Emmerdale Live and Organized -January 1, 2018

Welcome to the first preshow of 2018! Exciting! I have nothing much to write here today. I plan to write something positive though. It’s January people! We are officially starting the countdown to the end of the White Family! *HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND*. Nothing to do with Robron either. I just hate that family. Well, Lachlan can stay. Other than that. ‘It’s the final countdown!’

Alright. Let’s crack on!


The editing of this episode has been interesting to me. Very interesting. It tells me a lot…if I’m reading it right.

Faith/Moira/The Kings

Oh my god. Faith is drunk and rapping. I’m dying of the awesomeness.

Did she go to a show?

Nicola stays the same I see. Can’t say she is out of character…ever.

It’s good that she is with Isaac. Moira.

Home Farm/The Whites

Lachlan remains creepy as ever. Thank you, Lachlan. You are the most interesting person here.

The baby is wearing the same thing again. The little one has two outfits, tops!

You haven’t curved his behavior before? Why start now Chrissie.

Chrissie. Cut the boy off. Teach him a lesson for messing with you. BRAVERY? OH COME ON. Chrissie is pathetic.

They put a Tom scene up against a Home Farm scene. Interesting. Very interesting. *wink*

Wishing Well/The Dingles

I find the juxtaposition of Wishing Well against Home Farm interesting. I’ve noticed the show has been putting their scenes together. Hmmm…just interesting. A real family versus a fake one?

“Stop being so weird!” – Lisa to Zak *HA*

Does Robert still have a stake in Home James? I’ve lost track of who owns what. Other than the pub and café.

Badgers. That’s Sam’s plan.

Badger poo? BADGER POO? Oh. Faking a Badger habitat. Are they endangered?

LYDIA! FIRST DAY OF 2018 AND LYDIA APPEARS. It’s going to be a good year.

Sam and Lydia are adorable. Spread the word.

Thanks for ruining the plan Debbie. I know you didn’t know but still…THANKS.

The Café Crew

Aaron just wants cake, Bob. Give the man cake. He is stress eating Bob. BOB. Come on. We have all been there.

Seriously. I don’t get how this couple is still together. Harriet and Cain. Both great on their own. Together. Bleh.

Moira’s Farm

Isaac is so big now! Like, did he grow even more? Also, Isaac has other clothes now.

Oh, look. Faith is me watching a movie with my mom. *SNORT*

Oh Moira. STOP IT. STOP. I get it but STOP.

The Church

How about…NO. Stop trying to get yourself put in jail Moira. Isaac needs you.

My gut tells me that Aaron and Cain will take care of Adam for you. (not in a bad way…in a sense. I guess I will find out tomorrow and see if my speculation was right.) Maybe Moira does something? I’m confused as to how this could end. Which I love. Thank god. I hate knowing everything that is going to happen.

Harriet is protecting Moira too.


I forgot the name of Debbies place. I hate that and I’m sorry.

Blah blah blah sex.

Graham being creepy. I’m still very interested in him though.

Tom screwed with Sam and Lydia. *I WILL FIGHT HIM!* *PUTS FISTS UP!*

“You like the danger. The risk.” – Graham



A scene of smelling poo.

Oh crap. Literally and figuratively.

“Don’t tell your name Sam!”

“Molly Ringwald.”


The Pub Crew

Wait. What is Jimmy doing? What is he doing to Robert and the haulage firm?

Oh hey. My couple is back talking to each other. (Victoria and Ross FTW)

Wow. Ross is in fine form. While holding a sausage, half eaten. *snort* *I have a dirty mind*

SIGH. Yup. This won’t end well with Cain and Aaron planning something. Boys. Oh, boys.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my Tumblr @amandaj718.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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