Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – January 4, 2018

Hello out there! I’m not writing a full review of this double episode. I’m dead tired and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. However, here are some points.

1) WELCOME TO EMMERDALE JOSEPH TATE. I loved every minute of that twist. Him calling out the Dingles one by one (except Lisa. She is pure love and sunshine that I adore) was amazing. The long game he played? DAMN. LOVED IT. It was like all the actors woke up from a long nap and they are ready to play. It was the big moment and it worked well. Im excited to see this Tate take over Home Farm. Kick some ass and take some Dingle names. I’m sorry. The Dingles were sitting too happy and pretty. Time for them to fall for a while. *EVIL LAUGH* (Not Lisa. She is pure love and sunshine that I adore.) (I’m going to get some much hate mail for wanting to see the Dingles fall a bit. It’s time. That family needs to be taken down a few smug pegs.

2) Leyla. I know the actress is going no matter what so all this crazy sad stuff with Jacob felt heavy and didn’t fit into the episode.  I wonder where Tracy was though. I was expecting Jacob to turn on Tracy. Either way. I await Leyla’s return.

3) Alex. I jumped past his scenes in the Mill and with Aaron. I know what happened though. I’ve seen the faces. What he decided on for his birthday. I don’t like Alex. I don’t have to like Alex to make others happy. I’ll try and be nice and leave what I normally call him in my head (or my other friends on private messenger), however, he can’t be this dumb. Rocky Horror. He knows Aaron boxes. ROCKY. BOXING. ROCKY. BOXING. He knows what he has in his movie and tv collections. Horror. Cars. Anything but Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know it’s a joke, but it just shows me that Alex is too dumb to ask Aaron…really? You want to dress up as Brad Majors and throw toast. Call people names and have a rice wedding? COME ON DUDE. DOES AARON LOOK LIKE THAT TYPE OF PERSON?

4)Robert listening to that and his reaction cracked me up. He knows that is a bad idea. I know it sets up tomorrow (and something that will upset a lot on here) but yeah. I loved seeing Robert and his reaction. However, Alex inviting Aaron’s ex-husband to his birthday breakfast? WE GET IT SHOW. ALEX IS SO FUCKING AMAZING AND SWEET AND FUCKING BORING. Lord, in real life I’d dump his ass. I need some edge too. I want to staple things to his head and make him dance to Macarena. Get him to eat something spicy just to make him less fucking white bread. ANYTHING TO MAKE HIM MORE INTERESTING. LORD.

5)Seriously not over the Tate reveal. NOW WE HAVE A WORTHY HOME FARM RESIDENT. Buh bye White Family. The adults are taking over now. I seriously was convinced he was a King, but a Tate is even better.  I’ve been researching, and I’m very interested in where this could go. The Tate’s connections and their past and what is going on currently opens up the show to tell rich stories full of new fun with some show history. What soaps should be about. The best stories are often anchored in history.

Alright. That was my main thoughts. I won’t be watching live tomorrow either (I KNOW I SUCK) but I will be on my phone watching reactions and checking it out later on my big television.

Let’s bring it on. The show is having a good start to 2018. Lets slowly forget some of 2017 happened and look towards a more positive future.

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