Emmerdale Live and Organized – Decemebr 22, 2017

Welcome to the Friday Preshow. Some housework before I continue. I will not be doing a review for the Christmas episode. I will be watching it much later since when it airs I will be having Christmas lunch with my family. Also, depending on how I feel, I might be skipping a boxing day review. Again, depends on how I feel.

Now. I am embarrassed by my freak out yesterday. Wasn’t in a good place and then all that happened, and I just lost it. I know today won’t be any better, but it has Robert in it at least. I don’t think its much of a buildup but there are issues with pacing this year so I’m not going to get upset about it.

Yeah, in my opinion, Doctor Alex Mason is creepy and pushy to me. I know others see him differently and I am here to say that neither one of us is wrong. We all see characters different ways. I do know one thing. Alex won’t last so…enjoy him while you can supporters. I’ll be over here in my little corner of the internet waiting for Robert and Aaron to come to their senses.

Alright. Let’s get this second-hand embarrassment show on the road. (Team Robert FTW)

Another thought while I wait for the episode to start. Aaron is a grown man. He is smart and has grown so much since his days as a teenager selling drugs from Paddy’s business. The fact he can’t keep track of his personal bills and needs a 15-year-old to run his life now is laughable. Aaron runs a business on his own. He can run a household. Why does the show infantilize this character? The fandom does that enough. The show shouldn’t. UNLESS, this is what the show is trying to do for Aaron? Take him back to make him grow up again? That seems like a waste of my time to watch all over again. Same with worrying about his scars. He did this with Ed already. Why are we tracking backwards again? Is it because of the Gordon stuff being out in the open now? It wasn’t during the Ed stuff so that is the only difference. Sigh…I love Aaron. I do. I think of him as complicated and full of darkness and light. The show and certain parts of fandom are taking that away and making me not care. Which SUCKS. I love this guy and think he deserves to have layers. Not be stuck in teenage land because we need to dumb down the story to make it work with Dr. Alex and for certain fans.


That one guy with the glasses in the ads reminds me of Finn. Who I kind of miss. Who knew? *shrug*

Moira’s Farm

Cain is now Moira’s babysitter. Along with Isaac.

Well, technically Cain forced him to take the blame for this. So…yeah.

Moira seems more herself…kind of? Not really? I’m not sure. She is focused now.

The Kerry Crew


Also love how upset she got over the possibility of not getting presents.

Love to see how far this little family has gotten on the show. Cute.

The Mill

Yes, you two idiots. There is more than getting Aaron laid.

Gerry is the new Adam. Just saying.

Yeah, Aaron is focused on the doctor after his best friend is in trouble. Idiots.

It is a nice sweater Aaron. He gave you a personal gift. Sigh. SIGH.

The Bartons


Back the fuck off Pete. BACK OFF.

The Café Crew

Village gossip ahoy!

Brenda is trying to justify killing off Bob. *HA*

Did Liv call him again? Or did Aaron. Its unclear?

If its Liv again then my god. God, she fucking needs to get her own life.

The Pub Crew

The Whites are back. *Countdown to their death begins now* *smiles*

ROBERT! I hate that they only gave you one episode to build up to your big episode but its ok. I’ve made my peace with that.

Robert knows they are together. Ok then. Its not a surprise then.

“You can’t just turn your feelings off.” – Robert *No you can’t. Seems like Aaron is trying to though* *Alex is useless plot device* *Fuck him*

“Don’t punish him for what I’ve done.” – Robert *Fandom. Listen closely. I feel the same about SJ*

Now you care about him Diane? Sure, you do.

Robert is getting drunk with Doug? Oh boy.

I still find it odd. It would be an easy win White family. Just get a lawyer and get Rebecca full custody of the kid. What are you fuckers hiding?

God. Here we go. *braces myself for Robert being hurt* *It breaks my heart* *I’m a fan that doesn’t enjoy seeing Robert hurt* *side eyes*


That scene with Aaron. My HEART. MY HEART.

*pats my chest*


Adam is right. Moira can’t save him this time.

SO, how will the show fix this?

Not for awhile. *SNORT* *Starts the goodbye we will miss you song*

Cain is going to get his ass beat by Moira.



Love how they are spinning around on the playground. Interesting show. Interesting.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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