Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 2, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! I’m writing is 10 minutes before the episode. This will be short. I’m excited, speculating all over the place and I can’t be negative right now. There is too much coming to be negative. Only positive.

Let’s crack on!


This is going to make the theory people crazy. Like SUPER crazy. I think they know this.

Lachlan is trying to figure out how to handle all of this. How to hide everything. AH, Will time. I wonder who was cut out.

Wishing Well

Lisa being salty makes my life fun. I adore Lisa.

Nicola does have nerve. Why doesn’t she want the estate managers job? She is better for it than Jimmy?

The Café Crew

Robert is talking to people in the village! YAY! Everyone is mixing well lately.

Babies in the house! *Smile*

Loving the Coira! Good to see them back.

Awkward. So awkward.

“You should make a beeping sound as you back that up.” – Moira to Cain *love it*

Oh. They are moving Faith in for good!

David’s Grocery

Harriet makes me sad. She is in a bad place.

Also, what happened to Franks storyline? Revenge?

Home Farm

Business Jimmy: Fresh out of the box.

OH. OOOHHHHH. Joe is being a real ass. Graham isn’t comfortable with it either. WOW.


Oh. Hey Noah. Thanks for showing up to Home Farm.

I love that Ross agrees with Noah about school.

Chess with Noah and Joe: Now Available on Hulu.

“You little demon!” – Joe to Noah

Awwww, Graham is left out or doesn’t trust Joe. Both works for me.

Eric’s House (Dingle hideaway)

Will time! Let’s see what went down.

Ronnie was cut out of the will! COLD Lawrence.

Lachlan seems obsessed with being rich.

Ah. Yes. Lachlan. Robert is so evil. SO EVIL. *cackles in the wind* *falls asleep*

Ok so…he doesn’t want Robert to have control of Seb’s money but doesn’t want Rebecca to remember? PICK A LANE LAHCLAN. I think you should pick kill Rebecca. Just my opinion. Don’t have to take it.

I still think Lachlan will try and convince Rebecca Robert is the main cause for the crash. Play up on her hatred of Robert. Start shit. Cause drama. Take Seb from Robert again.

The Pub Crew

Charity. Just do something good to do something good.

“…a big ball of string to play with!” – Cain *LOVE IT* *TELL HER OFF CAIN*

Laurel keeps showing up for Harriet. Do they end up working together soon? Maybe? God. I want Harriet to be in a better place. Poor girl.

Charity and Harriet hanging out is different and new. Mixing. Lots of good mixing of the village. Good. Very good.

God Charity. What else have you done to Cain? Why do I find this really funny? Why do I think Harriet is now in revenge mode?

Oh god! Harriet. Do it! DO IT! NO. NO ROCK. DON’T FOLLOW CHARITY! DON’T!


OH GOD! It was the new Vicars car! DAMN. Don’t you are blame Cain.

The Kings

Nicola isn’t seeing the whole picture.

Did Jimmy run home from work to freak out at his wife?!?! *snort*

Oh god. Is he having a heart attack?!?!

Jimmy remains adorable to me.  I assume he was the heart of the King Family. Hence why he is the King left standing. In a sense.


Lachlan. You are an asshole. Killed your family and blame Robert for it?

Yeah, he is worried…not about Rebecca though. His own ass.

“I’ve changed.” – Robert *Antis will still twist it because Antis aren’t worth anyone’s time now*

The witch is awake because she heard about the money. *SNORT* *Sorry…I’ll be nicer. I swear*

BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK. Emily’s acting has been awoken. Let the blinking begin! *Bangs gavel*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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