Robert Sugden and His No Good Terrible Week (My Speculation)

I am writing this at 3:41 am. I can’t sleep. A lot of posts are pissing me off to the point of no return. So, I’m throwing my hat into the ring.  Here is where I stand about Robert, Seb, and The Whites. First off, I hate the Whites. That doesn’t make me a horrible person. They were a sucky Home Farm family. The only good thing they did was bring Robert home and bring Lachlan to Emmerdale. Second, I hate Rebecca. I can hate Rebecca. I’m allowed to hate a fictional character. Third, I like Seb. I do. I don’t blame him for the sins of BOTH parents. He is the most innocent person in this whole story.

Now that is out of the way. This storyline has brought up three themes:

1) Choice

2) Need

3) Want

Much like Aaron (I’ve talked about this in another post) Robert has fought between needs and wants. What he thinks he needs versus what he really wants. He has been acting like he needed revenge, he needed to stop the pain, and he needed to fight for his kid. This is where choice comes in. Robert has had many choices. He has made a lot of wrong ones this past year. Many that lead him down some very dark roads. However, after his wake-up call, those choices will change.

He needs Seb. He needs to start over and be better. However, his choices will change those needs into wants. He wants Seb safe. He wants Seb happy. He wants to be a better parent. That means he might have to put his own needs aside. Make a choice to put Sebs safety and happiness above his own. Something I see Robert doing. It won’t be a punishment. Robert doesn’t deserve any more punishment (regardless what others think).  He will want to be a good parent. Make a choice to be a better parent and let Seb go.

So, with that said, its time for a lot of fandom to make a choice to sit back and let the story play out or let themselves be freaked out by anons who want to cause panic because they don’t want to be miserable alone. It won’t be an easy ending. It won’t be a story that ties up all loose ends. It is a soap, after all, got to leave some things open.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives as we close out a rough storyline, try to think of the positives that are coming for Robert and Aaron as individuals and together. Not only do we have a reunion and future wedding on the horizon, but we also have a lot of growth of Robert as a person. We have Liv’s storyline and how that affects Aaron and Robert.

JOSEPH TATE. I mean, this year has already kicked butt and taken names, and it’s only the second week of January.

Instead of getting upset over the little details that won’t matter in a few months, let us think of the future and how we have so much to look forward to. Again, if you have to step away, please, go take a break from fandom and/or the show. No one is keeping you here. Get better. Come back. Be awesome. Find a bitch buddy. Someone that will listen to you complain without judgment.

So, yeah. I have no freaking idea of any of what I wrote makes sense. It is now 3:55am and I’m finally getting that headache that screams to me that I need to sleep. So, yeah. To summarize.

1) The White Family BLOWS too (stop acting like they are innocent human beings. Not even close)

2) Robert doesn’t deserve to lose everything because some look at it as penance for his evil deeds.  He has lost enough. He learns from his mistakes now.

3) The baby isn’t evil. It’s a baby. It has done nothing in this storyline to deserve such scorn. (His mother has, but that is a personal opinion)

4) No matter what happens, the Whites are leaving. Soon we won’t have to see them on screen or even hear their names. Let’s celebrate that fact.

5) So MUCH to look forward too! JOE TATE DRAMA! I mean…that gets me excited.

So, yeah. That’s where I stand. People need to just go through all the ways this story can go and then sit back and let it play out. Let’s not drive ourselves insane with the most negative of speculation. Until next time, I’ll see you around specualtion land.

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