Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 15, 2017

Welcome to the Friday preshow. I’m actively avoiding wrapping presents (I have over 20 to do, and I keep finding reasons not to do them) and trying to find that Christmas spirit before its too late.

So, yeah. Yesterday was awesome. Now we have one story left to close out from 2017. Next week starts that journey, and it will be tough to see Robert such a mess and Aaron off with Alex but this is the final push, and let’s enjoy the ride. While complaining and being snarky. Grab your snickers, get your best bitch buddy and your snark. We are almost at a turning point or PUNCH.

Until then, let’s crack on!

Alright, people. After this episode is done, I made a list, and I WILL CROSS OFF EVERYTHING ON THE LIST! *PUNCHES THE AIR* I WILL ACCOMPLISH THINGS. LOTS OF THINGS.

You guys have Medifacts too? Those ads are so dumb.

Moira’s Farm

The Coira. THE COIRA! It heals the soul. *heart eyes*

I agree. Those Emma words aren’t true. She wanted to die, so she forced you to do the deed, Moira. You were weak then. You can be strong again. I have faith Moira is stronger than she knows.


Cain has had enough of this crap Moira believes about herself.

That baby is the cutest thing ever! *ovaries explode*

I agree with Cain. She couldn’t save Holly. She was in a bad place. Moira tried her hardest. There is only so much someone can do for someone. Its part support and part pushing through yourself. It’s tough, and that’s why places to help people like Holly should be easily accessible.

This whole conversation feels like cleansing and restarts their relationship. Yeah, it’s harsh but lots of things are being talked about that is needed to move forward. I like this.

Emma and Moira are connected even in death. Interesting idea.

Moira. You are going in circles which is what Emma wanted. She wanted you to suffer like she suffered. Don’t let her win.

Oh, Harriet. Honey. MOVE ON. *I’m watching that scene closely by the way. Maybe we get a Robron version in January. Don’t forget. Robron and Coira are oddly linked in the weirdest of ways.*

Oh, Adam. SHUT UP. Seriously. You wrecked your own marriage. SHUT UP.

Oh. Never mind. Moira told Adam the truth.

WOW. What a shot. Adam in a beauty shot. DAMN. Adam gets all the nice shots lately. A goodbye present from the production crew? *laughs* *cries a little*

The Bartons

OH. These idiots think its Adam. DUDES. No. NO. Adam did not kill your mother.

Ross? Why do you care? You told your mother to kill herself, and manhandled her like an asshole. It was creepy in hindsight.

Well, at least Pete acknowledges they aren’t saints in this situation. Good to know.

People actually think Ross is better than Robert? *makes a noise* *get out of here with that crap*

Bringing up Moses. Fatherhood. Again. Adam’s ‘shooting blanks’ came up too. There is a lot here about fatherhood and children.


Bob is backing up Laurels Story.

Wait…is he? OH NO. BOB. NO! OH NO.

Give up on Brenda. I was never a fan of them anyway. Laurel and Bob sound interesting to me. I wanted Laurel and Marlon, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Jessie and Marlon are cute. Bob and Laurel are cute. Let’s have this happen. *Claps*


The female detective has had enough of Laurel and Bob at this point. I think she hates Emmerdale at this point. *Snort*

The Café Crew

The whole family is here for Laurels perp walk. Interesting. I want to make a comment but I won’t.

Nicola knows something is up. She knows her best friend. Interesting.

Could Bob and Laurel be more obvious? Again, villagers not noticing when people have screwed or are currently screwing.

We are back to the money subplot. I love these two, but Lydia needs to go off on these two. It’s her money, not theirs.

The Barton’s look like the Men in Black. Like they are the ones on the case.

So, everyone is going to pin it on Adam and Adam will take the blame for Moira? This is getting complicated now. *ouch my head*


Victoria. Adam is a dick. Next. Go talk to Ross. *wink*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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