Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 19, 2018

Welcome to the pre-show on this fine Friday! I’m continuing my positive thought streak. I feel like Danny Miller very much made that possible. Thank you, Danny, for saying what I have been thinking for a long time. That interview was oddly positive, and I appreciate it since fandom has been sad or fighting for most of the week.

So, a positive. I love the way fandom can come together to support each other, even if a person doesn’t agree with another. It’s a real sense of community that lots of fandoms don’t have. Its sweet to see and I love that I see it here. Not just in the Robron fandom but the Emmerdale fandom in general. It’s a little crazy soap watching family. People come and go, but the family formula remains intact. Soaps. We are all crazy to get so obsessed, but at least we have others around just like us.

Alright. Let’s crack on. We have a Wishing Well in ruin. What will happen next?

GIVE ME FLOATING HEADS IN THE OPENER OR GIVE ME DEATH. So, I still think there needs to be a new opening credit sequence. In case anyone wonders about that. Goats! What?!?! Where did that come from? Oh god…its happening again.

Wishing Well

A wall is out. You can fix that.  I think.

Where is Kyle?


That Graham. *heart eyes*

Why did he give Eric credit? That is suspect though. Oh. Graham is giving people some hero status because he can? Huh. Interesting. Someone is trying to pay for his sins? Past Sins. Does Graham have a history in Emmerdale? History we aren’t aware of?

The Café Crew

Samson. He just cares about you. You are his world. It’s a parent thing. My mom used to get mad at me when she thought I was in danger, but I was ok in the end. It’s a reaction I guess. I don’t know. I’m not a parent.

UH. Daz. Joe was behind that. What is the point of Daz again?

“Rich folk like him reckon he can do that!” – Sam *I’m sensing a us vs. them vibe building again*

The Pub Crew

It’s a full house at the pub! *Full House Theme Plays*

OH. Its Zak’s birthday! Awwww! Happy Birthday, Zak!

Oh, Charity. Shut up. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. ITS JOES FAULT.

I like how the police show up and the whole family goes quiet except for Zak.

Faith and Eric. I’d like to see that again. They had great chemistry. Someday. SOMEDAY.

Tracy standing up for her Father in Law is sweet. I like their friendship.

I think the show did that to upgrade Wishing Well’s set.

Debbie being sane is confusing me. 2013 Debbie is a bitch. Good for her. Finally growing up.

Marlon’s Place

“You aren’t supposed to hit on the head teacher!” – April dishing out the truth

April is wise beyond her years. More grown up than she should be at her age.

“I still like you.” – April to Marlon *AWWWWWWWW*

David’s Grocery

Everyone is hung over. Also, David can’t be angry.

Oh Charity. Shut up. Go home. You aren’t needed here.

Why does everyone get such small milk? Is it creamer? I get jugs of it.

The only ex-pair I’m interested in starts with R and ends with on.

Eek. Tracy, you have to calm down. You are mad at Leyla, not Priya. Tracy knows she is wrong. This is sad.

I really want Tracy to write again. Having the readers group. That could be so much fun. She could write about the village, and it becomes slightly famous. Oh wow. I found a new fanfiction idea. This show is waking me up creatively these days. I love it.

Tracy. You like to write. Write down your feelings. Write about it in a story where you can let it all out. From one writer to another…it makes things a lot better in the brain. Making room by writing it down on the page. It helps a lot.

Oh. Justine is right. This has shades of 2016 to 2017 Robron. OH BOY.

Home Farm

Hi Joe. *giggles. Its been awhile people*

Jimmy. You are better than this. I know you are.

Oh boy. Dingles? Time to call JG Wentworth.

God. Joe is Robert from 2014. Everyone sees it right? Also, I can’t wait till Robert realizes that Joe is in town. I don’t think he knows. He is a bit busy these days taking care of the little one.

Graham doing the lords work. *bows*

Seriously. Home Farm looks brighter. Healthier. Better. The Whites made the place look dull and lifeless. There is a spark now.

“I wanted to see the Dingles suffer.” – Joe Tate

Seriously. Joe is just Robert back in the day. Robert has grown up, but Joe still has a ton of growing up to do.

WOAH. Graham and Joe’s history coming out.

PROTECT GRAHAM 2018. Well, he might kill Joe with his hands.

OH. Debbie gonna burn the house down! Good. That place is full of bad memories and bad vibes from the Whites.

The Factory

I’m in the middle of 2013 Emmerdale, and Pryia and David are the WORST. It works out though.

Don’t let this pair happen again show. PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. Don’t. Please don’t.

Could we not David? Could we not keep secrets from Tracy with your ex? PLEASE. Just talk to her.

I love Priya outfit. *vain moment*

OH David. Tracy knows too. I also knew. I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of into Leyla and David. *DUCKS*

Tracy can date around now. I think Tracy dating could be fun. Shake things up a bit. Tracy and David have been too stable for a soap.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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