A Very Robert Christmas – A Live and Organized Special Edition

I wasn’t going to do this. I swear. I planned to watch, freak out and reblog all the gifs while crying. I plan to still do that, but I have so much to say about a lot of things. This episode felt like a palette cleanser. Almost, like, we were spun into a new direction. I’m going to go person by person. Family too (Ok, I have a lot to say about the Dingles) and then of course…my hearts…Robert Sugden. Aaron Dingle. Robron. (Also, this episode just gave me a great idea for my fanfiction since…it kind of came true today).  This is full of spelling mistakes. My hands were shaking with excitement so excuse the poor execution please.

Let’s begin with the easy stuff.

(Get a snack. Its long and full of errors.)

General Overview of the Episode

Ryan is amazing. No holds barred here. Ryan Hawley is an amazing actor. The show knows this too or else he wouldn’t have given him his own episode to carry. Before anyone argues, he carries this whole episode. Everyone else (even Danny) is his supporting cast. He is amazing. So was Danny (crying…he always gets me to cry. Without fail!).

This was well written, well paced and VAL. I loved that Val was the surprise guest. I was so sure it was Katie and so was most of the GA and Robron fans. SURPRISE. I love Val so it was nice to see her.

“You got a lot gayer after I died.” – *SNORT*

The Dingles

*DEEP BREATH* They were just…terrible this year. While I would love to sit here and bad mouth Charity and Paddy about wishing Robert dead (What the frack?!?!) but I would expect that from Charity and Paddy. They are just…mean these days. Not even funny. That might be something else the show is setting up.  Same with Chas. She knew/knows how Aarons feels but she wants her son to move on so she pushes. I get that. Doesn’t mean I like it. Also, bad karma my friends. WISHING PEOPLE DEAD. Just saying.

I want to talk about the Christmas Day celebration. The Dingles and Christmas should feel warm and welcoming. Tight like last year. Everyone was close to each other. The colors felt warm and welcoming. It felt like a family. Everything was shot tighter and with a tinge of old school Christmas cheer around the edges. Touches of green and gold. Some red too. There was a lot of love in their house that night.

This year? It was shot in wide shots. People weren’t sitting as closely. The place felt impersonal and even a bit gaudy.  When the wanted a close shot, it was still a still and front facing two shot. It felt cold. Dark even. The Dingles were all there, but their hearts were long gone or have gone dark.  They were wishing people dead, some were inviting themselves to the party (We will get to Alex later) and Aaron was in his own personal hell.  The Dingles weren’t the warmth this year. They were the cold. Hint of things to come?

The Sugdens

The Sugden Family is a dying breed. They were once the main family (legacy family) but now they feel like an endangered species. I really felt this way after they started writing Victoria this year that the family was seriously in trouble.

I don’t anymore. I’m glad that one of my favorites, Victoria, was back today. I felt her again. She was worried about her brother and her husband. She was a friend to Aaron. She had her worries, but she knew her family, who was in her reach, needed her. It was nice to see complexity come back and not just be a plot device. I loved it. Welcome back Victoria.

Diane felt the same to me. Doug surprised me. I figured he would be a bit cruel or say something stupid, but he showed up with food and he seemed to care. There was a feeling of family. It was small, but it was there. It was nice to see. I felt more warmth with them than the Dingles today.

Lawrence White

Praise John for acting his butt off today. I love how Lawrence still showed up to talk to Robert. He didn’t yell. He didn’t accuse. He was just there to listen. Give Robert his ‘in’ too.

As for dream Lawrence. I think, that Lawrence represented some of the audience as well as the other characters in the village. I noticed he said some stuff I’ve seen written by the general audience and even a few anti’s.  Which, didn’t upset me but showed that the show is aware of what others are feeling outside the fandom. Did I agree with everything he said about Robert? No but I think even Robert feels that way about himself sometimes. Also, Jack’s influence is in there with Lawrence’s appearance.

Rebecca White

Emily Head. I’m not a fan but when she gets to play black widow, she shines. Victim? She looks lost. Not so much. I don’t buy it. Especially in her scenes with Robert as he laid there.

