Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 5, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! SO MANY THINGS HAPPENING! So much. SO MUCH. I am very excited for what is coming. For once the social media team seems to understand how to build (the hashtag #Faburary is a bit…much….but that is for a reason that I’m not privy to) and it is because they are selling Robron on there. The excitement is already there. They just need to feed it. Make the excitement grow. Keep the excitement of fandom as a pet.

I’m getting off track. So, lots to come. We are so close to some interesting content with Robert and Aaron. Don’t let the negative people get you down. Stay in your lane of happiness for the future and all will be well.

Let’s crack on!

Are two of the writers in the McCain ads dating? Why do I have head canons for the writers in the ads?

Eric’s House

Oh. Wow. The Dingles now own Eric’s house. The pigs live there now. ERIC WILL HATE THIS. *SNORT*

“All people care about is money.” – Lachlan *odd comment for him*

Lachlan is trying so hard to be part of the Dingles. Its fascinating. He is guilty, but creepy. He is so conflicted as character its interesting to watch.

Lachlan just had an internal freak out. *SNORT*

The Café Crew

Daz is the coffee whisperer.

Noah just chilling with his earphones. Hoping for hot chocolate. Adorable.

I LOVE Moria’s look today. She looks so cute.

Cain goes right to Charity. LOVE IT.

Charity is going to have to set up a lot of clubs for her ex-boyfriends/girlfriends.

Oh Harriet. Sweetie. You mourn but move on. Cain was never yours to begin with. I see something better for you. I want someone better for you. I want you to be better for yourself. *BIG HUGS*

The Hospital

I’m shocked no one called Lachlan or Robert before they got there. Odd.

So, nothing has changed? *SNORT*

Roberts guilt over something he didn’t cause….wow. Lachlan was always going to do that to his family in that car. He was so mad. If anything, he saved Seb.

Robert is being the adult here. No one else wants to be. Lachlan is trying to figure out ways to hide things. Lots of things.

OH GOD. Emily. Chill. You can’t act. We know. Its painfully obvious right now.


Do you know what is weird? She remembers the car and being mad at Robert. She remembers the move but doesn’t remember she didn’t have Seb? Odd.

Why is she breathing like that? Its distracting.

Oh no. What will Lachlan do? *shrugs*

Thomas is awesome. I love Thomas.

The Kings

I’m worried about Jimmy. Also, Nicola needs Jimmy’s job. She is better at it.

I’m shocked she didn’t call Alex.

Oh. Jimmy! Don’t lie to Nicola. She does love you.

Home Farm

“He is a braver man than I for marrying Nicola.” – Joe Tate *LOVE IT*

Ah, a TV and Noah.

Nothing is smarter than Graham, JOE! GEEZ. How dare you! *wink*


Harriet is talking to Edna! AWWWWWW! I love her for that.

Harriet. It will be ok. I swear.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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