Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 9, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! So…that one preview…

Let’s crack on!

I don’t care about Phelan. He needs to be stopped because he is ruining Corrie. Well…someone is ruining Corrie…ANWYAY…

The Hospital

God. Poor Ross. He has so much to deal with once he wakes up.

Joe is pissed that someone hurt his boyfriend! *love it*

Good. The operation worked.

Joe and Graham walking in the background felt so ominous. Like…FBI agents or something.

Stop yelling at your boyfriend Ross! Joe is worried for you. Seeing a new side of Joe. He is a lot like other hard ass characters. Always a soft underbelly.

I wonder how they are going to do the makeup on him now? Interesting.

Ah. Simon. He mentioned Simon. Here we go.

I love how the cop heard Dingle and made the face all cops in that area make at the name. *SNORT*

No Ross. This is ALL on Debbie. *sigh* *Kill off Dross please*

Some scaring. Well, I expected that. I wonder how much scaring though.


So many doctors not named Alex. We have been blessed on this day.

David’s Grocery

Everyone in this scene is looking great. Loving all the grey and blues!

Yeah. Bob. You got Bob. *makes a face for Laurel*

I think everyone needs to buy bigger jugs of milk. Everyone buys these tiny little jugs. They are forced to come back all the time.

Ah. The memory card is back.

Moira’s Farm

Thanks Cain. Moira is worried about her nephew. I know why he is doing this but still…oh Cain.

“There are a lot of idiots out there.” – Cain “Yeah, and you know all of them!” – Moira *LOVE IT*

If fake Gangster Debbie ruins Coira I will hate her for life.



Oh god. She is stuck now. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

The Thomas Family/Laurel

Awwwww. Ashley is paying us a visit.

I think Laurel is still in pain which is understandable. She lost her husband in the slowest and worst way. Watching someone slowly forget who you are and what you shared is the worst. Believe me. I know.

The Pub Crew

Graham is there for research. Since the Dingles don’t know how to keep their mouths shut in public.

Rabbit pie?!?!? NOOOOOOO! SAY NO TO EATING RABBITS PEOPLE! *I love the rabbits*

Cain in the background. Watching Debbie. The way he is lit. I liked it.

I feel like Robert needs a Graham type too. EVERYONE NEEDS A GRAHAM.

The Café Crew

God. Gabby is a brat. Why do you want to drink so much? Acting out? God. I can’t stand her. Daz doesn’t deserve a little kid doing that to him.

I love this song. *dances in my seat*

Brenda. Honey. Stop playing matchmaker by accident. *makes awkward face*

Liv needs better friends 2018.

GOD. Daz. Honey. NO.


Oh. Harriet is picking up on things.

Bob dancing is the best thing ever. MAKE MANY GIFS MY FRIENDS. I will reblog them all.

Harriet has Laurel’s number.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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