The Young and the Restless Live and Organized – January 29, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! I have been doing a live review for the soap Emmerdale for a year now (sort of…its getting close to a year) and I figured I’d try it out with The Young and the Restless. This is just my initial reactions, theories or opinions as I watch live. My opinions are separated by set or family on screen. Depends on how many characters are on screen at a time. So, let’s see how this goes today. Please leave comments below if you enjoyed this.

Let’s crack on!

Does anyone else hum the theme song too? No? Just me. Awesome. I think we need a new opening though. When Michelle Stafford’s legs are still in the opening one needs to change it up. Though, having Stafford back on the show as Phyllis sounds AWESOME. I miss Red. Big Red. Bitchy Red. Anyway…onto something different!

The Club

Hillary going from full blown ‘I have no time for others’ career woman to wanting a baby gave me whiplash. Just saying.

Like you care about family matters now, Billy. You are a true plot device these days. Don’t you have to screw Phyllis on some stairs or something? Go fulfill your comic relief position. Quick. Before Phyllis gets a storyline without you in it.

I love Ashley’s look today. Its all types of awesome.

Yes. Abby. The turkey baster baby.

What does Ashley want with Lily? Good mixing of characters though. I haven’t seen Lily talk to Ashley in a while.

Ashely is trying to get the new people under her wing instead of Victoria? Am I guessing this right? Are we heading towards a Ashley vs Victoria battle in the boardroom? I’m good with that. Abby can stay out of it. Another one I worry she can’t cross the street without sleeping with someone’s boyfriend.

I don’t know if I’d trust Ashley to make a great decision. She is upset and wants revenge. She might regret coming to Newman over her family.  Dina might have to come home to remind them the power of the Abbotts.

I assume Scotts blog is gone or just on the road and no one cares.

Hamilton-Winters Group Offices

She took the assistant job. Wow. Tessa is desperate.

Devon doesn’t want to deal with you. Just put her head down and do your job.

I know what they are doing. They are developing her into something bigger than just a singer. That bodes well for her time here on the show.

I understand Noah’s anger, but he is pushing it. He isn’t an angel either. Oh god. Yes, Devon is the adult in the room. Oh wait….NO. She doesn’t have to tell him. HOW DARE YOU NOAH.

Noah is a butt. I swear. They weren’t making out. They had one kiss.

Tessa is in hell right now. She shouldn’t have stolen the notebook and poem, but the kiss doesn’t need to be explained. It was something they both still need to figure out.

Devon is the adult in this storyline! Good for you!

Oh. Did Tessa not meet Charlie before? Great mixing of characters. Good for you show.

I do love how the family is getting involved in this business. I love seeing the Winters up and back in action. No more Winter Wednesdays.

Tessa is sleeping at work? Oh boy. Didn’t she have any money saved from being paid? Did it go somewhere? Awwww. I feel bad for her. I’m easy people. Have you not understood that yet. All it takes is some sad eyes and music and I’m a goner.

The Ashby’s

Cane is being a bit needy. Give the woman room. You just got back together. Let her figure out her place and feelings a bit more. Its not going to be perfect.

I think Canes Mom needs to make an appearance. General Hospital won’t treat her right…head on over to Genoa City!

Mattie seemed to adjust to Sam but now she isn’t? Ok then. This storyline is obviously a mess because of the switchover but yeah. I’m glad someone is holding Cane accountable. Next? She will ask why he whisper acts. *WHISPER*

Before the fire you weren’t willing to rebuild your family? Ok then. I’m a bit hard on Cane because he annoys me the most. Can’t love them all.

So, Mattie is putting him to sleep now? I think that should be Canes job no matter what. Then again, I think they screwed this part of the story up. Adorable cute Baby Sam and how he fits within this family. It can work very well. The show already proved that many times over but they seemed to run through this plot too fast.

Chelsea and Nick

This handyman stuff going on with Nick is odd. He is a little rich boy. It doesn’t work.

Nick is our resident comic relief for this episode. 10 to 1 he almost breaks the whole building.

God. The building is still standing.

Hey! Magic vent at your service! Is that something that Adam did? Hid money? Is that Chelsea hiding the money?

Love Chelsea’s outfit though. *vain moment*

OH WOW! That is one semester of college in that bathroom vent!

Crimson Lights

I love the Sharon/Chelsea friendship. It screams Adam might be heading home.

Let’s make it really complicated and awkward for Chelsea. *thumbs up*

Why is Hillary just walking around talking to people about her womb? Its like they are looking to chem test friends for her. Hillary has friends. She is awesome thank you very much.

I mean….Chelsea…I love you and all but…sooner or later that part of your life would get out. Might as well own it and turn it into a lesson for people who look up to you as a fashion designer. Always spinning my friend. SPINNING.

Well, I trust Devon to have an adult conversation with Mariah while Noah acts like a child. Ok. Its obvious. I like Devon. Like like Devon. He is a smart cutie. I worry that Noah needs help crossing the street.

This is why Mariah is one of my favorite characters. Other than the snark? She tries. She always strives to be better.

I really love this conversation between Devon and Mariah. Its adult and sweet and maybe Mariah is getting another ally other than Sharon.

“The heart wants what the heart wants.” – Devon

“Damn the consequences. I added that part.” – Mariah

Is Hillary just waiting for people to talk to in Crimson Lights? Just wandering around? *SNORT*

Hillary’s characterization is just all over the place. I thought she was heading in a good direction but now…sigh…I don’t know.

Billy is used to spreading it around. I’m going in hard on Billy today. Damn. I just slapped myself on that one. Yet, I leave it in. *wink*

Did anyone else notice how they changed how Summer got here? She had an affair. Not IVF. I was there.

NO FUCKING PHILLY BABY. Kill me now if they go there with them. *eye roll* I don’t feel bad calling Billy a man whore now. Also, Phyllis having a baby? No. NO. If that is the best they got for them? EEK. Sorry Philly fans. That is bad. Usually the baby shows up after about three storylines with the couple to strengthen them. They just appear for comic relief these days. I don’t count when Phyllis was emotionally cheating on Jack as a storyline either. *Oh boy. Its obvious now how I feel about them. Sorry!*

Newman Tower

Yes Cane. Newman is making lots of moves right now. Better get on that.

Oh. Lily is staying there and lying to Cane. I wonder if this is about the baby or she just needs even more space?

I think you can afford Ashley for Ashley is priceless. You get her smarts wand you get to annoy Jack. A win/win for Victor.

It’s not the first time some autonomy was given to an Abbott there. Not lately but it has happened. *tries to remember*

Is Victor punishing Victoria again? Why does she keep coming back and being loyal when he just cuts her off at the knees? Its getting super old now. SUPER DUPER OLD.


Whew. That ends the first Live and Organized: YR Edition. Tell me below what you think and maybe I’ll try this again! Until next time, see you around in Genoa City.


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