Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 22, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! So, Emmerdale is a soap opera. A soap. A continuing drama. A serial drama. It airs five days a week with six episodes.  It’s like a mini film each week. With that said, soaps run differently from a typical nighttime dramedy show.  They have breaks and have one episode a week (when they aren’t on break).  Soaps need consistent setup, climax, fall out then a resolution that leads to a new story. It’s never-ending. The wheel never stops moving characters forward in their lives.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, watching a soap means there are rules to be followed. It’s hard watching a soap. Your favorites will be put through the ringer. They will be happy.  They won’t always be on screen. They might even not act the way you expect. Storylines feel unfinished. It happens. It’s the ever-turning wheel that never stops on a soap.

Sometimes one has to wait for the wheel to turn for your favorite character, favorite family, favorite couple. It will it just takes time.  Watching a soap and loving a soap is hard. Don’t drive yourself up a wall. Sit back. Eat a Snickers. Complain to friends. Enjoy the ride.

Alright. Debbie wants to burn down Home Farm, right? *Chants Debbie’s name in excitement* Let’s crack on.

Will Debbie’s plan work? I DON’T KNOW SHOW? WILL IT?

The Wishing Well

It’s a wall. I think they can rebuild a wall. I’m just happy the pigs are ok.

Zak is going to beat you, Joe. I’d run. He got a shotgun and not afraid to use it.

Cain had the same look on his face when Debbie held Chas hostage. It’s the ‘Debbie is up to trouble look.’

The Hospital

Still Emily best work. Sitting still and not speaking. *Claps all around*

I’m shocked they didn’t use Alex for this scene.

The Pub

Faith is being nice to Eric. WHY? Oh because of the heroics. Gotcha.

The Cricket House

I already wrote up what I think will happen with this storyline on my Tumblr. Have fun looking for it!

Pryia is protective over Tracy. Technically that is nice and weird all at once. I like it.

I’d like to point out that Leyla. It’s always Leyla that starts up trouble in David’s life. It happened with Pryia and Alicia. Now it’s happening with Tracy. Leyla. Leyla is the key to David’s life.

Since I low key ship Leyla and David….I’m excited about this storyline. I love Tracy too though. I’m very conflicted in the best way possible. Just the way the show wants me to be.

Home Farm

Hey Debbie. Want to burn down Home Farm? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Burn Baby Burn. *Gets popcorn*

Fire by a fancy toaster. Sounds like a bad mystery novel.

“The only people you care about are ghosts.” – Debbie to Joe *Love that line*

Joe? Debbie is the least of your problems. The Dingles are capable of anything.

No one remembers Kyle. Poor Kyle.

Joe was rattled by that after all. Wow.

No need for Ross in that scene. Why was he there?

Joe called Graham. That is all he has is Graham, and he isn’t a fan of Joe.

David’s Grocery

Tracy apologizing. SIGH. Tracy. *gives her little bubble wrap blanket*

Tracy is always proud of her father in law. It’s sweet.

Oh boy. When it comes out that Eric didn’t do as much as Graham…Faith will drop him again.

Tracy. Don’t eat sauerkraut out of the jar. I’m gagging over here. EWWWWWW. Ew. So much ew.

Tracy and David going to Paris.

Cain’s Garage

Ross is back everyone. *unenthusiastic yay*

“You look out for Debbie.” – Cain to Ross *PLEASE SHOW. PLEASE. LET DROSS DIE ITS HORRIBLE EMPTY DEATH.*

“Top marks for style. The look on his face.” – Cain *I felt the same*

Ross. You know this already. Debbie has ripped you a new one many times. *eye roll*

The Café Crew

Well…Lachlan. I would have sympathy if you didn’t cause all of this. So…shove it you psycho.

Though, I wouldn’t mind Lachlan staying and working with Joe. Won’t happen but it would be full of villain. They might even get their own song.

Oh. This all came out fast. That’s good. Eric has grown a bit too.

Awwww. Faith is flirting with Eric? NICE. MY SHIP IS BACK ON TRACK!

If Robert didn’t care about Rebecca people will give the character shit. If he does care for his son’s sake, he gets shit from the fandom. Robert can’t win right now. Let him be fandom. Leave him be. *Bubble wraps myself from fandom*

‘It is Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my Tumblr @amandaj718. Appreciate what I write? Buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the button in the bar above! Until next time, see you all around Emmerdale!

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