Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 30, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! So. SO. So much to get excited about! The Robron story is picking up in the weirdest of ways and I LOVE that. We don’t know what is coming and that makes me mad and happy all at once. Also, the Ross storyline coming up looks really good and Liv’s story is starting! Tracy and The Kings have a mini story coming. There is so much going on and it looks good! It won’t be perfect (it is a soap) but so much is coming and we aren’t sure how it will play out! I love that.

I can’t believe I have to write this but here we go. Aaron isn’t around because he doesn’t have a storyline. That is what happens when you give a character everything the fans want. They wanted a better boyfriend? You got Alex. No drama. No story. You wanted him to be in his own house? You got the Mill. No drama. No story. You wanted him to have a steady job? He has his own business. No drama. NO STORY.

Sense a trend? Since he decided to walk away from Robert? He doesn’t have a story right now. So, he won’t be on screen until its time for him to come on back.

“What about Dingle related stuff?” Marlon and Debbie never show up for Dingle nonsense. Why should Aaron have to? There are over 600 freaking Dingles out there in the world. WHERE ARE THEY? Asking that question sounds ridiculous just like thinking Aaron has to be at every Dingle event when we never did. Not even in the past.

Also, putting too much of one character on the show will burn him out. You don’t want a character to burn out on an audience. Let other characters have the spotlight for once. It’s a soap. Not Aarondale. Not Robertdale. Not Robrondale. It’s an ensemble show. Everyone gets their time in the sun.

Sigh. Alright, going back to my positive place where I ‘engage my brain’.

OH. We don’t know how anything plays out so don’t act like it already sucks before you see it. Geez, the fact I had to write that… it’s depressing.

Let’s crack on!


Awwww! Rhona got some. Good for you girl! *SNAPS ALL AROUND*

“This is Peter.” – Rhona to Leo. How formal. *snort*

Rhona is young and single and free. STFU Paddy!


Oh BOY! Here we go. SEE THAT CHAS! *HA* *Bitter bunny*

David’s Grocery

David and Tracy are cute but it’s time to separate them for a little bit. They can always come back together, and I’m convinced they will.

Pryia knows better. At least Tracy is happy for now.

David’s hair is extra high today. That’s how you know if we have six more weeks of winter.

“Secrets always come out in the end.” – Tracy *SHE IS WISE* *I say this all the time* *I adore Tracy*

OH BOY. Tracy. Here we go.


I’m still not sold on Vanity. I’m still waiting for the show to sell this couple to me.

I wish Charity would be nicer to Vanessa. That’s all I want. Vanessa deserves nice. Good for you Vanessa. Make her work for it. She has to do better than being nice once.

The Vet Office

Paddy. How stupid are you today? EVERYONE HAS HAD EVERYONE.

YES! GO RHONA GO RHONA. Tell the little boy off.

Seriously happy Rhona is putting Paddy in his place. Screw you Paddy.

Don’t take Paddy back. Screw Pete for fun. Have some fun Rhona. FUN.

Knew it would be Pete.

Moira’s Farm

Oh. Holly’s room. I understand Moira but its time to bring love and new life into there. As a testament to her life on earth. Move on. Be happy. That’s what Holly would have wanted.

The Pub Crew

“I don’t want to see you get hurt again.” – Paddy *TOO LATE BALDIE*

You don’t do competition? PLEASE CHAS. That’s not true. Cameron ring a bell honey?

“It’s rather me or her.” – Chas *PADDY SHOULD END UP ALONE*

Laurel has terrible timing. I call it soap timing.


I still think Chas and Paddy are freaking annoying. The lovey dovey crap needs to stop with them.

Finally. I wanted to hear a lot from Charity.

Vanessa is laying down the law. I’m still on the fence though.

“You are my girl. I’m your boy.” – Paddy *YOU TWO ARE ADULTS. Stop acting like teenagers*

Paddy doesn’t love her the same. He knew Rhona didn’t want him right now. That’s all. I’m not feeling it. Sorry. *not sorry*

The Café Crew

See? The village is connecting. Mixing. I love that. I know block scheduling makes it hard but I see it coming back now.

I get what Moira is saying. Her daughters body isn’t with her but I know her soul is. Its not in her things either. Its in the memories she keeps of Holly that matter in the end.

Marlon’s Place

Paddy needs to sit down and shut up.

Stop using Leo as an excuse. I hate people who do that. You are jealous Paddy. Plain and simple.

I don’t think Paddy deserves either one and I’m not even a huge fan of Chas right now.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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