Emmerdale Not Live but Organized – January 5, 2018

Welcome to the late preshow. I know I said next week I would go back to normal, but things are still up in the air. This is what happens when one’s mother has off and wants to spend time with me. Which I love. I love my mom, and it’s technically her birth week, so we like to hang out for as long as possible. So, I might be on and off next week, but I’ll still be here. Writing up my thoughts. It will just be later. Which, might be happening if I finally land that full-time job and not only consulting work. Anyway, too personal. Moving on. (If you know anyone hiring…shut up Amanda. Ok.)

I’m going to make another list. So, enjoy! (I’m in an analytical mood. Anything to stop the pain.  Sorry in advance)

1) Let’s talk about Alex Mason as a character. We don’t know much, do we? He is a doctor. He has a family. He is nice (ahem). However, after today I feel we finally got something more, and it’s not pretty. Something I noticed this week about Alex. He isn’t perfect. He is whiny. Thin skinned and tends to think of himself. How did you come to this conclusion Amanda? Through a few show not tell moments. Alex pushes what he wants. He loves Sharknado. He watched Rocky Horror Picture Show fourteen times. He wanted to do something big for Aaron’s birthday. These are things that Alex wants for himself or loves himself. He is projecting this onto Aaron thinking he will love or like it too. When Aaron doesn’t, he gets whiny. Instead of looking for clues or noticing what Aaron is doing or talking about, he just goes full steam ahead with what he wants. They showed this today with Robert. Robert told him that Aaron likes these magazines and wears these clothes and listens to this type of music so one would infer to get those festival tickets. Aaron boxes. Aaron likes action movies. Rocky sounds like a movie he would enjoy. All context clues. Listening and noticing one’s partner. Alex isn’t doing that. We a personality quirk. Finally. Only, it is detrimental to Aaron. Um, from a personal feeling, I think Alex is insecure. I think he knows deep down, Aaron isn’t in the same place as him. Aaron is secretly always with Robert in his heart. Also, Alex taking Robert’s words and using them as his own. Getting Aaron to smile. Yeah, it felt like a victory for Alex, but we all know how empty it was. That smile was for Robert’s words and actions. Alex knows that deep down. It has to kill him. (OH. I hate this guy with a fiery passion).

2) Let’s now talk about Alex and Aaron as a couple. There is a great post on Tumblr by the lovely Alice (matan4il) that brought up many great points. Please read it before moving on. Thing 1 Aaron; Thing 2 Robert.  Read it? Good. I want to pull out two important lines from that piece.

Much as I want him happy, Aaron’s general awkwardness around Alex is giving me life. 

Aaron knows. It’s clear to him that not only does his heart belong to Robert, but this is generally the wrong fit for him.

Aaron deserves to be happy. Aaron deserves to learn more about himself and what he wants and needs from a relationship. Right now, Alex is that relationship. He is trying to find his way. Find what he likes what he doesn’t like. Have fun. Not commit as hard as he did with Robert. This relationship though is awkward. It is hard to watch. There is a weird vibe going on there. Aaron is trying to be happy. He is trying to adjust. He is trying to learn. However, Alex doesn’t give him the space to learn what he wants from the relationship. Alex has been pushing Aaron one way or another. There is an uneasiness there. I think Aaron has one foot out the door in this relationship. Alex is full in. He even said, “I won’t share you with anyone.” and he, from my point of view, used a fifteen years old pain to hook up with Aaron. I feel like other types of people would find someone’s sister calling multiple times odd and question what is going on in that house. If it’s a healthy situation or not.  Alex is acting like there is more there than Aaron is willing to give yet. Aaron wanted an easy relationship. Something easy and fun. Alex is treating it like they are getting married tomorrow. Something is off there. Like Alice wrote, this is a wrong fit. Aaron wants something light. Alex wants the world. Aaron is trying to see a relationship that is more casual while Alex thinks this can go further.

I feel like my thoughts are jumbled much like this relationship. Alex would be It’s if Aaron could feel free to be himself. Communicate. Have some fun. Figure out his footing in a relationship with no strings or real commitment. However, Alex isn’t that type of guy. He is pushing. He is situating himself into the Dingle family without Aaron’s approval. He is acting like he is going to be a Dingle and Aarons husband. Its not that type of relationship. Aaron has one foot out the door. One could argue his heart is outside the door too. It’s a wrong fit.

3) Robert. Let’s talk about Robert. Robert is doing what he said he would do. He is stepping back. He is being the best friend he can be to Aaron. That is all he can do now. That is all he feels he can give Aaron without breaking his heart or his own. So far, he has shown that he knows Aaron. He knows what Aaron would want on his birthday to make him smile. A genuine smile which Alex got because of Robert. So, Robert grew a bit today. Next week will be hell for him. The aftermath will be hard on him. The aftermath will help him grow as a man and maybe even a father. Robert is at a turning point in his life. All this pain and hurt in this journey will amount to a Robert that will learn from his mistakes. Not all the time (it is a soap so let’s be realistic) but he will be a better person than last year. Growth. Self-examination. I’m seeing it happening and how it could happen in the future. YES. It hurts to see that ring come off. I’m someone that wanted to see that but seeing it play out, my heart broke into a thousand pieces. However, to start over fresh and on even ground, the two of them need those rings off. If anything, this is a good thing for Robert. Right now, those rings symbolize a dark time. Those two need to work on themselves, and their relationship and those rings will have a stronger more positive purpose on their fingers. If that makes sense.


4) The Joseph Tate train keeps going and I remain in love with the fallout. This has given Charity a lot of story to work with. I love that. It has given the Dingles someone to bring them down a few pegs (not Lisa. She is a sunshine angel). The Debbie and Charity scenes were great. The connection between the two of them is interesting. It is rocky but a lot of stories can come out of that. Shows that Dingle spirit we all know and love.

5) Bob/Laurel/Brenda. I don’t know guys. I need to talk to some lasagna about this.

6) Tick. Tick. Tick on Tracy and David’s relationship.

7) I have nothing to say about Cain and Harriet. I’m bored. Moving on.


OH. ONE MORE THING. THANKS FOR STEERING ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. ALEX THE ASSHOLE STOLE EVERYTHING ROBERT TOLD HIM, AND HE SAYS THAT?!?! ASSHOLE. Ahem. Right. Sure. I’m back to being analytical. Also, Paddy. Paddy is watching. Which is interesting. Will he tell Aaron what actually happened, or will he be an asshole to Robert? What do you think?

Also, the lovely Vix pointed out to me that Liv didn’t seem as into Alex as she has been in the past. It might have been a weird moment, or maybe the show is setting something up. I have a lot to say about Liv, but that is for another time. Another post. I did see it too though.

Alright. This is how I felt about today’s episode. I got really deep about a soap. Maybe too deep. I don’t know. After today’s episode, I have lots of feelings that the analytical side of me needed to express. I’m sure I sound insane, as per usual.

So, yeah. Have a great weekend and see you around Emmerdale!

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