Emmerdale Not So Live but Organized – January 3, 2018 (Vacation Edition)

Welcome to the super late preshow! I’m slightly drunk. Hung out with my mom and drank a lot of champagne while trying out some new dishes from our friends at Borgata. So, it’s a late review but it’s a review. Enjoy! (Thursdays review will be super late so yeah. Mini vacay ahoy!) I won’t lie, I’m glad I won’t be watching Thursday live. I’d rather not see Alex if I have to. If something big happens I’m going to rush to write a review. If something major happens with Robron…I’ll find a way to watch before I go back out with my mom.

*Scouts honor!*

This review will be different. No speculation gif or what to do at the bottom. Welcome to the vacation reviews which will last to Friday. After that, it goes back to normal around here. Sorry for the weirdness.

Moira’s Farm

What was the point of rebuilding Victoria’s place if they are using Moira’s? Just saying.

I still think they left it so Adam could come back someday. Next year. Just saying. Robron wedding. WHAT? Who said that?

That’s what I do when I’m sad. Feed chickens.

Wait? Is Cain burning that sweater? Not that it could help. Harriet was right yesterday in saying that it can’t be used in a court of law. *shrug*

WOAH. WOOOOAHHHH. Domestic violence is NOT COOL. WTF. I hated seeing Aaron throw a wrench at Robert. I HATE Moira hitting Cain. I don’t care about the circumstances. THAT…I DON’T LIKE IT AT ALL.

The Café Crew

Robert and Cain in a scene together! HELL YEAH.

KNEW IT! Robert picked a porn. HA. I love him so much.

Cain and Harriet. Why are they a thing again? Seriously. Move on Harriet. SAVE YOURSELF.

I’m still entertained that Sam acts one way and the actor acts another. It blows my mind. *Amanda its called Acting* *I know but it throws me*

Leyla running for Greece. *WINK* *BABY GREECE* *DOUBLE WINK*

Megan/Leyla/The Bartons

How random. I haven’t seen them in a long time.

Those two seem to be connected at the hip these days. The Bartons. Odd.

Jacobs Fold

“I don’t want to see you again!” – Debbie *HONEY. He is the new Home Farm family. DEAL WITH IT.

Tom is in love with Debbie? Get in line.

Tom’s hair is extra high today. Just saying.

LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. The Dingles know Alex better than Tom? FUCK THAT.

I like Tom over Alex. Alex sucks. He doesn’t even suck well.

If think Charity hates all men. Just saying.

The Pub Crew

Danny looks hot today. Whoops. Is that the alcohol talking? *GIGGLES*

Robert backed Aaron and Cain to protect them. *HEART EYES* I love that. Only for Family. We all know Alex would NEVER do that. Lame-o. I already hate the idea that he is around tomorrow.

“Robert…Sugden. My Ex….” – BOOO! Robert is your ex but not for long! *ROBRON FTW*

They both look so guilty by the way. Aaron and Cain. They owe Robert big time.

Aaron smiling about Roberts choice of film was so great. *wink*

The Sugdens

Robert playing annoyed and confused is great. *HIGH FIVE*

“After dumping me…” – Robert Sugden

“Could you arrest him for being a miserable git?” – Robert about Aaron *SNORT*

AWWWWWWWW! A Sugden Family hug! I LOVE IT. I have to say that Victoria isn’t on my nerves anymore. She has finally come back from PLOT POINT LAND. Welcome back Victoria! I missed you!

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