Emmerdale Live and Organized – February 1, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! So, we finally reached February. Which is very exciting! Lots to come and I sense a good amount of it will be in our favor as shippers.

I say don’t stress. Don’t worry. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the ride.

Let’s crack on!

You know things are going off when they use the ship name in the teaser. I better hear Robron soon! *wink*

The Café Crew

They are giving Harriet a party to say goodbye? Is she leaving the show or just leaving vicar-hood.

Kerry! My baby has come some far! *high fives*

Faith. The Coira Shipper strikes again! *snaps for her*

Kerry trying to get the gossip is me. Five pounds of sandwich per person?!?!

I want Kerry’s sweater. So cute.

“Get your lips around this one!” – Daz *THANKS FOR THAT IMAGE* *Snort*

Crap. They made Harriet cry! *mean face*

David’s Grocery

Tracy is getting her own full-blown storyline so that makes me very happy. I love Tracy.

David blows chunks. BOOOOO! Not surprising. In 2013 he lead on Pryia and Alicia too.

Hotten Handy Dude freaks me out. He is going to be big problems for Tracy. I think. Speculation only.

Back off Hotten Handy.


Laurel wants Harriet to stick around. Its sweet.

I love that color on Laurel too. *vain moment*


I don’t ship it. No. Not at all. *looks away embarrassed* *Joe and Ross I mean*

“I’m not chasing him around the whole village.” – Joe *SNORT* Joe if you want to get to know your brother? You are going to have to put in the work. Noah is a kid. You are an adult (in age only).

Moira’s Farm

Cain is pissed. Love it. He won’t let her go so easily. Finally.

Isaac agrees with dad. Since when?!?

This American doesn’t know UK geography. So, I’m guessing that is close? *shrug* *help a girl out*

Isaac! He is so freaking cute. Look at him! *Giggles like an idiot*

Faith is working hard to keep her here. I don’t blame her. I want her to stay too.

Where is Hannah? She sucks as a daughter right now.

Thanks for name checking Robert, Moira. Good to know he is mentioned in the Sugden circle now.

Cain is being all open and sweet. Moira. MOIRA. Go to him. He loves you. He loves Isaac. Maybe he will love Kyle someday. *snort*

“We won’t be there.” – Moira *YES YOU WILL*

“I have my own sad life to lead thank you very much.” – Charity

Are they using Charity to help with the Coira reunion? Is Charity the reason they broke up? Cain was screwing her on the side?

“He is like a broken ape in a zoo!” – Charity

I noticed the show is having the women on the show sit down and just talk. Which is a good thing. I noticed my soap in America has been doing that too. Less slapping and drama  and more talking it out.

The Pub Crew

I love how a certain group is watching that table closely. Lydia and Sam. My lovely children! *smile*

Do you know the people in the one corner Laurel? You looked at them. *snort* *extras get to come too!* I want to be an extra on the show so bad. I’d be sitting in the back with my beer and some popcorn.

So far Vanity feels like its all sex and no emotion. I’m still on the fence with them. I want to like them but the show hasn’t given me a good enough reason to support them.

Tracy? Your husband sucks.

Charity is lovely as ever. *eye roll*

“There will be a thousand other Moiras.” – Chas *No. That was a stupid thing to say. Is that what she said to Aaron about Robert? Ew.*

David is trash. Ew David. EWWWWWW.


This Tracy thing is worrying me. This guy is big trouble for her. Whatever he has on her or what he knows her as. Yikes.

Tracy trust your gut!

Debbie! I got his diary! Let’s photocopy it and send it out to the school! *snort*

Chas gives up too easily. Like, she doesn’t want any of her family to be happy like her. Another reason why I want Chas to be pushed down a peg or two. Maybe have Aaron tell her off a bit.

Wishing Well

“Is this about Moira?” – Zak *No. Its about Kyle. SNORT*

Eric is going to come home to all the Dingles chilling in the house.  He will hate that. LOVE IT.

Wow. Cain is being very open with Zak. I love this. He is all emotionally open. Its weird but I love it.

Showing over telling. That might be the theme of the month for a lot of couples…I think. February: Showing not just telling. *calling it now*


Lisa is an angel. Better than me I will tell you all that much.

Also, Jimmy? That’s never an excuse. “I’m just doing my job.” Never an excuse for your actions.


What happened to Debbie’s car service? Is that still a thing? What happened with that?

KILL DROSS DEAD PLEASE. Knock it down. It needs to die a quick death.

Home Farm

Jimmy up at Home Farm? Crazy.

Oh Jimmy. Honey! *Bubble wrap blanket time!*

Well, Ross just got a picture of something.

“There is no room in business for sentimentality.” – Joe Tate

Jimmy is done there. So…now what? How does Robert get involved with Joe?

Do people just walk into Home Farm now? This place needs to be redone.

Joe: The Worker Whisperer

  1. This is how Robert figures in. Haulage being under Joe.


Reese. Is he new?

The Bridge of Destiny

MOIRA. GO TO CAIN. PLEASE. End the suffering.

Is Cain crying? *BIG EYES*

God. Seriously. Do Coira and Robron share everything!


“I love you so much it hurts.” – Moira

LOVE IT. I know some wanted fireworks but I wanted something sweet and that is very much them. Leave the dramatics to Robron.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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