Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 28, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. I don’t have much to say. I’m pretty chill about a lot of things. I’m excited for the stories to finally come to a close (in general). I’m excited about Robert being front and center. I’m excited to see other stories start developing this January (I think Jimmy’s has started already).

So, yeah, I’m pretty chill today. I might be getting a cold. That’s annoying. Anyway….

Let’s crack on.


Harriet wants to tell on Moira. Ok then.

I love the hoodie and jacket look. How old school for Cain.

“She had no choice.” “She had a choice.” – CHOICE COMES BACK UP AGAIN. Choice is  big theme now. For a lot of characters. Our choices. Right or wrong. Put us on a path that even we can’t control. Not for long.

Are Cain and Harriet still a thing? I don’t…think so? *Shrug*

The Sugdens

I love that the two of them working together. Robert and Victoria. I LOVE THIS.

He is still in pain. That breaks my heart.

The Café Crew

Gerry’s ID is missing? Hmmmmm. Anyone check Lachlans pockets? This family uses Gerry for a lot in the past. Just saying. *Protect Gerry*

Bob. HEY. HHEEEEYYY. Don’t yell at Gerry.

Rodney and his nonsense is back. I’m good with that. *waves*

The Kings have money problems? Oh boy. Here we go. Jimmy’s story is starting after all? *HIGH FIVE*

What’s up with Belles’ hair?

Jimmy. JIMMY. Oh boy. This won’t go well. Jimmy. Get away from Morris.

Oh Jimmy. JIMMY. NO.

Hey Morris. Lisa will fuck you up and I will cheer her on.

Oh Lisa. I want to give you a big hug. I adore you.

The Whites

The Whites are too stupid to live. He can’t walk but he can push someone. Come on.

Good for you Robert. The legal way first.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Robert is so fucking evil. *Snore*

Good, Robert can put all your secrets out there too.

All of you are so paranoid. Makes me think something is going on. *NEVER TRUST THE WHITE FAMILY*

Again, if you have nothing to hide. Why run? Seriously. Fight for your kid. Isn’t this kidnapping since she is taking him without the father’s permission? SoapLife strikes again!

Oh my god. Robert is a safer choice than you fuck ups. Lachlan would kill Seb for fun! Robert would love him. Not fuck him up too much. (We are all fucked up)

What is this? The Whites Greatest Hits? They missed a few. Setting up Andy? Hiding paternity. Killing people. Rebecca coming back to fuck up her family. I mean…you all are the WORST.

“Business with Alicia.” He sexually assaulted her. WHY IS THE SHOW ACTING LIKE IT WAS JUST LIKE HE BUMPED INTO HER OR SOMETHING. Geez. I don’t know if the show is aware but the #MeToo movement is big for a reason. Fuck this.

I thought she had no money. Sleeping on couches. Sleeping at Victoria’s. What? She can move to Australia.


It’s called an attic you fuckwits. I mean…is this what the super rich act like on a normal basis? I think I might be lucky because I have character, warmth and smarts growing up middle class. (Smarts is debatable I know)


Whew. Thank god. He did the right thing. Gerry can live now in my story. *wink*


Gerry. RUN. Go back to the Mill. Go back to those lovable idiots.

Woah. WOAH. Chrissie. Come on. That wasn’t normal. You have to be wondering what he says about Robert now. COME ON. Your son is a horrible crazy person.

I’m glad they are highlighting the two great actors of The White Family. Thomas and Louise. They have great futures. Can’t wait to see them shine…somewhere else.

Moira’s Farm/Harriet/Cain

Isaac is a cutie. *wants to pinch his cheeks*

Isaac is judging his dad in that shot. Love that.

“If you have any feelings for me you would keep your mouth shut.” – WOW CAIN. FUCK YOU.

I think we are seeing a Moira/Harriet team up. Maybe? I’m good with this. *high five*

Cain can easily throw Adam to the wolves. Interesting. The love of his life’s son is going to jail for life (more than likely) and he is like…EH. Anything to protect Moira.

The Pub Crew

Simple but eloquent. Chas is there though so…eloquent is out the door. She is never simple. I’m being a bitch to Chas. Let it go.

“Show them there’s life in the old dog yet!” – Nicola to Bernice. *SNORT*

Brenda is having a moment. Getting drunk won’t help but I get it.

Bernice looks beautiful. Damn. Go girl.

Daz. *snort* Your hair looks good.

Oh. Poor woman. *sends over my bubble wrap blanket*

Chas was a bit too judgmental for my taste. I think she is being set up for a fall. She has been a bit hard headed and pompous for a while. Thinking she has it all figured out. That means its time to send her falling over the edge.

I also know that Chas is liable for anything Brenda does, right? Overserving? Is that a thing in the UK? It is in a few states in the USA.


“She was drinking for Britain.” – Nicola *LOVE THAT. I’M USING THAT FOR THE USA*

Yeah. Robert just funds the place and kept it running when Adam and Aaron ran off. *eye roll*

I do find the Robert/Nicola relationship interesting in a funny way.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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