbie hasn’t shown up because Debbie is guilty as sin.

The Café Crew

Bob has disappeared? Huh. That’s not an answer BOB! You have to either come clean and fix things or that’s it. That is Bobs choice. Sigh. Running isn’t a choice.

The clock is ticking Dr. Flat Butt. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.

Liv’s story starts tomorrow. HERE WE GO.

Bob. YOU SUCK MONKEY BUTT. Right now you need to be alone. All of you.


Was Bob at a motel? What? HUH.

The Thomas Family

Sandy is like me. Let’s get drunk. *WOOO HOOO* *Not really* *I don’t drink much*

Sandy is smitten. AWWWWW!

Oh. Ok. Sandy. Be nice. Please be nice. Awwwww. *that is a sad awwww*

I’m with Lydia. Try and be nice Sandy. HEY. Lydia isn’t a weirdo.

Awwww! Sandy feels like he isn’t good enough for her! *another sad awwwww*

I think Laurel is still grieving. Lonely and grieving. Ashley was everything for so long and now he is gone. It hurts.

OH. Hey Bob. What’s up? Where are you going?

I feel like the Robron story was handled a lot better than the Laurel/Bob/Brenda story. We got a good in depth look at Robert and what was going on in his head and developing from that. This story is just…there. Happening. Quick? Maybe too quick?

“You can’t keep running away from your problems Bob!” – Laurel *TRUTH*

Maybe Bob needs to be alone. For once in his life.

I like this conversation. Its bringing up a lot of things fans were complaining about. Smart on their part.

David’s Grocery

Lydia is playing matchmaker for Sandy. How adorable! Lydia is a queen. *BOW DOWN*

Lydia took Sandys mean comment as a sign he likes her. AWWWWWW!

The Pub Crew

I feel like Kyle is always getting the short end of the stick here. Debbie is the favorite and Kyle is more like….yeah…he is here. Somewhere. In the wall or attic. *snort*

No Pete. She won’t go. Debbie is an ass.

ANVIL Beer. Still love that. Soaps love ANVILS.

Sandy got a date!

The Mill

Awwww! They were joking about Seb wanting a beer. Adorable.



Alex is an asshole. God. What a little bitch. Where you holding onto the festival stuff to throw it in Roberts’ face? You stole Roberts idea and words back then.  BACK TO THE PLOT DEVICE SHELF WITH YOU! *You do not pass go and you do not collect 200 dollars*

By the way…Alex turned real quick. *BUNNY BOILER* *Just saying* *Wink*

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. Dr. Flat Butt is jealous of Robert. As he should. True love can be annoying to people that are the third wheel. Much like Alex.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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