Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 31, 2018

Welcome to the final pre-show of January!


Let’s crack on!

David’s Grocery

Everyone is dressed in black in this scene. There is a funeral coming. Davids. Tracy will kill him.

Tracy’s pissed.

Valentines Day stuff is up at David’s! *wink*

David keeps asking about village gossip which proves to me that David and Tracy just gossip with each other.

New guy. Here we go. Oh. New guy kind of creeps me out.

Why is everyone stealing Robrons lines?

Time to tell the truth David.

Well, never mind. David lied again.

What the hell? Hotten Handy dude is a CREEPER. OH boy.

TRACY HAS A STORYLINE! *celebrate good times come on!*

Moira’s Farm

She is cleaning out Holly’s room. Which is good. Its time.

Faith is the Coira whisperer. Faith: Coira Whisperer ($20 an hour)

Awwww, I think you two will get together tomorrow! (Speculation only!)

They could have left the dark blue for the baby. Then again, light blue might be happier.

Look at our cast photo! *Sorry, its very sweet but I’m tired and bitter right now*

If I heard right tomorrow is a HUGE Coira day.

Things don’t make the person. It’s the happiness they leave behind. Holly left a lot of happiness for Moira. She just can’t see it yet.

Well, Adam deserves an ‘ok’ life. *snort* WHERE THE HELL IS HANNAH?

Setting up for tomorrow I see.

The Pub Crew

Tracy is drinking. Here we go.

“All men are idiots.” – Tracy *truth*

Charity reminding that Tracy is married kind of cracked me up.

OH GOD. More Chas and Paddy shit. I can’t. Its lame. So lame.

“Come home. He will be worried.” – Vanessa “Good!” – Charity *SNORT*


This whole conversation between Rhona and Chas. Something is off about it. Something is WAY off about this conversation. Its nice seeing two woman not fight over a guy but something is way off.

Paddy doesn’t deserve anything. He acts like an asshole most of the time and gets away with it because he is funny with Marlon.

“THE WHOLE FAMILY IS DEAD SO SAD.” (squeaks out happy noise!) *LMAO* Why would Tracy bring up Rebecca the Whites? She never hung out with any of them. EVER. *SNORT*

Paddy still got away with his slut shaming. He should apologize to Rhona. Ok. He kind of apologized. I’ll move on since the show always lets Paddy off easy these days.

I’m still iffy on Vanity. They haven’t shown me enough yet to believe in the ship. *shrug*

The Church

That stained glass window of Ashley is the best thing ever. EVER. Don’t argue with me. Its awesome and I want a version of it for my house. Ok…that’s too far. I want a picture of it for my desktop.

Laurel is now praying about sleeping with Bob? Sure. I mean…its Bob. *shrug*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

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