‘Is he dead?’ COULD THAT HAVE SOUNDED MORE FLAT AND UNCARING? I don’t know if it was scripted that way but my god. It was bad. Bad line read. Also, bringing Seb over to see his father on the ground? What the frack? It was odd. Detached. Like she was fine showing Seb something that sad.  Which…woah.

In the dream, her attitude towards Robert, talking about how he approaches business (once again hearing some GA comments and even antis). She was good and seemed to care about what she was saying. She plays black widow so well. SERIOUSLY. That is her strength.

The Seb thing. I mean, Justine and I have wondered if a medical emergency could bring into play paternity. I don’t know. It might have been Robert’s own fears as a dad. It might have been his mind who was in a dark place. I still think something is up there. I just don’t know what yet.

Lachlan White

Lachlan is the more interesting White as per usual. Robert sees him as evil and up to something. He will always be doing something to him. Which, might have been foreshadowing. Killer Lachlan is rising? Maybe? Dream Lachlan and Real Lachlan didn’t have any changes. Also, he was attached to Alex shocking him back to existence. Which…well…. Lachlan might be the shot in the arm to get this story going? Maybe. Either way, he was the most direct and most obvious from dream to real life.

Chrissie White


Alex Mason

It’s not secret that I don’t like Alex. I find him plotty. I find him annoying. I find him needy. I find him pushy. I don’t like the guy. Today, I found him all those things at once. He shows up to the Dingles without being asked. He was a bit harsh with Robert and didn’t seem to believe him when he said to fight for Aaron. We know how this ends with Aaron tomorrow but yes. Even after all that, like my friend Kat said, he wasn’t a factor. Yes, he was in the episode and had an impact but not really. He was just…a non-factor. He was there to push along a tiny plot thread that I think will be tied up by the second week of January and not by Robert but by Aaron.

Aaron Dingle

There has been a lot of talk about Aaron and choice. His choice. Family choice. Robert’s choice. The show addressed that tonight and that made me realize that the Robron/Aaron fandom was right on point. Aaron and his choice. Aaron has a been a bit passive lately. He did things for himself but mostly let his family dictate things, let Robert make a few decisions and even let Liv move him along. I had a lot of problems with that.

Tonight, Aaron made his choices…kind of. Ok, this might feel jumbled because my mind is still very jumbled about my favorite bearded bunny.  Ok…let me see if I can get out what I am feeling about Aaron and choice.

I think Alex is being pushed on to Aaron by his family.

Victoria kind of pushed Aaron towards Robert.

Chas pushed Aaron to leave the hospital faster.

Ok. Aaron has three choices. Go with his families choice. Go with Victoria’s. Go with his own. This is when it gets complicated. I think Aaron hit his limit this Christmas. I think listening to his family, Victoria and then Robert’s opinions set him over. I think he had decided and then Robert and what he said, changed that again. If that makes sense.

Aaron loves Robert. They are soulmates (more on that in their own section) and I think he went in there ready to pick Robert but at the same time…he still wasn’t there or sure. He fought Robert but still backed off quickly. So, Aaron makes his decision, but he makes the easy one?

I’m so confused by what they are trying to accomplish with Aaron. I feel like Aaron will get his taste of a normal relationship and grow bored or find what he doesn’t want. Then he will start making decisions (Robert is his best friend but he isn’t going to be pushing anything onto him) that will lead him to support Robert in a quiet way (healthier way?) that leads us to reunion.

I’m very confused about Aaron right now. Obviously. I love him but Aaron…baby….honey…you can design your life the way you want. I wish you would learn that you can be happy with your choices. Support is great and needed but you have to make the decisions in your life. Time for you to do that.

Robert Sugden

Robert has had quite the ride today. I think Robert’s dream was an over exaggerated version of how he feels about himself and a mix of what he thinks others think about him. There were quite a few truths and Val’s section was less about how he feels but what could be if he continues down this road he has been on all year. 2018 will be a different year for him. He won’t change completely (no soap character does) but I think a lot of his worse qualities that have been played up all year will calm down and Robert will learn more. LISTEN more. Val keep saying listen. Robert needs to listen. He has already started. He listened to Victoria. He listened to Alex. He listened to Diane and Doug. He listened to Lawrence between talking to him about Seb.

