Emmerdale Live and Organized – January 16, 2018

Welcome to the preshow! I don’t have much to say again. All I can say is, ‘Let’s keep watching!’ when it comes to any of the storylines. I can’t pinpoint exactly how things will go or what will happen. To tell you all the truth, I like it that way. Everything is a surprise. It makes the show a bit more interesting. Yes, it feels like things are dragging and the speculation can be cruel to one or two characters, but we really have no earthly idea what is coming. Let’s revel in that! Lets finally enjoy the ride!

With that said, it’s a Sharon Marshall episode tonight so keep expectations low.  I am. *wink*

Let’s crack on!

This Girlfriends show looks cute. I wonder if it’s good or not.

I always think that guy with the sheep is Paddy. It kind of looks like him!

The Barton Brothers

Yeah sure. Moira is totally the problem in this family. *eye roll*


Moira’s Farm

Oh, Faith. Still being ‘psychic’? Love it. I adore Faith.

I love the relationship between Faith and Moira. It’s very sweet.

Isaac is getting so big! Wow. Compared to Seb he is insanely big. I’m trying not to body shame a baby right now.

Yeah sure. It’s all Moira’s fault. SURE ROSS. *get to the back of the line you crazy fracker*

Eye for an Eye makes the whole world blind. Just saying, Ross. It’s not a good thing to follow ‘eye for an eye.’

Also, I see Ross pulled out the whore line again. Everyone is a whore now. *eye roll*

Moira. Stop giving up your farm! You need your independence and the farm is that independence. At least that is how I look at it.

SO, YOU GOT AWAY WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER ROSS. Shooting Robert ring a bell to you?!?! You crazy fracker!

For Isaac. *raises a glass of sacrificial blood*

Well, you will see Adam again. He will pop in for an odd wedding or two. Like Adam could stay away.

Somewhere Kyle is jumping up and asking about the ‘better parent’ line from Cain.

OH. OOOHHHH. Hey there Coira. Whats up? Welcome back! I hope you are back. I assume. There was an ‘I love you’ from Cain so…yeah. WELCOME BACK!

Wishing Well

Oh thank god. I was waiting for Lisa to make a comment about Lachlan.

I think Lisa and Zak are right to worry. Look at him. He is Lachlan. BOOOO.

Thomas is playing the conflicted side very well. I think he is going to go cold for self-preservation which brings us to killer Lachlan (well…he is a killer now).

He has money. Why doesn’t he get a room at the B&B or a hotel outside of the village? I mean…come on. OH. Doesn’t Seb have 40% of the family money now? OH BOY. WAIT. NO. The show wouldn’t have Lachlan try what I just thought of right? No. Never mind.

Lachlan is the only White family member I was able to stand so…I’m enjoying these scenes. A lot. Thomas is amazing.

Belle. You in danger girl.

The Café Crew

Everyone being nice to Lachlan. I know he lost his family, but I’d walk away.

I hate this soap trope. I know it feels better when everyone turns on him but right now I’m raging inside at how nice everyone is being to Lachlan.

Lydia with a perm cracks me up. Lydia is awesome. PASS IT ON.

I want a big Lydia/Sam Wedding Event. I’d LOVE IT ON SO MANY LEVELS.

“You think I’m a psycho.” – YOU ARE YOU NUTTER.

The Pub Crew

I hear Home Farm has been let at last! – Faith *kind of* *Ok, she didn’t say it that way, but it sounded just like it*

I see Chas has no sympathy unlike the rest of the village. No Robert mention again. I’ve been waiting for a Robert and Chas scene for a while. Nothing.

This is a screwed-up version of Pride and Prejudice starring Faith.

Victoria. Don’t worry about it. The Whites don’t deserve any of this sympathy. They never cared about you. Have we met? I’m a cold-hearted bitch. *Jane. Amanda Jane.*

Doug can’t hear? What? OH. He is faking it. *ok then* *snort*

Oh. That is back now. Everything being in peril. Money. The pub. The business.

Diane was beating Doug with wallpaper. I just wrote that sentence. Let it wash over you like I just did. This is one of my favorite shows.

Bob is being way…too much…right now. Stop it dude. Just stop it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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