Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 29, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! I don’t have much to say again. Um, I guess I can repeat what I’ve been saying for awhile. Rebecca is a plot device. Everyone’s feelings are valid. Um, what else? It’s almost February! Enjoy the ride people. Good things are coming. Stay positive! ❤

Let’s crack on!

Rugby? Is that rugby? I didn’t know that was televised. They need new adverts. I’m bored of these. BRING BACK THE SCARECROWS OF FUN!

Bernice’s Beauty Shop

The sting is on! Brenda? Honey.

I can’t do confrontation either. Its tough but sometimes it has to be done. Even to the wrong person. No. NO. This will be so embarrassing.


Really Charity? REALLY? People ship them? Seriously?

Tell her off Vanessa! Seriously. Do it.

I know why she is doing this but its just….Vanessa deserves better. SERIOUSLY.

The Café Crew

Bob knowing that Charity is a loon. *SNORT*

Why does everyone find a spilled smoothie funny?!?!

Pete. Smooth. Real smooth. *laughs*

Eek. This is awkward. Laurel is right there. EEK. AWKWARD.

“Maybe you need outside help?” -Bernice

“Yeah. Do you know anyone?” – Bob *LOVE IT*

The Vet

Oh. Pierce mail. Eek.


At least Pete knows his shortcomings. I’ll give them a chance. Give me a minute.

Rhonas reaction to asking out Pete was cute. I’ve done that before only it didn’t end as well for me. Then agan…I’m not as pretty as Rhona. *LOVE ME EVERYONE* *WINK*

David’s Grocery

Awwww. Look at his scarf! Adorable Rishi. Adorable.

Look at Kerrys wig! I like it on her. Cute look.

Tracy just saw a new show to watch in the store. I’d be watching too.

Rishi is just here for the ride. Kind of. He doesn’t know. Its adorable. *snort*

God. This woman is annoying. I hate the braggers. I’m going to brag about hating braggers.

Run Laurel. RUUUUNNNN.

Look how bendy I am! – Fiona *RUN. Brenda will beat you with her shoes. More than likely.*

Oh crap. Brenda is about to beat down on the wrong woman. Look at Kerry though. She is about to take off her earrings.

“Is there going to be a murder?” – Rishi *THE MAN CAME FOR A MURDER IN HIS UGLY SCARF!*

Oh god. Brenda. Honey. Don’t cry over Bob. Please don’t. Not worth it.

The Pub Crew

Oh Gerry. OH GERRY. NO. Don’t hit on Chas. Please don’t. HIT ON BELLE. *Gerry and Belle FTW!*

Doug is being cute tonight. Awwww.

Paddy. She is single. BACK OFF. Let the girl get laid without getting verbally attacked by an ex? Geez.

Pete didn’t murder his family. He attempted on Ross. He deserved that though.

I want Chas brought down a few pegs. HERE WE GO. *Rubs hands together with glee* *BITTER BUNNY*

I know what Charity is doing to Vanessa and its not cool. Like, come on. Knock it off. Being emotionally unavailable and cruel to Vanessa is cruel.

Chas is picking up on it. NICE.

GO VANESSA GO! Shut up Chas.

  1. Charity agreed with me.

The Bartons

You guys do know how to clean. I’ve seen it before. Like, ew.

Here we go. I’m giving Rhona and Pete a chance.

Oh. Hello. Is Rhona finally going to get laid? Good for her. Even if it is Pete. Ok. Giving it a chance. GIVING IT A CHANCE.


I have the same reaction to Paddy too Vanessa. *Snort*

Oh. Paddy. Not jealous at all. *eye roll*

It would be funny if the Corrie theme played as he channel surfed. I’m a nerd for that stuff.

OH BOY. I thought he knew this already though. She confessed to him at the play. Right?

Oh, wait. She pretended to be joking. Nevermind.

Oh. Paddy. Do you have feelings? DO YOU?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my Tumblr @amandaj718. Appreciate what I write? Buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the button in the bar above! Until next time, see you all around Emmerdale!

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