Speaking of Seb. I think Robert will focus on being a dad now. He made the choice to concentrate on being a better dad to his son which I know is a sticking point for a lot of fans. It needs to happen even if Seb doesn’t stay.  Robert does love his child. Don’t take that away from him fandom. Yes, it is a representation of a very bad year for Robert but in time…those memories fade. Believe me, they will on a soap. Again, I’m still not sure this kid is sticking around. They still haven’t cast another baby and even weirder they didn’t cast twins outright. Something is going on there and we aren’t allowed to know just yet.

Robert isn’t a bad person. He isn’t the worst soap character on that show (Charity and Cain spring to mind) but now Robert has been given an episode. He was given a chance to better himself for himself and no one else. He is being given the chance by writers to make himself an even deeper legacy character. This is good. I like this. Did I mention how much I LOVE RYAN HAWLEY?!?! Ahem…yes. He was good. GREAT. He was great.


WOW. Do those two idiots love each other. Beyond just love. They are soulmates. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I was holding my breath. Bad combo by the way. HA. Those two. Man. They just gave us a nice highway to reunion and marriage. Yes, they did. Hear me out.

Robert knows that holding onto Aaron isn’t healthy. Not in the state he is in. He needs to get better for himself. Get himself together and then be a dad to Seb.

Aaron wants to hold on, but I think even he knows holding on isn’t healthy. He needs to go off and do something else. Date Alex for instance.

Both don’t want to let go but they must. They have to do what is best for themselves while being friends (lets kid ourselves…they will never be completely out of each other’s lives…maybe in death and even then they will haunt each other).  They need to rebuild and to rebuild with a foundation of friendship…that’s good. That is strong. That will last longer than just build a new relationship with old hurt and memories still lingering in the background.

This was clean break. A clean slate. A reason for them to build again. I might even get my wish. A reverse of last time only healthier. Aaron gets to do what he needs to do. Finds his way and then stands in the background as Roberts support as he deals with final White drama.

Friends. Best friends.

It hurts like hell. It hurts so bad. That cheek kiss broke me. Aaron crying. Robert crying. It hurt. IT HURT LIKE A STICK ON A BUTTCHEEK. It was needed and we are on the way. WE ARE IN THE FINAL ACT PEOPLE. LETS DO THIS.


That scene with Gerry and Aaron walking down in that nice suit. I’m going to echo my dear friend Justine here. Maybe that was foreshadowing for a wedding. Aaron’s wedding suit? MAYBE?!?!

My fanfiction touches a lot on what was touched on in this episode today. Not as great as the real thing but I feel like I’m not wasting my time sticking around and being positive. I’m not too stupid. *wink*

Gerry is a great addition. I can’t wait to see him be fleshed out.

I loved Jimmy and his boxers (WHAT DID THAT ALL MEAN?!?!) I can’t get a handle on what they were trying to do with Jimmy other than the obvious. I wonder if that was a hint at things to come for Jimmy. He is getting a storyline. He kept mentioning having a good idea for the scrapyard. Which is…worrisome.

Small thing in the hospital. Robert’s name was always placed above Alex’s. Yes, its protocol but I think that was a wink that Robert will ALWAYS be above Alex. *LET ME HAVE THIS*

Whew. I know not everyone will agree. I may have overthought or not thought through enough.  That episode gave me so many feels and I still have feels writing this. I loved it. It hurt like hell but I know…its for the best. I see people think this means Robron are over but not at all. This is a new beginning. Exactly what they need for 2018.

*glasses up*

Lets hang on and follow this out. WE ARE ALMOST THERE. WE ARE CLOSE TO REUNION (my guess? February. Maxine episodes) and seeing AARON AND ROBERT GET STRONGER AWAY FROM EACH OTHER AND TOGETHER. Bring it on.


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