Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 24, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! WELL. It was one hell of a night out there. Danny and Ned didn’t win, but their awards went to an amazing actress and actor.  Lucy Fallon from Coronation Street was amazing in that storyline and deserved that award for the great work she did. The other, Danny Walters from EastEnders is very much loved, and lots of fans of that show (Oh, that show. Poor fans of EastEnders) were excited, and that is great too. I personally think Ned is hitting his stride now. His time as Tom wasn’t enough. He needed to be Joe Tate to get that award. Danny, while he had very strong storylines all year (do I have to list them? Since fans on certain sites seem to think he didn’t have anything. Believe me he did.) just didn’t get it. Here is hoping for next year.  Along with Ryan getting nominated and winning too! YAY for Emmerdale winning Best Serial though! I love it. Let’s do it again next year!

Also, I’m sure everyone out there knows the other news of Ms. Head still filming?  So, here is my opinion on the news. I’m sure you are all waiting with baited breath. Here it is.


(reunion. Reunion. REUNION. ROBRON REUNION.)

Let’s crack on!

Award Winning Village! DAMN STRAIGHT! Do you know what they need? MORE GOATS!


The Hospital

Lachlan is afraid she will tell all. *DUN DUN DUUUNNN*

Lachlan trying to discredit her before she can talk. Good try.

Even the doctor thinks of Rebecca last.

“A nonspecific movement” much like Rebecca’s whole life *SORRY. I’ll be good*

The way they are writing Lachlan. It’s fascinating. He isn’t full on villain. He isn’t a saint (obviously), but something is going on there. Are they not sure which way to go yet?

Well, Rebecca not being there saved us from seeing her ugly funeral hat. *Positives*

Well, Robert is convinced she can hear in her sleep. Lachlan is laying out his plans to her. This is just…odd.

PULL THE PLUG. *I know he won’t*

The Barton’s Place

Seriously. 2013 Debbie vs. 2018 Debbie. She got a major Glo up. MAJOR.

Ross and Joe becoming fake best friends? Most of my favorite fanfictions start this way. *Romantic music plays* *Just kidding*

By the way, we get it show. Ross and the last Barton (looks at smudged writing on hand) Smete is low on the cash. WE GET IT. Who has a lot of money right now that can help? WHY DO YOU KEEP THE THEORIES ALIVE SHOW! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!

The Café Crew

Oh hey. The factory is still a thing? We haven’t seen that set in ages. As I mentioned a million times, I’m watching 2013 Emmerdale, and the show lives at that set during that year.

The Pub Crew

Knitting. Knitting isn’t a bad hobby. I suck at it, but it is a thing.

The Whites ruining the plans of villagers since 2017.

Also, since when have any of them talked to the Whites? *SNORT*

OH. Emmerdale Theater! Starring Ross, Debbie and Cain.

I enjoy seeing Ross hurt, even fake hurt.

Joe went down the hole. Came out a bit stupider. Then again, he doesn’t know about Ross or The Dingles. How good they are at this deceiving thing. Still, he could be playing Ross too.

Does anyone else think Lachlan is staying? Longer than Rebecca? Like, integrating him into the village? Could Rebecca be sent off for brain damage and no one finds out what Lachlan did till he is fully in the village? Fully with Belle? In the Dingle family by marriage? OH. That would be interesting.

Oh. Graham said no. Ross is in. Like Flynn. *I can keep up the lame jokes all night*

This is the most this village ever cared about this family. Just saying.

Home Farm

“The Joys of Debbie Dingle” – Joe Tate

HA. Joe is falling for it.

Oh my god. Ross becomes Joe’s new Graham type guy? Butler. Driver. I can see this. This is a fanfiction waiting to happen.

Yeah. Welcome to Emmerdale. Everyone slept with everyone. Enjoy.

Oh no! Dad is here! Graham Time!

Are you coming back, or do I rely on Ross? – Million Dollar Question

Joe is so sad. Graham and Joe. What is their relationship? Other than all Graham has to do is stare him down, and Joe falls at his feet.

Ah. He wants to get to know Noah. This should be fun.

I love Graham. He is smart. Too smart for this show.

OH. Joe does know Ross is full of shit.

Joe and Graham are too smart for this Village.

The Mill


Lachlan knows about the voicemail. Ok. Game on then.

You can see Lachlan’s wheels turning. How to play this. He has two avenues. The Voicemail. Rebecca. How will this play out?


‘It is Just Speculation!’

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