Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 11, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Usually, this is where I put a pep talk of sorts and then move onto to my thoughts and feelings about the episode. I am going to take care of some blog housework instead.

Twitter Update: I will be limited in my twitter usage. This past weekend I went on and had a full-blown panic attack. Nothing to do with the show I just can’t handle the kind of tweeting and sadness going on right now. Mental health comes first. I will check twice a day and try to get back to all that talk to me on there. This won’t be forever. Just until I can get myself under control. If you really need to talk to me or have a lot to say, come on by my Tumblr (@AmandaJ718) and private message me.  Also, feel free to leave a comment on my blog. It won’t show up right away on the blog (it’s in moderator mode thanks to a few harassers), but I will get back to you there.

Tumblr Update: I have my ‘Ask Box’ set with ‘Anon Off’ right now. I do not want to be spoiled for this week or for Christmas. I am sure you all can understand that.

Fandom Update: Everyone is entitled to feel how they feel about the show and the current storylines. Everyone can share those feelings. However, people must understand, you can’t force others to feel the way you feel or understand how you feel. Misery loves company, right? Right now, I don’t want to be that type of company. I’m trying to get myself back on a better mental health kick and thinking positively. I can’t keep down the negative path right now. Of course, I will slip and get upset, but I will bounce back and see the good. Of course, I will talk things out with anyone that needs to talk, but I won’t stay down in negativity land. I will be in my bubble waiting it out.

Alright. That feels good. Everything is cleaned out and ready to go. Let’s crack on!

The Bartons

Still not used to you not having your full beard there Ross. It’s confusing me. I DON’T LIKE BEING CONFUSED.

Oh. Dr. Flat Ass is now on without Aaron…I thought he was a pediatric doctor? Wait, he had one line with the Barton’s in the hospital. That is odd. Very odd. Connects Flat Ass to the Barton’s now. There would be no reason to have him say those lines without there being a connection.

Since Dr. Flat Ass has been rumored to only be in 12 episodes…3 episodes down…if true.

Ross getting caught up on his stories through Pete. How cute.

Ross making comments on how Leyla still comes out looking like the injured party. Interesting conversation. Just saying.

“We will get to the truth sooner or later…” – Detectives *Well, yeah. It’s Killer Emma week. Duh.*

So, does anyone else want Victoria and Ross to hit it off or something. Just saying.

What did he drop into the jug? Adam. WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!

They tore down Vadams set just to build a kitchen set? Why not wait till Adam was gone to tear down the Vadam set? I’m confused about that. Also, it doesn’t look like the old set…I don’t think so its been awhile.

The Pub Crew

Victoria seems pretty cold right now. Kind of odd for her towards Adam. Oh. OH. We are getting ready to break them. Gotcha. GOTCHA.

The Café Crew


Bob is awesome. That is all.

Laurel! Long time no see! We must be in Emma week.

What is with the shows hatred of Yogurt? First Robert and now Cain. OH. MAKE ROBERT AND CAIN FRIENDS 2018!

What are you hiding Bob? *HMMMM*

Wishing Well

Zak is getting sick. *sad face*

Yes, I know where this is going. They will call Dr. Flat Ass and then he will be welcomed into The Dingle family because he gave Zak some cough medicine. *more proof of plot device confirmed*

I’m into this extras hair. Hey! I LOVE YOUR HAIR SIR!


Something is wrong with the little one. I don’t like that. *sad face*

So, heart murmur. Doesn’t affect his heath. Oh boy. Moira. MOIRA. This can happen to anyone. Seriously. Honey. Don’t blame yourself.


Harriet. Honey. I like you but…BACK OFF MOIRA.

Cain taking care of Moira. *heart eyes*

Moira is more open now with her communication. That’s good to see. I think before she would have hidden how she felt from Cain.


The thought of Cain crying makes Moira smile. *smirks*

Yeah, Harriet. You are soooo done.

The Thomas Family

Bob. What are you doing at Laurels again? *hmmmm*

What’s going on between Bob and Laurel? SHOW. SHHHHOOWWWW. NOOOO. WHAT DID YOU DO SHOW?!?!

First Christmas without Ashley. Awwww.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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