Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 25, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! I don’t have much to say. I might be writing a few opinion pieces soon so I’m going to leave it there. I can give an idea of what I will be writing about. Showrunners, cheating and soap opera culture (oh my).  These pieces won’t be coming out anytime soon, but those topics have been on my mind for a long time and I want to voice my opinion.  So, keep a lookout for that. Coming soon to Tumblr and WordPress.


Ladies? Find your best black dresses and big hats. Gentlemen? Find your best black suit. We are going to a funeral. Let’s crack on!

*After episode observation* That episode was…underwhelming on every level. I know the writers for this one can do better. Hmmm.

Wishing Well

Are they back in Wishing Well with no wall?!?! Geez. Use Eric’s house people! He isn’t there. USE THE KEY.

Wow. Robert had to go through hell and back to even get the welly but Lachlan gets to be a Dingle right out? FUCK THAT. *I KNOW. When it all comes out it will hurt the family more*

Seriously. Chas would have kept at the pub. Why would they stay there? Its just weird.

The reassurance of ‘you are family’ is getting on my nerves. Lachlan doesn’t deserve that at all. Even now. Did they forget the shit he pulled on Alicia? They hold everything over Robert. Why not Lachlan? PLOT. I know. Plot. I’m moving on. *HAPPY THOUGHTS*

Well. THE VOICEMAIL IS GONE. You know what that means? Its all down to Rebecca. *WE ARE DOOMED*

SO. If anyone talks shit about Robert now? I will end them. He is being very nice. Better than me. He really is scared to be a single father. God, Robert. I promise. You will be a good father. You have the tools. Just got to use them.

Where did Robert get the money? He pays for a lot. I mean, I never heard thank you’s from anyone ever. *sigh. Just over here. Being an annoying Robert stan*

Did the show just confirm with that line that she will have brain damage? BIGGER QUESTION? HOW WILL WE KNOW? *HA. I’m an asshole now. Enjoy*

The Café Crew

I love how the village is debating how well they knew The Whites. Should they go or not? *snort*

They weren’t married anymore! I was wondering. Thanks for answering the question show.

Chas is a bit smug these days. Time to bring her down a notch show.

Brenda still doesn’t trust him. I don’t blame her either.

Home Farm

Chess. How apt for these two. Graham and Joe are always playing games.

CHANGE THE HOUSE JOE. The house needs a pick me up. Get rid of the White stink.

So many people up at Home Farm. The building must be confused by the village folk showing up. Its been in White Family hell for so long. *Buildings have feelings…SHUT UP* *wink* *everyone backs away*

Wow. Is Ross being nice or using Finn to get to Joe? Also, does anyone else ship Joe and Ross? *I’ll be over here in my corner*

The Pub Crew

Oh hey! This Rhona and Pete thing is starting up now? Ok then. Hello, new plot. *shrug*

“Ness, could you put your girlfriend down and help me!” – Rhona *HA HA HA*

Rishi betting against himself was funny. We don’t see enough of him.

Oh, Marlon. Jesse is adorable. I can’t wait to see her storyline start.

Oh boy. Joe and Noah. HERE WE GO. Look at Ross back there. *snort*

Ross stays classy as usual. *eye roll*

Doug is working at David’s now? Ha. That is different.

This auction is just kind of sad to watch.

Ok. The Chas and Paddy stuff is getting to be too much. I need Chas to fall hard now. Like, get her hypocritical ass handed to her. Very soon.

God. Jesse is adorable.

Seriously. The Whites don’t even get a grave stone. That cracks me up.

Ah. Paddy. Hey. Your Rhona feelings are showing my dear. *wink*

Finally. Vanessa calls Charity out. I’ve been waiting for that.

The Mill

Gerry is wearing Aarons suit. Gerry is a cutie, isn’t he?

Lachlan is watching that phone like a hawk. *dun dun dunnnn*

He wants to hear it? Why? Lachlan, why? Did you blackout during that freakout?

Wow. Its like audio from the episode. *LAUGHS*

God, even in audio form Emily’s acting SUCKS. Geez. Someone get her lessons.

Belle. You are betting on the wrong horse.

Ok. The voicemail is still in play. *NEVERMIND*

I like Gerry standing up to Lachlan. FINALLY.

DAMN. Belle stopped it before the big part! DAMN.

The Funeral

Awwww! Seb is there! Hey sweetie.  *Lily is a cutie*

Only business associates went. Dingles went because of Belle. Bernice because of Lawrence. Robert and Victoria because of Seb and the marriage. Wow. That’s kind of sad.

I love that the Sugden Team is still intact. *Robert/Victoria/Seb ahoy!*

Seriously. This is a sad turnout. I was hoping for a random Ronnie sighting, but I don’t think anyone knows how to get a hold of them.

I can hear the complaining about Robert from here. Guy can’t win in fandom. If he doesn’t care he is horrible. If he cares too much he is horrible.*BACK OFF*

Gerry. You don’t have to apologize. Oh. This is annoying. CLASSIC SOAP MY FRIENDS. Nothing like it.

David’s Grocery

Pete. PETE. You aren’t worthy of any of the women in this village. YOU STAND UP RHONA?!?!

I have to admit. Today had the village really interacting with each other. Good for you show. You are starting to mix things up like back in early 2013. If anything, Kate Oates separated a lot of the families and places them in their own plot circles. I’m seeing it happen as I watch 2013.

The Hospital


I know he won’t. A girl can dream my friends. A girl can dream.

Lachlan said something nice about Robert. ALERT THE PAPERS!

Maybe because Robert isn’t evil like you Lachlan?

Oh look. Emily acting. *makes a face* *I’m a bitch. I told you all. No one will listen though*

BOOO. LACHLAN, YOU SUCK. I knew he wouldn’t kill her because “Rishi” ruined that with one tweet.

Belle is going to get a HUGE wakeup call someday and I’m not going to feel that bad. Lachlan wasn’t a good apple back in the day why would he be now.

“We don’t know whats around the corner…” – Lachlan *I agree*

Thomas is a good actor but this whole, I feel guilty bullshit is getting old.

‘It is Just Speculation!’

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