Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 6, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! WHAT CAN I SAY? How do I feel about all the spoilers that came out last night?

Let’s crack on!

Wishing Well

Belle has high tastes. OH. OOOOHHH. Lachlan is going to want money for Belle. To make Belle happen.

Robert is not her family. YUP. The only connection is Seb and Robert is playing nice so his son has a mother. DO YOU ANONS GET IT YET?

Home Farm

Have you met the kids of Emmerdale? They never go to school.

Graham trying to get rid of him. Whoops. Joe wants him around which is quite sweet.

Noah has had a few dads. Poor guy.

OH. Did he hire hookers? Did Joe hire hookers?!?! Party planners? Waitresses? Business end of Call Girl Incorporated? *shrug*

Awwww. Joe wants to hang out with Noah. Cute.

HOW DID SHE GET INTO HOME FARM?!?! Where did she get a coat? I’m so confused. Whatever. *laughs*

I would have screamed and run out the door but sure….walking up and hugging is an option too. *shrug*

Robert and Joe scene! First one, right? NICE.

It’s LILY! Lily got a little bigger. *Little Cutie*

WAIT. Now she remembers again? Excuse me bitch? You were stealing him too. God. Take some fucking responsibility in your fucking tiny life you idiot.

So, she has short term memory loss. Time to kill her. *Points to Lachlan* Put her out of her misery Lachlan. We know you can do it!

The Café Crew

Sandy doesn’t want to be part of this conversation. I don’t blame you.

Harriet is mad at herself. HA. Knew it. Time to rebuild Harriet. You got this. Rebuild yourself away from the past.

Oh. Look a reunion of 2015! Debbie, Ross and Pete.

A tourist attraction? Ashley? #TogaVicar *MAKE IT TREND!*

I don’t know how I feel about this new guy. *looks at him suspiciously*

Everyone showed up to back Harriet. LOVE IT. Community love. THEY MADE A LIST TOO! Awwwww! *warm hugs all around!*

Since Graham knows Ross is a secret agent he needs to bring Jimmy back in.

The Kings

Mr. Spludge. You and Jan Brady are the same. GEORGE GLASS and MR. SPLUDGE.  *SNORT*

Nicola knows her husband. Its so sweet actually.

“My body is my temple!” “OH GOD YOU ARE SICK!” –  Jimmy and Nicola. *LOVE THEM*

David’s Grocery

Faith is looking awesome as per usual.

OH. Faith doesn’t know they are living there! HA!


Magic Seb! Walking the baby! If you read my fanfiction I’m a happy girl right now.

Don’t worry Seb. Your other dad is on his way. He is getting there. I swear! *does a dance about the spoilers again* *waits for angry anons and/or comments*

The Church

YOU TAKE THAT BACK ABOUT ASHLEY AND HIS WINDOW! I adore that window. Its perfect on so many levels.

The Hospital

Not at all creepy there Lachlan. Just hanging out there while she sleeps?

Do you know why I think Emily blinks so much? She might be hyperaware of her movements when she is ‘acting’. So, she overdoes her movements. Its distracting and amateur hour.

Wait. WHAT? Did she forget more while she slept? What?

So, we are back to the attic? Ok? *shrug* No. She was talking about the car ride yesterday. This is confusing.

Thomas is like up here *makes motion to the top of my head* and Emily is down here *makes motion to my feet. Thomas is carrying these scenes. He can’t do that forever. Reminds me of when Ryan had to carry her too. Louise did too.

KNEW HE WOULD BLAME ROBERT IN SOME WAY. Knew it. All the Whites have done it since the beginning of time.

Yes. Lachlan is SO trustworthy. *SNORT* *Hello creepy Lachlan. Glad you are back*

“From now on. I am your memory.” – Lachlan *God that was creepy*

So, one minute she fears him and the next she trusts him? Ok. Whatever moves the plot forward. *wishes it was next week*

Lachlan controls her now. Not that its difficult.

If only she was gone for good. How could she have gotten out? Seriously, I’ve been in and out of hospitals this year and no way could that happen. *Repeat to myself…just a soap*

Sigh. He didn’t kill your family. Seb is staying with Robert. Lachlan would kill him.

Are we sure she had a brain to begin with guys? *Admit it. It’s a fair question.*

Brain damage. I still think Lachlan will use this against her and to get at Robert and Seb.

The Pub Crew

Poor Noah. He just wants to hang out with his big brother.

Does Charity not know Noah’s age? Poor kid.

Also, don’t mention the call girls Noah! Geez.

Thanks for the rundown for us newbies! *I’m glad Wikipedia was right*

Oh god. The Dingles had moved into Eric’s and never wanted to say.

Wow. They lost the appeal. Now what?

Joe is just hanging out in the pub now? LOVE IT. I’m a Joe fan. He is terrible but has a soft side. I need Joe and Robert to hang. Talk family. Since they are sort of family. Kind of. I’m not sure.

Welcome to Emmerdale Joe. It’s a tight-knit village. Everyone knows everything and backs people when things go wrong. Mostly the Dingles. They need to build up families other than The Dingles. There are too many of them.

Joe has a slight American accent under the British.

This plan of Debbies won’t work. Her plans never work. Gangster Debbie. Doesn’t work for me.

The Barton’s Place

Ross is a McCain ad right now. In 2013 Emmerdale, this was where Andy lived. I wonder how Ross and the other Barton’s moved in there.

I spend 200 dollars on my hair. Then again that includes making me blonde, cutting it and then styling at Red Door. *I’m spoiled*

General Odds and Ends

I never knew Cain even knew Rebecca’s name. Weird. Why would Ross know anything? Stop teasing the theory people show! Its not cool. Also Graham knows Ross is on the take.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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